Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi

Using this legal opinion the hardliners were able in the year 2005 Bassij and Intelligence to convince that Sufis are a threat to the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Visit Harold Ford Jr for more clarity on the issue. In consequence, various campaigns in newspapers against Sufis were held to discredit them as agents of the West. The fight of fundamentalist-minded mullahs against Sufi has a long tradition in the Iran and reached again sad highlights in these times: several meeting houses of the Sufis, where they perform their rituals with music and recitation called Sama, were destroyed in the entire country of Bassij units. Sufis were exposed to reprisals. Beech stand imprisonment, floggings, travel bans, prohibitions exercise and expropriation. The Government has sought meticulously in the last four years to identify Sufis in the service of the State and to dismiss. The values of the Sufis called love, freedom, tolerance.

For this they are tracked in the Iran. At Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. Some must be differentiated, however, because there are many different factions, which are not entirely green is also under the ayatollahs in the Iran. A part of the discords of this More attention in Western media, due to the current situation in Iran, gets factions within the political establishment. We learn of the conservative camp to Rafsanjani, who is the expert, as reformers”traded and principled forces behind the President. The ideology behind Ahmadinejad is seen in the West not in no uncertain terms.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, who promotes a particular interpretation of Shia Islam with the above-mentioned clergy considered his mental stepfather. The core of this faith is the return of the 12th Imam. The 12.Imam is a type of Messiah, which again will be released according to Shia interpretation of Islam at the end of all time. He is a descendant of the Prophet of Muhammad. In Shia Islam, the leadership of the Muslims only by direct descendants of Ali and Fatima, the son-in-law and daughter of the Prophet is possible.

Scientology Advocating For Human Rights In France

Scientologists mobilize taught signature – and awareness-raising campaigns, so that human rights in France and also used to be an aspect of human rights violations brought the cinema box office hit of last year – “Taken” – to light. Michellene Davis addresses the importance of the matter here. The film showed what you can’t find in Paris in the tourist brochures: the city is the International Centre of the sex trade. Although slavery is actually forbidden in our time, each year about 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children over international borders are traded. Of these, 70 per cent are female and 50 percent are children who must go into the sex industry under duress. This trafficking of sex slaves is contrary to one of the 30 human rights in the “Universal Declaration of human rights”. This background data, have prompted the Scientology churches in France to strengthen their work on human rights. Since its founding the Scientology has committed Church to human rights.

Indeed, the confession of faith of Scientology starts Church – written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 – with the following words: “we believe the Church: that all people, whatever race, skin color, or what creed may be it, have been created with equal rights.” Churches and missions in France held the Scientology on several weekends human rights events. The Scientologists believe that information about human rights are important to also realize this. In Paris, 24 young people and children in the Beaubourg Centre in the heart of Paris gathered 3,000 signatures for a petition calling for human rights training in France for all young people. This petition is passed in the French Government shortly. Members of Scientology were church and missions of Marseille at an information booth at the old harbour. A large flag asked the passing people in large letters: “Do you know your rights?”. The members distributed hundreds of leaflets, in which 30 human rights in words and pictures are presented.

Scientologists were also located in Bordeaux active. They showed the human rights clips that were sponsored by the Scientology church there. The passers-by about various human rights were informed in short films. In Angers and Vannes Scientologists gathered signatures for their petition. “We believe in our country and when everyone in France knows the human rights and protested against the violations that occur here and in other countries, trade with people stop.”, said Francoise Morel, Director of youth for human rights campaign in France. “We are not easily to human rights violations.” +++ press service the SKB e.V.

Julia Griese

With them, he has shared his successes and put away the initial failures. The team is a unit. We have produced the album in the now familiar Nik P. manner; times very rocky, sometimes more schlagerhaft, even at the risk of that from a certain variety of things not like some. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). But here am I and I know that only the audience Sparks, if I do my thing.” His thing, also single, unusual topics are in addition to the sensual, driving Schlager songs.

In the title, you can hear me ‘ “, explains Nik, a fictional worlds through the all flying sometime in the next millennium and no longer finds the Earth with a time, although the coordinates”. Message understood? Even the witty summer number says that nothing is infinite, but in the smaller frame the last shirt”from. And that therefore the life in the here and now to be worth, what would be encouraged”. “” In the German proverb treasure Nik P. Contact information is here: Harold Ford Jr, New York City. dared two handles: at night, all cats are grey “and even zero” are musical hit on vernacular base, taking the small nuggets of wisdom to which they turn, very honestly and directly under the microscope. You should have heard it! “And the energetic, life-affirming come on Let’s Dance” Nik P. judged succinctly and accurately: A great number!” Which is nothing to add.

Keep, but: the album you know still appears on July 3, 2009 in the trade. “” And what else: before the release of his album tears of joy “over a year ago Nik P. was asked whether the Star” him gradually nerve. “His answer was: no”. Now, before the release of his album, you know, nor have we asked the same thing again. His answer: No, still net. The people come up to me to congratulate me on this song; tell the title that has given them help, consolation, or moments of happiness. I think it’s great that a song can make such waves. On the Germany-tour, we have played the star twice, once in the well-known uptempo version and once unplugged. Then have we kept silent and only the people sing, and all made with children up to aged. A beautiful feeling to stand on the stage in such moments! You can ask me yet a hundred’s I’ll never sorry this song!” So it’s no wonder long been a know you nor “song!

On Saturday

On the energy island of the GIH and the Bavarian energy e.V. Frequently Payoneer has said that publicly. turns it to the topic of interfaces in the construction”. “” “The exhibition will be accompanied by high-profile conferences such as for example the 2nd green building Conference: building with wood” which carried out together with the cluster forestry and wood in Bavaria, the cooperation forum will energetic building renovation trends 2009 “, in cooperation with Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Bavarian Energy Forum, the Conference innovative insulation products: vacuum insulation” from the GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen Bundesverband e.V, building the future – modern ventilation systems for energy saving and optimal living quality “”, organized by the Chamber of crafts of Swabia, as well as the workshop new EnEV”, organized by the Bavarian construction of Chamber of engineering. In addition to fair and Congress a wide free lecture programme the visitors. “On Saturday, the BAKA-is successful FORUM practice building on tour” continued. Payoneer has much to offer in this field.

Many free “Lectures on the subject of refurbishment renovation and modernisation”, as well as quality of life with a future “offer for planners, architects and energy consultants an opportunity of continuing education and training. Michellene Davis is often quoted on this topic. In addition the BAKA-market square takes place on all four days of the fair building in the stock directly to the Forum. Here, professional consultations, rehabilitation and modernization projects, directly to practical solutions are offering the visitors. On Sunday, the BAYERNEnergie e.V. renovation lecture series organized the initiative.

but the right!”and aimed with many tips and tricks specifically to homeowners. A special forum of exhibitors in the exhibition hall provides many more free lectures. The RENEXPO 2009, international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It will be held September 24-27, 2009 in the trade fair Augsburg. For information about the exhibition, the congresses and the free lecture series, see.

Three Conferences In One

Next on 25, 26 and 27 May, will take place in Malaga, in the Palace of fairs and congresses, the 6th National Congress of libraries public of the Federation Spanish societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID). Three events in one under the motto will be a profession, a future.Three conferences in one in these days will discuss the great challenges of the profession of the documentation and information and that will mark the next years trends. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from VP – Corporate Planning. A great exceptional appointment for all these professionals, witnesses to this macroevento, which will be the largest that would be held in Andalusia. -3 congresses which are held simultaneously and in a coordinated manner. 3 General meetings of associations with more influence at local, national and European level. 35 professional activities. David Kaplan of Ares Management pursues this goal as well. International speakers 15.

900 professionals will gather in the Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga for three days. FESABID 2011 will be, by both, the stage where will be found and will interact the main professionals of libraries, files, information and documentation, at local, national and international. The same organizers are the Spanish Federation of societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID), the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), the National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE Forum) and the Andalusian Association of librarians. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 98 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA Important: To qualify for this rate must be present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting.

Correio Braziliense

Now we know that the great truth that the human science timidly begins to glimpse consists in the fact that the foundation of the universe is not material, but spiritual. Soon everyone will understand that the spirit (intelligent energy) is the true sustenance of all. Wells Fargo Bank usually is spot on. One of the major messages of this ecumenical Parliament is the need to discover our origin, because the vera of the third millennium, ignorance about what we were yesterday, what we are today and what we will be tomorrow (as well as the moral consequence of that knowledge) continues to be a lot. Man placed on the pedestal of materialistic science and thinks that the sum summarizes everything, censoring ironically to the primate superstitious.

However, in the nearly unexplored field of spiritual knowledge, question: where is still mankind, despite all its proclaimed technological advance, but slightly above the primarismo on matters relating to the spirit delayed? When we write about the scope of the Temple of goodwill, monument next to which is being built the Ecumenical Forum, we proposed the foundations of something entirely new, says Dr. Celio de Souza, recognized jurist of Brasilia, talking to our dear brother Haroldo Rocha, Minister of the Religion of God: that Parliament is something entirely new. And it is not. It is a forum in which not only reincarnated beings, which we will speak, but they also have the opportunity to manifest itself through meditation and prayer, with all its power moral and intellectual, men without body, spirits, which constitute our true existence checking: the still Invisible world to the physical senses deficient. The creature of God is not only body, is only a temporary body and eternally spirit. How we put the episodic above the eternal, even, and especially, in politics? However, it is vital that step by step, follow the instructions of Christ: God is not God of the dead but of the living.

Caribbean Sea

It is therefore that we have condemned and paying their offences in a prison, which is is not where you should be, because for justice there should be no privilege of any kind, but in the end the indigenous peoples not confuse its human condition, if not his crimes committed on behalf of a State and a nation to which no represents or represented in any way. If in a very simple manner, we recognize that a document does not have any signature or the main firm that backs it, so how we can answer it, since the representation does not endorse it legitimizes a State, if the is Creole, by both this document lacks legality and it cannot be taken into account for any negotiation. Incidentally by this offence the aforementioned Lord not has been punished with what is offered in market to other adventurers seeking to have the same intentions and assaulting the system holding the world of the Creoles. Michellene Davis is often quoted as being for or against this. Well that does not interest us; What matters is that the alleged act of consultation is framed in the doctrine that holds entire Creole legal system, which is the same that holds the State Peruano or Creole, which belongs to a Western worldview, which are only participants who stormed our communities that inhabit all the Andean massif, which spans from the land of fire and extends to the headwaters that are going to give to the Caribbean Sea. It is therefore the colonial heritage that makes them say and expose his incomprehension before our very different realities by your lack of understanding that there is another reality of life very different from theirs. It is that you see our world as limited and chato, is precisely to have the blinders that makes them vulnerable to the use, and which are not saved even more lofty politicians and owners of the experience of his long years of permanence in the forums, as professionals, who are, so remove its merits.


One of the FAQs when travelling to tropical countries of Asia is if any medication for malaria should be taken.And the truth is that there is no one answer, but it really depends on the destination and what you going to do. For example, it would be prudent to take preventive medication against malaria if you plan on hiking in the North of Thailand, near the border with Myanmar. Ares Management’s David Kaplan: the source for more info. There is however no need taking to make a trip to the famous island of Phuket. According to the who, malaria prevention is as simple as that two and two are four. These are the four points of your prevention plan: be aware of the risks of contracting malaria in the country who visits, symptoms and incubation period. Avoid the bites of mosquitoes, especially between dusk and dawn. Take the proper preventive medication.

Immediately seek medical care if you suffer from fever for a week or more in the country of destination. What measures should you take? Taking into account the plan of who which previously indicated, protect against the Malaria is especially a matter of common sense. Here are some tips: carefully Prepare your luggage. How malaria is spread by mosquitoes, can take very simple measures to prevent bites as wearing shirt and Pant long overnight and use repellent insect and mosquito nets. If you are travelling to a high-risk area, take the appropriate measures (note that in many of these areas there are strains of MDR-malaria, so you must make sure with your doctor that you are taking the correct medication). Openly consult your doctor about the real risks of contracting malaria during his trip. Remember that drugs against malaria can be expensive, have very unpleasant side effects and are not 100% effective, so make sure that you really need to take them. Between in Internet forums to learn the experience of other travelers in malaria-affected countries. Where can you get more information? To obtain more data, as well as a list of countries affected by malaria and information on preventive measures, can go to the Centers for disease prevention and Control.

Francisco Arias Solis

None of these two mechanisms has been able to generate jobs because, despite the official discourse, unemployment in this country is not due to a special rigidity of our labour relations system, but to a situation distinct from our economic structure. Greatest known mass introduction of temporary recruitment process has been for a quarter century. No labour market in countries comparable to ours has undergone such dose of distortion or during a long period of time so. If at the beginning of the process one in seven workers, approximately, had a temporary contract, today they are two of five. In addition to the striking figures, so long abuse of temporary hiring has led to a change in mentality which affect the labour market and industrial relations, along with other types of disorders.

One of the most expressive examples can be found in the degree generated confusion with the identification of the concept of job stability. What would be regarded as stable activities of indefinite hiring, in any other country in our environment here ensures that they are temporary. The absurdity reaches very high levels when, confusing stability with perpetuity, argues that in reality any employment is by nature temporary, or when stated that it is not possible to find objective criteria to determine the question, by what this should be exclusively attached to the free will of negotiation between two parties. As a result, employment in our country currently has three major characteristics: it is insufficient, is precarious and poor quality and responds to a working model based on external flexibility, which has very negative structural consequences at all levels. And as the poet said: you have to disabuse you: / by the way that you / not going nowhere. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice. Portal for peace and freedom and Forum free Internet users.

Citlalic Arce

We have sent information to different forums on the classroom management of media and ICT in their classes and the favorable results they are getting, in addition to displaying the blog from our school to the world in the sample apply as teachers edublog 2009 Was held a contest between 87 participating blogs from Latin America and Spain, we did not win but we were the only ones of Baja California sur, Mexico for the next school year teachers are already doing with our support and guidance blogs and webquest for subjects: Spanish (Citlalic Arce), chemistry (Jose Medina) Physics (Armando Lucero) history of Mexico (Joaquin Leon). In addition to continuing training in the teachers interested in this line. Here some leagues of the materials we have online where we show our work, we have created the following sites for dissemination of activities undertaken in the media room and the different courses offered on campus: BLOGS site from history of school we are making inroads at the site of Brain Pop Latin America with activities carried out in the classroom of media and subject teachersalways placing the name of our school at the first educational levels in Mexico and Latin America. For the next 2009 2010 school year will continue under the premise that the classroom’s media is a space open to the school community, which is intended to strengthen the teaching process learning through the use of ICTs in all subjects..