Data Protection Packages

Privacy around care with monthly packages of Fulda, 10.01.2014 Kircher privacy immediately privacy packages for small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions offers. Companies pay a monthly fee and in return receive a privacy around care. The price per month is based on the number of employees of the company. All data protection packages are without a minimum contract period and anytime. The data protection packages require a one-time stock in the company. The costs are calculated per effort.

The data protection package includes a privacy hotline by phone and Internet, creation and management of process directories, information about registration, acquisition and liability, prevent fines, review the applicable privacy laws, review of the imprint of Web pages. There is also a special pecuniary liability insurance policy for the field of data protection. The data protection package companies receive comprehensive data protection and prevent potential risks and violations of statutory provisions. About Kircher Kircher privacy privacy is TuV-certified data protection officer. The shear points are training in the areas of external data protection officer, 9A, privacy concepts, data security and privacy. The target group are small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions. Especially in the area of health care (medical practice, hospital, clinic, physiotherapy), many data protection solutions could be implemented successfully.

Single Person Discovers

It discovers the Gymkanas for goodbyes as a single person in Salamanca de DeXconecta DeXconecta proposes for the goodbyes as a single person in Salamanca a new concept of diversion and leisure, with its Gymkanas. An original activity to turn the day into all a experience. Our company of organization of goodbyes and events raises a circuit of gymkanas in Salamanca to little kilometers of the city, in a suitable location for the sport practice. You enjoy hours in which subidones of adrenalin and the diversion in group will be a constant. DeXconecta specializes in the organization of all type of playful events, in which the innovation and the creativity are mark of the house. Thanks to a group of qualified professionals, your celebration is going away to turn into whom you will not forget.

The gymkanas include several games and sport tests; shot with arc, scaling in rocdromo, dynamic of group like the Twister, canoes, paintball, quads Participa and demonstrates to your abilities in these divertidsimas activities. DeXconecta offers all type of activities for your benefit; some calmer like the strolls to horse or spa, and more intense others like karting or the buggies, adapting always our supply to the public and its needs of leisure. In addition, in our company we offer different options to you for the lodging in Salamanca, since thus you will be able to rest after an exhausting and full day of emotions.

Germany Ariane Schrofel

On the SOLARKAUFTag management and sales draws positive balance of the first financial years POTSDAM, 13.02.2013 – 31 January 2013 was the SOLARKAUFTag in the third round. On the start of SOLAR purchase, management and distribution went positive the photovoltaic sales mark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD): SGBDD in the photovoltaic business arrived in a very short time and remain on course for success. As a system provider for photovoltaic, solar installers SOLAR purchase nationwide delivers high-quality modules, appropriate power inverters, substructures, accessories and storage solutions. Also, SGBDD is already one of the safest guarantor in the photovoltaic business. More than 100 salespeople from across Germany came to the two-day meeting in lectures and workshops gave a preview on the photovoltaic of SGBDD in 2013 and informed about new products. 2013, the key year for purchase of SOLAR photovoltaics, Axel Berger, field managers included history and Success factors of SOLAR purchase together: 2010 was the structure created, 2011 the range built on, 2012 through a wide range of products and warranty protection reduces the risk and the service. 2013 is the focus on the expansion of the services and of the quality assurance and will be the key year for SOLAR purchase.

We arrived in the photovoltaics business and be taken seriously in the market, now it comes for us to expand our market share.” “Udo Brandt, Managing Director of SGBDD, was very pleased with the development of the business unit photovoltaic: 2 years we have managed to come from zero to 45 million euros turnover”. With five percent of the total turnover of the SGBDD in 2012, the photovoltaic business unit is not a project more, but part of the core business. Today the photovoltaic without government support can exist, with our marketing expertise, we will generate further growth,”so Udo Brandt. Realignment of solar installers SOLAR purchasing opens up for further growth “SOLAR purchase now more customer groups: solar installers are now in focus, which were previously not core target group,” explains Manfred Corthobius, Managing Director the SGBDD roof. For this purpose, an extensive distribution offensive with trade shows, ads, flyers, and other activities has been started. SOLAR purchase solar professionals offers quality products nationwide in terms of photovoltaic and solar installers supports nearly 70 locations in all areas around the roof: for technical questions, in terms of logistics, building materials and much more.

The affiliate program of SOLARKAUFPlus supplied solar installers with everything professionally and comprehensively to – work by the publicity about the planning and execution of the project up to its own home page. Learn more about SOLAR purchase are available at. About SOLAR purchase SOLAR purchase is a trademark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. The construction industry’s leading retailer in Germany is one of the most secure guarantors in the photovoltaic business. That sets in around 70 exhibitions Systems integrator on photovoltaics to be touched in its own shop from the module inverters and accessories storage solutions. The products can be purchased online in the Web shop. SOLAR purchase is exclusive distributor of the price-attractive brand luxra, a complete system for solar power generation. In addition, SOLAR purchase has a nationwide network of investors, ensuring a quick and professional installation of photovoltaic systems.

Learn How To Increase Your Income Without Having A Web Site With Google AdSense Internet

For those who wish to have a website but have neither the time nor the knowledge of how to develop, there is good news, there is an alternative that does not require going through all the steps above, and best of all, it’s free Develop a Web site requires time and dedication and effort is also required to keep also incurred a number of costs such as the purchase of the domain name, pay for hosting and if you do not have knowledge in site design you have to pay a webmaster to develop it. Once you have a site, the next step, which is much more difficult than previous ones, is to generate a steady traffic flow. For those who wish to have a website but have neither the time nor the knowledge of how to develop, there is good news, there is an alternative that does not require going through all the steps above, and best of all, it’s free . is a site where you can create a blog (your personal web site) at no cost, and can be almost any topic that interests you. The Sign only take five minutes of your time and immediately afterwards, you can start writing the content of your pages, if you do not know HTML, you need not worry about the site design as there is a wide variety of templates to choose the that you like for your blog. To generate revenue, Blogger allows you to add a very simple AdSense ads because it has a very easy mechanism to use and is automated, so you can insert into your content ads and start generating revenues quickly, and since Blogger is a heavily visited site, increase your chances of getting qualified traffic to your own site. To increase your revenue is recommended that you choose for your blog a very specific, this is because Google Adsense to use the content of sites to determine the issue of trying to display related ads, the more specific the topic, the more relevant will be advertisements displayed, so if you have a site that is only about golf, on one hand attract only visitors who are interested in that subject and on the other hand Google will display ads about golf only which means an increased possibility of clicks on links to related products and services and therefore generate more revenue must be borne in mind that it is necessary to address a popular topic, often these items are very competitive and there are many blogs on the same topic, the important thing is to select a topic for which there are not many blogs and also mastered very well and that your experience is what enables you to write pages with interesting content which you will eventually be positioned as an expert in the field.

Because visitors to your site looking for interesting information, your blog should be attractive enough to take an interest in content and have a chance to see your ads. It is important to mention that your blog should be about an issue “friendly”, Google does not allow their ads appear on sites with potentially offensive content. Google is not permitted by publicly available statistics and exact income, doing so means the suspension of the AdSense program, however, some bloggers have reported that their earnings reach up to 6 digits (in dollars). Invest the time to create a great blog and maybe one day your earnings reach those levels.

Engineering Division

Country house consists of three main sections: – Architecture section: basic drawings in this section are the plans of floors and roofs, facades of houses, detailing stairs and entrances, some architectural components and details. – Constructive section: his drawings of this – the plan of excavation, foundation plan, plans, floor slabs and coatings, construction of walls and columns and parts of bearing structural elements. – Engineering Division: includes main topics – the internal power supply, water supply, sewerage, heating and ventilation. The completeness of this section may, in some cases be extended (optional) subsections – external engineering networks, gas (perform specialized design organizations), forced ventilation, weak currents, etc. We are with you dwell on the architectural and engineering sections. They are most attractive for us, because it determines the basic cost estimates for future construction and operation of your home.

On the capital market, there are many companies offering design services for country houses. As a rule, Most of them have high-quality services. The cost of the development sections of architectural and design solutions ranging from 15 to $ 20 for 1m2 area indoors. Engineering Section for you have to pay $ 6 -10. But, giving the finished project, not many of these companies bring to mind the customer the cost of translating their design creations. Such services you end up sending albums to the drawings, which are performed by your same recommendations and with your direct participation, and then you stay alone with the cost of building your dream home without waiting for that 'issue price' was not comparable to the cost, you're willing to pay.

First Class Resumes!

When writing a resume, the fifth possible ERROR is typos! Always use the spell checker on your computer! If you can not dial the correct working position, how will the job? Errors Spelling is a big hassle for the person reading your resume. You do not want to irritate him / her even before an interview is granted. How to write a resume-ERROR # 6 NEVER sell yourself SHORT! Make emphasis on their skills, talents and accomplishments. Especially if they relate to the position you are seeking. Develop the skills most applicable to the exact task you are requesting. How to write a resume-ERROR # 7 Do not leave out INFORMATIO N RELEVANT! In writing about his earlier works, be sure to include your location. Do not skip the cities and regions that have previously worked. Ca “ERROR RESUME WRITING MO # 8 Avoid using words weak! As the account of his previous jobs, try using the word eworku in moderation.

This is a weak, passive verb, and applies to a wide range of tasks. Everyone ‘works’, but perhaps has been “implemented” or “collaboration”, such words sound much more impressive. Ca “ERROR RESUME WRITING MO # 9 Do not create a CENSUS! Is more common and accepted, that does not use profile information. The information that they should set aside are high, weight, age, date of birth, sex, marital status, race and personal health information. Also to be omitted are controversial issues, such as, political and religious affiliations.

Ca “ERROR RESUME WRITING MO # 10 NOT to overlook his reputation” N! Who will answer for you? Whether to include personal and professional references, make sure that the list of people who will give you a brilliant recommendation. The best reference would be a leader in the industry you are applying for, or in another highly respected professional. Try using only the persons mentioned his best attributes. It is also recommended to contact the person who will serve as a benchmark to ensure that the information you provide about yourself is just first class.

STAS Mittelstand Days

Open exchange of experiences between users Reilingen, 6 may 2013 challenges for companies there are many. Constantly growing data holdings, volatile economic cycles or increasing globalization challenge boardrooms as IT departments alike. Business intelligence can help to identify potential and eradicate vulnerabilities. How to get to his desire-BI, visitors of the STAS Mittelstand days can experience live on-site. For participants, there are technical and technological innovations, customer stories and lots of exchange of know-how between users.

The key figures in brief: Event: 16 STAS Mittelstand days time: 19 June 2013 10:00 17:45 o’clock evening event: 19:30 20 June 2013 9:30 16:15 place: under, STAS GmbH in Reilingen more information there. There interested find the extensive agenda, as well as the possibility to register free of charge. The guests lectures, workshops, and keynotes, inter alia to Key factors for corporate inflation, tips to optimize production and flexible planning and of course all technical around BI and controlling. More than 200 visitors of 15 middle-class days in the last year received about the shortly upcoming introduction of STAS BI designer and gave for the diversity of information, the added value and the relaxed atmosphere top marks for the event. Your press contacts STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Franziska Schulze Tel: + 49 6205 306-125 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 STAS GmbH-Maria-Theresia-Strasse 51 4600 WELS Tel: + 43 7242 9396 4120 fax: + 43 7242 9396 4029 people for communication Feride Magumba Tel: + 49 7031 7688-75 about STAS GmbH the founded in 1991 STAS GmbH with headquarters in Reilingen in the vicinity of the Hockenheimring, employs over 70 people and is represented with its own subsidiary in Austria. STAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ulm FRITZ & orbit since 2008 Group and is part of the Dutch technology company of Royal Imtech N.V. The STAS BI designer emerged from many years of project experience as BI solution provider.

Business modules, directly usable components, as well as the unique solution library form a totally new approach to the introduction of business intelligence software. A so far unique configuration software allows the simple modeling and simulation of BI solutions for planning, analysis, control and optimization of medium-sized companies. Based on the customer-specific processes and requirements and STAS expertise succeed so that accurate BI and CPM solutions in the sectors of manufacturing, financial services, technical trade, project manufacturing, as well as social economy. Over 800 customers work with STAS CONTROL, including well-known companies such as AQUA Romans, banner batteries, Beate Uhse, BETTE, Concorde motorhomes, DOMOFERM, Flex power tools, Hermann Pfanner, drinks, Jakob Muller, K2/marker Volkl, Lebenshilfe Stuttgart, Mitsubishi Electric, ODU plug-in connection systems, Paul Reber, testing technology, SeniVita social, SIMONSWERK, Steigenberger hotels, Truma Geratetechnik, Van Dijk Banket b.v. and around 60 banks.

Attraction Messages

All authors say make a wish itself is easy, whether in a direct and simple manner as most did before knowing about the law of attraction (praying, whether the person’s religion that would be), or already knowing of its postulates, through elaborate statements; because from that very moment, even before saying our order, the universe is aware of them; for this purpose I quote the Gospel according to St. Matthew (6,8): 8 – do not like them, because until you ask, his father already knows what they need. However these same authors claim that how difficult is be prepared to receive such desire. What do you say this?. What more than us to design the best affirmation of the world to attract millions towards us, they won’t come so nomas as fallen from heaven; We must work to allow this desire is given us. And you achieve the above? Listening to the universe that daily and several times a day tells us what is the next step to We must make to be able to follow the path that takes us to that cherished desire.

Now another question is easy to listen to the universe?. Well here comes into play practice and the willingness to seek such communication. To the extent that we begin to recognize those messages, increasingly are we appear more clearly; which is 50% of the work, the other half has to do with know how to interpret these messages. Then I will then do a classification of as presented this communication according to my experiences; that does not mean that someone with all right, or because you have more knowledge than that I myself possess, say quietly that the classification that I raise has more divisions, or that it is even a single. I.e. This is not to express that my conclusions are absolute truth, but simply to facilitate this understanding first, which surely others on other web can be expressed more clearly by having more accumulated experiences. Therefore this classification of which I speak, divided it in two: 1 – 2 messages – Communications in reality the two met the same objective of guiding us in terms of the next step that we must run, but differ in my opinion in the form of transmit us such guide.

Let’s see: Messages: they realized first through the coincidences, which do not exist as one believed simply by a random in nature, but that these presences are calling us the attention that there is an important message to read. And insights would be another way that the universe makes us get those messages. Later I will give an example to understand what I want to express that. Communications: Message is more direct, it can occur in any part of the day, but personally I have received most of them at the moment of sleep or wake me up in the middle of the night, and appear through ideas that come to mind. Even during the same dream, if we remember them upon waking, they can let us also answers that we were looking for. In some ways could even say that the