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The well used voice in the classroom provides to rich musical experience and the execution of activities that do not need none another material resource. According to Fields (2001, P. 33) & ldquo; The learning involves the use and the development of them to be able, capacities, potentialities of the man, physical, how much in such a way mental and afetivas.&amp to all; rdquo; Psicopedagogo through of its studies it demonstrates to the educators the concern in effectively inserting music in the resume, at the same time that it demonstrates the valuation of this education for reasons that are is of the musical context, that is, ensina& ndash; if music as a way to brighten up the aggressiveness, to help in the concentration, to discipline, to calm, to facilitate in the acquisition of new knowledge in you discipline them to all; we have in the musicalizao a wealth that must be explored in its totality. Beyer, researcher in infantile musical education, is emphatical if relating to the education of music for children. The author evidenced that several of the conceptions disclosed in relation music are come back to an utilitarian thought. According to Beyer, 2001 apud Hummes (2004, P. 23): Music is important coadjunvante in the psicomotor, English work, learning of numbers, colors, etc …

music goes to help to calm the children … music goes to organize the children … music cheers to the children … music is excellent marketing for the school. Presisa to understand that the musical education does not aim at the formation of the professional musician. The objective of music as well as the objective of psicopedagogo, among others, is assistant in the process of learning of the children, is to value its knowledge, what they bring obtain, that is, its cultural luggage is to cheer to the process teach-learning and to guarantee the construction of its citizenship.

Email Marketing

Sometimes it can be quite complicated to understand the totality of the power of email marketing, especially if we are not accustomed to working on the basis of marketing strategies. How to assemble a strategy of email marketing is effective? So everything is successful, you must understand that email marketing is not only the task of writing one or several email and automatically send messages to subscribers of your list using an autorrespondedor. Email marketing is a process of systems, you need to understand that in processes work by parties but that ultimately is a system that works in conjunction with other parties such as the site of capture, the opening of mail, generate click within the message and convert with those click. All these pieces are part of the system of email marketing, and to be successful they must work together and each one separately must convert and achieve the purpose for which it was proposed. Is like a bicycle without wheels not you can roll, but you can not handle without handle, you can either move forward without a pinion which generate wheels functions and rotate, so each one by separate do not form the bicycle but that they are important parts of the same, for bicycle wheel and work they must work all parts sequentially and each of them must also operate perfectly chain will begin to roll. Most things work because they work under a system, email marketing is also a system in which each process should be worked and properly optimized to run it successfully. Also has the goodness to be able to test, which means that although think that designing a headline in the capture page, insert your autoresponder form, write a series of persuasive messages and that your subscribers are reading those messages is not everything. never stay with having 40% open rate opening of mail is the best thing that could happen to you.

NO, your success in an email does not mean that all your email marketing campaign is successful, for nothing, you will have to go testing part of the process to go generating higher conversions and increase your profits. To start begins at the beginning, only to get the right question and have your goal very clear, then it will be like counting 1-2-and 3 part by part of the first link until the end. To sum up, the parts of the system are: page Click Through Rate of capture Open Rate opening of emails build click within the mail landing page #TIP analyzing each part of the process separately, then I really like the whole system is achieved with success.

Report Office Market

The real estate market grows with each year a bit further in the current report to the Office market informed the real estate consulting firm per square from Rechberghausen comprehensively about facts and figures, as well as current developments and projects in Stuttgart Boblingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg, Goppingen and REMS-Murr-Kreis. The real estate market is still growing a bit every year. Despite a land holdings by about 7.5 million m sq. counts Stuttgart, measured against the sales momentum, rather to the smaller Office centres in Germany. Vacant office space can be found in Stuttgart, as well as other Office locations, mostly in buildings that do not meet the quality demands of users.

The Stuttgart market for Office properties 2013 presents itself in a very good condition. Take-up is m at the Stuttgart police even without the large trades by Daimler with about 29,000 m and approximately 26,000 m of Ernst & young, as well as almost 14,000 m last year compared with long-term above-average. The Take-up is 2013 significantly higher m with a total of about 260,000 m than in the previous year 2012 and the second-highest rental volume focus of sales events after the record year 2011. spatial 2013 the Stuttgart city and the inner city areas is still. The top rent could be compared to EUR 0.50 per m to 20,00 EUR per m sq increase. Sank which stood empty on less than 5.0% in 2011 and 2012 as a result of the moderate rate of completion in 2010 and 2011 and the above-average rental services and will remain stable due to the strong demand, the good Vorvermietungsqoute new objects, as well as the sustainable land sales compared to other German cities, and lowest. The urban project Stuttgart 21 will affect sustainable real estate market because the vacant inner city tracks open through its tunnel under development potential of approximately 100 hectares of inner-city track surfaces with corresponding positive impulses for the real estate industry.


Among the cone crusher equipment showcased by Brazilian company Randon at M & T Expo was STI Rd. 406 Advanced backhoe, available in 4 2 and 4 4 versions, engines and drive of 84 hp (63 kW) or 110 hp (82 kW) turbo. The transmission and axles are from Carraro. Sales of aggregates, asphalt and concrete fell so strongly in the second quarter of 2012 that the industry fears 2012 could be even worse than 2009 when the recession was at its deepest. Mineral Products Association data show that in the second quarter, compared with the same period of 2011, sales of crushed rock and sand and gravel aggregates declined by 10% and 15% respectively. Salts of the value-added products of ready-mixed concrete and asphalt fell by 13% and 16% respectively. The Fresno County planning commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit today for an aggregate mine and asphalt plant east of Sanger. The Carmelite proposed mine, situated amidst the stone fruit orchards of Gerawan Farms, is located two miles south of Highway 180 on Reed Avenue near Sanger.

These figures indicate that for the first half of 2012 sales of crushed rock were down 11%, sand and gravel down 13%, ready mixed concrete down 12% and asphalt down 17%. The site is just west of Jesse Morrow Mountain where Mexican company Cemex had been planning a 1.5 million ton per year aggregate mine before being denied by the planning commission in May. The aggregates and concrete figures in particular are indicative of a significant decline in construction activity, the MPA said, particularly new construction activity. The decline in asphalt sales reflects a decline in road construction and road maintenance activity. ONS data shows road construction in the first quarter of 2012 was more than 40% lower than the average level of activity recorded throughout 2010 and 2011. The project calls for an acrid 886 operation surrounded by a buffer of farmland.

The mine would dig up to mine sand and gravel and make asphalt for the construction of buildings, roads and bridges. ONS data on construction output shows a 5.4% reduction in the year to May and the MPA data suggests that second quarter construction output will be well down on 2011. Around 1.25 million tons of aggregate would be mined each year over the next 100 years to a depth of 50 foot. Under the proposal, ball mill and sand maker operators would also reclaim the land back to fruit trees and other agricultural use as they move to new areas.

Symbol Moves Billions

First inquiry to the ideal ‘add to cart’ – button in Web-shops with free e-book by e-dialog Vienna, 01 October 2008 – which forms of work in the shopping cart”buttons? Where must this be placed in the shop? And how these are ideally designed, so that the customer also performs the decisive click? These questions were Alexander Beck and Siegfried Stepke, CEO of e-dialog. The result of the search is available as a free e-book titled ADD TO CART BUTTONS. An analysis of the largest Web shops in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland will be presented. “Alexander Beck: we were still amazed how many basic errors in the design are made.” “And Siegfried Stepke added: the comprehensibility of the buttons is important so that it represents a clear call-to-action and not mutated to the insurmountable barrier.” The main recommendations and the most common error that includes e-book add to cart buttons”by e-dialog together. You can get it free at e-book Download. About e-dialog e-dialog is a consultancy in Vienna and specialised in online marketing, Web Analytics and conversion optimization. e-dialog increases the efficiency of existing sites and the ROI of campaigns for its customers. Part of outsourced online marketing, search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance be carried out campaigns, evaluated and optimized. Customers include companies such as FlyNiki, BA-CA, bauMax and Wien-ticket, the Humboldt open Institute and Lauda motion. As a special service of e-dialog, there are in loose sequence e-books with important tips and analysis on Web-related topics. Following e-books available at the moment are: ADD TO CART BUTTONS and the 10 best tips for ADWORDS

Bad Oeynhausen Technical

Consulting sees significant demand for enterprise-wide Bad Oeynhausen / 20.11.2008 – the Fachbereichsverantwortlichen can according to a recent survey by the consulting company coretelligence mainly the cross-enterprise business intelligence strategies get nothing. They fear to complex projects and also a loss of their independence. They are instructed, quite support because often lacked the former BI projects according to the necessary technical skills. coretelligence Managing Director Andreas Wang therefore advocates a rethinking in the business intelligence strategies of companies. This in particular the following aspects should be taken into account: company-wide coordinated approach by an agenda of BI: is very pragmatic describes the general business objectives, methods and implementation conditions. These include the programs, organization, professional applications and the governance requirements as well as the project management and the technical platform.

This requires that management, departments and IT managers at a table come to clarify their respective roles and find procedures to accommodate targeted each other accountable. Also the objectives and priorities of the business intelligence alignment are defined generally binding on the BI agenda. It is thus not only the strategic framework, but includes also the roadmap for the implementation process. The responsibilities between departments and IT are exactly to regulate: it applies to distribute the responsibility according to the principle of best literacy. This includes that IT builds an integrated, consolidated and harmonised data platform, while the departments more responsibility for the development of their applications, such as reporting, analysis, etc. take over. Thus business intelligence arises regarding the technical processing from the socket\”when a common BI platform is being developed and not different independent or isolated Island solutions are built. Competencies may not compete, but must cooperate: in fact a demand-oriented cooperation in much lesser extent takes place, resulting in one of the Central causes for the frequent criticism of the BI-realities. As is often observed, that is IT the topic on the flag written and projects regardless of the prioritized areas.

GmbH Projects

Calls for projects in project work show no impact of the crisis of HAMBURG the market monitor published by the Hamburg project Exchange today for the seventh time IT project business continues at a high level. In the eye of the trend observed in the last month falls: again increases the demand according to C++ experts for several months. This trend continues in October. Experts see the main reason that Microsoft at the beginning of 2008 has again definitely pronounced for C++. Decision makers would allow again the safety that this language is used in the long term.

The demand for experts with specialisation in the leading applications and programming languages – SAP J2EE/Java, C++, Oracle and SQL – which is regularly evaluated in the framework of the market monitor in October was lower than in September. Overall, however, the monthly project tenders for project work keep for several months with 1,400 projects per month at a consistently high level. Dr. Christiane road, founder of project work. sees a confirmation of their assumption that companies working with external resources, can react more flexibly in times of crisis and therefore not so fast are affected by cyclical fluctuations.

Who works more project-oriented, can cope much better with demand fluctuations. Such companies are our customers. They have learned to be flexible and access through project work experts, which then project wise use them. On sudden decline in orders, she must pay not idle people. And that’s a huge advantage over companies that little project-related work in times of crisis. This trust remains hardly on external resources.” Since 1 January 2007 specialization in one of the leading applications and programming SAP collects the data from all projects advertised on the platform for the client project work, require C#/.NET, Oracle, J2EE/Java, C++ and SQL. The data give an overview of the current market situation and reflect trends in the IT-freelancers market wider. About project work the project factory GmbH operates under a professional job market for companies and freelancers from the areas of IT, creation and consultancy. Contracting authorities publish their calls for projects on and are looking for qualified experts. Contractor set their profiles and offers and apply for advertised projects use so the job market for the acquisition of contracts and jobs. Through continuous assistance and advice, the staff of project work secure the validity and quality of the selected profiles and tenders. Currently 1,000 project tenders will be published monthly, daily informed of the 30,000 members. The contact between the contractor and the contracting authority is carried out quickly and easily – usually within a few hours. Project work was established in 1999 and is firmly established in the market of flexible work as a platform for the efficient allocation and acquisition of orders. Press contact: Cream communication Anne Bettina Jager Bernstorffstrasse 120 D-22767 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91-26 fax: + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91-27 E-Mail:

BlackBerry Smartphones Small Businesses

Cortado is a new application for BlackBerry Smartphones from Berlin, October 2008 with the Cortado Corporate Server Professional presents a new mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones Cortado. The new software is scalable to up to 30 users. The easy-to-use software provides BlackBerry users unrestricted access to the entire corporate network, including shared and personal drives, as well as document management systems such as SharePoint and SAP Enterprise Portal. Users can files in their original format on any network and Bluetooth enabled printer print out and send or fax as an email attachment. In addition, the Cortado Corporate Server Professional PC functions on the BlackBerry Smartphone provides such as copy, paste, cut, delete, and rename folders and files.

Thus, users on your BlackBerry smartphone go directly with documents and other information from the corporate network can work. “For workers, it is often difficult to stay productive, if” they may not be in the Office”, explains Bernd Hausmann, technical manager at Cortado. “But Cortado offers mobile professionals access to a wide variety of company data, such as customer information, project folders and reports. The new software allows workers, to be productive regardless of the classic work on the desktop.” “The competitiveness of smaller companies often results from the flexibility and the responsiveness of these companies”, explains Thorsten Hesse, international sales manager at Cortado enterprise solutions. “Using the Cortado corporate server professional can do users 90 percent of their daily work on your BlackBerry smartphone. Significantly shorter processing times and greater flexibility are the result.” Prices and availability of the Cortado Corporate Server Professional is available for $695. The price is for 5 users, includes 12 months update service.

The number of users can for an extra 97 euros per user, includes 12 months update service, increased up to 30. A demo version of Cortado is available on, ccs-professional corporate server professional for download. This press release and the press photo available online under press. Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint Cortado bundles the entire mobile computing as independently acting Division competence of ThinPrint GmbH and offers mobile business software solutions and professional hosting services for all mobile today’s requirements from a single source. The offer includes full range of hosted Exchange and professional E-Mail and PIM services with innovative push mail functionality to the world-wide unique Cortado enterprise solutions and premium services, which turn the mobile device into a complete workstation. Documents can be flexibly issued by the Cortado products both as in-house solutions via hosted premium services on all major mobile platforms and managed. For high availability and security for all hosted CORTADO services guarantee security-certified hosting Center in Germany, United States and the Pacific region. Along with its free services offered under Cortado free Cortado enables mobile freedom and productivity for consumer, prosumer, and businesses. The vision: the complete mobility and independence of local jobs and computer-based communication channels to enable. With many years of experience of ThinPrint GmbH and its international presence with offices in the United States and Australia, Cortado operates globally. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Nokia Forum Pro member and one of the top five BlackBerry Alliance partners, as well as through close cooperation with over 20 carriers worldwide, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, Hutchison 3 G, Cingular, and Verizon, Cortado of competent and professional partner and service provider for the fulfillment of all requirements of mobile business and private users. A worldwide partner network supports the international availability of Cortado offers. Contact for the press: Anna Schwartzkopf, public relations manager, Tel.: + 49.30.394932-17, fax: + 49.30.394931-99, E-Mail:,

Make Money Online

Insurance that you’re thinking about how you can make money online. I know what you think of an impossible dream, but today I’m going to explain the three steps to make money online from your home and be the boss of your own business, with the schedule that you want! Making money online is simple, and above all, it is completely possible. I’m doing and enjoy an incredible life, working one hour a day and I can enjoy the rest of the time doing what I like. Step #1: Find your market first thing you must do to make money online is to look for any market, preferably one you like. For example, there is a niche of people who are looking for a solution for weight loss. As you can imagine, there are many people today searching the internet can do to lose weight and be in shape, and many of those interested in purchasing something that will really help. Step #2: Seeks or creates a product to sell this is the most important step. Currently, many people buy through the internet.

Following the example above, if you like the niche lose weight, there are e-books and products that you can sell, and who will pay you a Commission. Believe it or not, one can win thousands of dollars selling products and earning a Commission on the internet from your home. There are many people willing to buy online, and in a moment I’ll show where you can find different products to sell and earn a Commission. Step #3: Generate traffic to your product now that you’ve already decided to sell a product, you have to see how you can generate traffic, or may be, potential clients, to show them the product and who are interested in buying it. You can do this in many ways, for example, buying ads on the internet (very cheap), or generating free traffic by writing articles on the subject. To learn where you can find products to sell and how to find customers to promote them (without money), visit how to make money on the Internet where I teach you everything for that achieve your financial freedom, of proven form. For start an internet business the investment that you make is minimum, and earnings that you are going to get are very large. Click here to learn how and be your own boss once and for all! Hello, I’m Eduardo Montenegro and want to teach you how to make money on the Internet so you can enjoy life fully with me!

Economic Crisis

IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH interview with Rieta Vanessa de Soet IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, Zug. Dr. David Fischer. What does the industry business center especially in the current economic crisis? Business Centre are constantly on the rise, so Rieta de Soet, pioneer of the industry for more than 10 years. The Business Center at the turn of the Millennium with almost 75% recorded above-average growth. The benefits are clearly defined and are put into a few points together. In the business center, the entrepreneur can start own business without having to invest in an own Office infrastructure and personnel, so Rieta de Soet.

Even with a capacity of 12 employees, Business Center also during long-term use of more than three years are generally cheaper than commercial rental, Rieta de Soet. Business Center are considerably cheaper than the fixed rental of offices, so Fabian de Soet fixed-term rental of up to three months of all surveyed staff numbers up to 10 people. Investment incentives are also business center for foreign investors, thus increasing Rieta de Soet. Business Center make it easier market access for small and medium-sized enterprises. Business Center fill a market gap (a man/woman Office) and support the step into self-employment, Rieta de Soet. Rieta de Soet continues, business center recommend businesses the for project work, profit center, as well as for the temporary separation of assets. About IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH: IBS consists of a team of business managers, marketing and business consultants.

The 18-year old professional and personal competence of the teams make the success for our customers. Our common philosophy commits to maintain a corporate culture, which is characterized by common goals and values. We understand personal commitment and cooperation on the basis of open and fair behavior. In all of our business relationships, we practice this cooperative behavior, the to successful and results in long-term collaborations. Contact: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Rieta Vanessa de Sot Press Department: Dr. David Fischer Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug telephone 0041 41 560 36 00