Measurement Information

In drawing up the questionnaire for the telephone survey is important to remember that the nature of the data obtained by means of a questionnaire question depends on the level of measurement. In the questionnaire for the telephone survey, as a rule, use The following levels of measurement, namely nominal, ordinal, interval, and relationships. The nominal level of measurement. Measurement at the nominal level is often used in research in the field of advertising and marketing. Go to the nominal dimension is used when the program is only to a telephone survey of the classification of observations based on the measured characteristics or traits. Measuring the nominal level classifies, assigns to each level of the measured properties to a separate category, for example: LIST OF RESPONDENT GENDER Male (1) Women (2) With the help of a measuring instrument the nominal level of the respondents attributed to one of two categories on the basis of belonging to one of the two sexes – male or female. The nominal level of measurement has three basic properties: 1. Concepts in nominal terms are mutually exclusive and exhaustive (each level corresponds to a property or attribute one and only one concept) 2.

To analyze the responses in each category assigned number. 3. Nominal measurement involves an internal equivalence of categories. In other words, all objects assigned to the same category presented one and the same number the same. For example, if we are talking about sex of the respondent, it is assumed that all persons classified as '1 'are men, and in this respect equivalent to all other persons, classified in the same way.

Performance Evaluation

For advancement purposes, the committees should take into account the score given to a public servant by virtue of their performance evaluations, Promotions and test results of training, certification or other studies undertaken, as well as the own-choice tests in terms of the guidelines issued committees. To participate in the processes of promotion, career professional servers must meet the job requirements and pass the tests, for that matter, establish committees in the respective calls. a With regard to training and skills accreditation, the program said that the Secretariat of the Comptroller General shall issue the rules governing this process dependencies. The committees, based on the detection of the needs of each agency shall establish training programs for the post and management development and quality of public servants. Such programs may be developed by one or more units in coordination with the Secretariat of the Comptroller General and shall contribute to the improvement in the quality of goods or services to be provided. Committees must register their annual training plans to the above-mentioned Office may recommend same settings according to the needs of the system. The regulations will establish the quality requirements to provide training and updating.

For the certification of skills is recommended participation dependence on the public servant belonging must provide the necessary training before the next assessment. Failure to pass the assessment, there should be separation of the career public servant of the Federal Public Administration. a In relation to the Performance Evaluation is important to note that the committees in coordination with the Secretariat of the Comptroller General shall perform the descriptions and evaluations of the posts which form part of the system.


Volkmar Schulz is Managing Director of TroData GmbH / Supervisory Board appointed Dirk Wilbertz and Michael Heinzmann Leverkusen, 16 may 2013. The TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG informs about changes at the Board level: Volkmar Schulz has resigned as a Board member in the area of sales to the 30 April 2013. He moved to the subsidiary company TroData GmbH. There he acquired the Managing Director on May 1, 2013. The former Managing Director of TroData GmbH, Gerhard Feigl, moved back after successful work in the TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG. Also with effect from 1 may 2013, the Supervisory Board of TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG has appointed two new Board members: Dirk Wilbertz and Michael Heinzmann. Dirk Wilbertz is the leadership in the area of production, Michael Heinzmann conducting in the area of sales. We glad to have found competent Manager for these positions, which will continue the successful development of the TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG, together with the other members of the Executive Board”, says Andreas Tropper, Chairman of the Board of TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG.

About TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG: TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG has specialized since its founding in 1966 on services and products for the management, information and document management. The company designs, integrates and maintains complex document management systems and migrated data and systems. Outsourcing services for data conversion and archiving, as well as business process services for banks and insurance companies are a further priority. This is TROPPER DATA SERVICE with more than 300 qualified employees of one of the largest service providers in Germany. The company’s Leverkusen, a branch located in Neuenhagen/Berlin. Other offices are located in Ratingen, Dresden and Munich. TROPPER’s clients, DATA SERVICE include industrial companies, banks and insurance companies and authorities of federal, State and local authorities. Editorial Contacts: TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG Andreas Tropper Marie-Curie-str. 6 D-51377 Leverkusen phone: + 49 214 4049-0 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Adam Smith

At last, Smith demonstrated through its workmanship that the State would have to intervine the possible minimum in the Economy, point where we are in relating low the taxation and to the stimulaton of the free competition she enters the members of the society, therefore only in such a way market if would autorregularia and produce good in the amount and the price that the proper society waits. After all, the direct intervention of the State in the Economy would cause the reduction of the welfare state. In accordance with the thought of Adam Smith, the intervention of the State would cause in a less efficient Economy, therefore, that it would not only generate little wealth to the proper governmental being as well as for the individuals. As the Smiths, the individuals, despite they are in search of its proper capital without thinking about the society, finish contributing for all exactly that indirectly: ' ' All individual pledges itself continuously in discovering the application most advantageous of all capital that it possesss. With effect, what the individual has in sight is its proper advantage, and not it society. However, the search of its proper natural individual advantage or, before, almost necessarily, takes to prefer it to it that application that causes the biggest advantages for the society Since each individual looks for, in the possible measure do, to use its capital in fomenting the activity national and directing in such way this activity that its product has the maximum possible value, each individual necessarily is strengthenn for increasing to the possible maximum the income of the society. Generally, in the reality, it does not intend to promote the interest public nor it knows until it is promoting it to point (…) aims at only its proper profit and, in this, as in many other cases, is led as that for invisible hand to promote an objective that was not part of its intenes' ' (The wealth of the nations) ' '.

Internet Carlos Gallego

Today I propose you article how to recruit in MLM if tea excuses tea accuse-first part published on 17 December 2010, in my site web, which is one of my blogs, and where I speak on a topic very specific, the excuses, not should be part of your business and your life. But are why not going directly to the body of the article? In this article I propose the subject of excuses, that are, in my opinion a calamity, a nuisance, a shame, a disgrace, a bad thing, as an indicator of poverty. I remember that life I said to my distributors that if Te excuses you accuse, I wanted to tell them in a way that the excuses are a bad thing, that excuses the poor always accompany, if you are using excuses you’re poor, point. On the contrary, a man of success not never used excuses, a man of success looking for solutions. This is one of these favorites: A man of success looking for solutions a man failed, or that not have success looking for excuses. My mentor in the aria of business Internet Carlos Gallego says that the excuses are the killer of dreams, and it is so drastic, so hates the damn excuses that considers someone who makes excuses as if you vomit in your ears. At a seminar for a weekend, in July 1998, a companion made by first times presentations to the public, although the public were us, his companions, were a few attempts to release, to practice, so that you can delete the emotions, the motion and present to the audience to speak, fear is not so easy to speak in public. At the end of his presentation, he has come up to me and asked me: do you think Matthew, what has been?, tell me directly without hairs and tongue you replied without blinking: very well, but I have one observation only, only one stressed, and that is?, you do not disculpes both.

I not like to criticize, but it was what he asked me. Surprisingly, he thanked me. Practical exercise: 1 You have to be aware that the excuses are the killers of your dreams, as says my mentor in the aria of the business by internet, Carlos Gallego, when you hear excuses have to have as an alarm that alerts you that something bad is happening, you have to intervene, you’re about to be poisoned with excuses. 2 Write down in your notebook for work the following sentence: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions. 3 Repeats 10 times out loud: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions, each day, for a week. 4 After a week, analyzes how you feel, and, if repeated this phrase has helped you improve your performance, improve your way of thinking, being, and if you think that Yes, repeat point 3 a week more. 5 Repeat step 4 until your feel is convenient, be at least a month, then when a habit is definitely installed but is you will do automatically, such as walk, blinking, smiling, moving your hands. At the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me.

Attractive Showcase

HULLABALOO has at the 20 finalists In the framework of the action “Vienna looks clean” Vienna trade you could vote online for a month for the most attractive showcase for Vienna. With it also the HULLABALOO, the well-known and well-stocked Bookstore in the Neubaugasse 65 in the 7th District of Vienna, from more than 300 participants was selected among the 20 finalists. In the design of the business locomotive ales in the well-frequented Neubaugasse, the HULLABALOO is already since a long time new ways. With the participation of Prof. Franz Basdera, art, serves the founder of hollows as artistic consultant showcase not only to the mere presentation of the own products, but especially as a platform on the continuously interesting emerging artists will be presented.

Thus, the HULLABALOO offers a varied display design, which sets new accents, promotes the art and also the attention of customers and passers-by. Monday, 14 December, is ready and it will be within the framework of a ceremony of Vienna Chamber of Commerce announced the winner by “Vienna looks clean”. Thomas Basdera, proprietor of HULLABALOO: “we are very pleased that we have made it this far and our delivery is one of the best 20 in Vienna. This confirms us accept our idea to present the works of artists in the showcase surprisingly well. We are really looking forward to Monday, when we will know the final result of the competition.” For more than 15 years, HULLABALOO offers an extensive range of more than 40,000 books of German-language literature.

Particularly impressive is the range of signed books and first editions. In the book inventory can conveniently be found under and many of the books can be ordered via the shop at In addition the HULLABALOO offers including Chinese calligraphy works by Prof. Franz Basdera, the founder of cool art, as well as other artists.

60 Years Of Innovation Dr. WALSER Dental Radolfzell

Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH celebrated 60th anniversary of operation. 60 years of innovation and delivery in over 80 countries around the world confirm the success, so the current owner Gerhard R. Daiger. Recently celebrated the manufacturer of dental instruments, Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH, its 60th anniversary. At the same time, the head of the Department recognized production for 35 years seniority with gifts. The company was founded in 1948 in the princely mountain str.

14 Radolfzell dentist Dr. Julius Walser, where he had also its practice. At that time, the company “Dr. J. WALSER dental manufacturing” was named. In 1948 the company Walser on the “international dental show Munich” was represented as an exhibitor and showed their own inventions of dental materials. It was followed by exhibitions in Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Rome.

The first traders came from Freiburg. Exports were the first products in the Switzerland and England. Earlier, the contact conditions were different. So you had used for negotiations with a Suppliers, which you took the train to previously obtain a permit of the occupying power. The ingenious inventor developed dental instruments and materials from the practice for the practice, which he also internationally patented. He filed the first patent in 1948. One of the revolutionary inventions was the ingenious system of dental filling matrices, the so-called Walser matrices with pliers. Practical and scientific experiences were introduced by continuous development of diverse fit until today in the now-perfect system. It followed inventions such as the “Walser strips”, who erleicherte the use of filling materials in the incisor area, the “Extendor”, with the finished ring coat crown cover could be extended and adapted directly to the tooth, the “ring anvil”, different tweezers, extracting forceps, and different impression tray until 1960. But a special drill bit assortment, with the users in hard to reach places could drill out cavities, was invented by Dr. Julius Walser from the practice. For the protection the dentist against infectious bacteria, the Radolfzell dentist developed a special holder, who recorded the Dental drill of the drill handpiece without finger touching automatically with one click, and which could then simply be plugged into the compartments of the sterilization cassette in stainless steel. But he has developed other tools. After the death of Julius Walser his son continued in 1977 Dr. Gerhard Walser, also a dentist, the company. In 1979, the company was then renamed in today’s Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH. After the death of Gerhard Walser, the Gerhard R. Daiger originating from bad Krozingen later in 1999 took over the company. This is the first time in the history of the company, that the company is not run by a family member after 51 years. Since 1999, Daiger has consistently implemented over 290 innovations. The result are numerous awards, such as the first medical technology company in the innovation success in the top 10 at top 100, 2007 again in 2006, top 100 companies 2007 “international best factory Award” in the top 3, 2007, and 2008 and in 2009, the Dr. Walser dental was nominated for the Oscar of the middle class. In the years 2007 and 2008 in Stuttgart as a participant business award for social responsibility in Baden-Wurttemberg was”as 2009 honored”Socially engaged”by the Minister of Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister patrons and Bishop Dr. Gebhard Furst. Last year the company received the industry Prize 2008 and awarded Dental in the network under top 100 product of the year 2008 Dr. Walser in the United States Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH Claudia Ranzinger

Annie Leonard

As much the planned obsolescence as the obsolescence perceived cited in the set of documents, it is the dynamics of the current productive system of good, mainly of the calls ' good durveis' as a strategy of reduction of the useful life of the produced product, thus increasing the consumption of this classroom of products. Evidently the speed in the technological innovations of the contemporaneidade also finishes for being responsible for this fact. How much the advertising and other tools of marketing, them simply work the grace of the market, and if the effective regimen is alicerado in ' to have on the contrary of ser' , it is evident that campaigns for implementation of habits of ' to consume the maximum to be mximo' either cartilha of the professionals the area of the communications. In what it deals with the video Annie Leonard with regard to the question ' felicidade' , it is a very relative positioning and we would have that to prolongate in deepened a philosophical and psychological study, a time if to deal with thematic a relative full of details that would not agree to destrincharmos in the present work. In if treating to the discarding of by-products and/or residues of all the production chain, I call the attention for the fact of that the recycling is a form to improve ' a little ' the garbage problem in the world, but is not the sufficient, is enough to imagine that if, according to research, the standards of production and consumption in the world, currently, are 20% above of the spare capacity of the biosfera, and that, they exist a million of people more than passing hunger; when this population to leave the poverty line where if it finds will be necessary about two or three planets land to take care of to the necessities of natural resources. Remembering despite most of the products is not recycle or its recycling it finishes in such a way being onerous in the amount of energy unfastened for the processing as in the final residues of this transformation.

2 Conclusion It after concludes studies that the set of documents the History of the Things of the activist Annie Leonad, even so a little extremista and absent of some evidential data of what it was presented, is sufficiently valid for a more considerate analysis what man comes making with the planet land. Summary, I believe that we have that to start to migrar for a dynamics of production/consumption differentiated of the current one. So that this occurs must have deep changes in the human thought, having themselves to discard the reducionista, cartesian and linear thought, giving to place to a thought more integrator, holistic and nonlinear. Because the necessity of this change of thought? Why it is the base to break some paradigms gifts in our times that had culminated in the current ambient degradation. They are deep changes, I have full conscience of this, but it is necessary to start it soon, before it is late excessively. Questions on ' right vida' they do not only have to be restricted prerogatives the species human being, and the respect (mainly with regard to capacity of resilience of the environment) must be present in all the actions of the man. We are only part of the one all biggest one and, while to persist in the antropocentrismo, we will not obtain to decide complex problems as the relation between economic growth and economic development, support and maximizao of profits, happiness and self-destruction.

Assessing Synergy

In the first case direct billing high, but secondly we can assess synergy. In short, both are proof the ends there, though most of us who have been selling we are somewhere between one and another. Both are “sales professionals,” because both have made a living in this profession. N
ow from the point of view of the necessary qualities that are supposed to be a “seller of success.” 1. It has a strong and healthy self-esteem. Both had a clear self-esteem. Perhaps the strongest first, but the second most healthy

Is positive and optimistic. Both were positive and optimistic, although the former gave more easily than would spread discouragement, while the second was unwavering optimism. 3. Is aware of his “package.” Both felt very strongly that THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION 4. It considers and acts as a professional. The first sought to stop being a salesman, but he behaved like a professional, for the second reason for living was almost 5. He is an expert in your product. The first was a true expert, the second one was supplied with simplicity in products.

6. Constantly update and polish their techniques. None of them ever improvised, were always clear when and how to do things in July. It is strongly results oriented. The first of these results could never be aimed at because they are always exceeded, the second worked for results in August. Manage a healthy ambition to win it. The first ever wanted to earn more by making it a weakness and never set goals, the second had his goals above all other considerations. 9. It is an excellent communicator. At different levels both were good communicators 10. It has a strong orientation towards proactive. Both could work unsupervised 11 – Ability to work as a team The first team could not work, the second was adapted to the guidelines mapped without problems. 12 – The leading vendors, usually add the spice to this “love what they do.” Both possessed the necessary passion and conveyed so. 13 – They enjoyed EMPATHY a high level of empathy.