Fifth Ebm-papst Innovation Forum

“Triad of innovation, technology and communication efficiency create future determine” this theme was this year’s Innovation Forum in Mulfingen. Already for the fifth time, ebm-papst hosted the two-day trade forum with around 250 participants. A total of 28 external and internal speakers air and climate technology, data centers and building technology discussed policy and before development of the topics including refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. Also customers from ebm-papst came to Word in addition to experts from independent institutes, rounded out by presentations on the latest products and system solutions of Mulfingen technology leader. We look for when choosing the topics of the lectures that especially the physical fundamentals as E.g.

acoustic discusses the products, customer benefits, and”established Dr. Lindl, Managing Director of research and development of the ebm-papst group, the choice of subject. To generate technology progress, technology and interests need to be networked and that of the components up to the end customer that gives an optimal result.”explains Dr. Bill Phelan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Lindl. The response to the broad approach of this event has been consistently positive, because in the foreground is the triad of innovation, technology and communication. The Innovation Forum is like a mass, here intensive discussions are held, whether in the debates or the breaks. This shows us that the participants with great enthusiasm and interest in are.”Alfred Muller, Sales Manager pleased inland from ebm-papst mulfingen.

On two evenings, guests in the Schloss Weikersheim heard the lecture of the all in everyday life for new knowledge and innovations including”by Prof. Ernst Messerschmid by the Institute of space systems of the University of Stuttgart. These inspiring presentations allow the famous look outside the box. Here, the participants have the opportunity to discuss future challenges. This is important for the competitive edge”, so Dr. Lindl next. The tradition of the event, the biennial To find, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering industries.

Evelyn Bohler Popp

More and more people worry about the future. Can it go on? Ends the debt crisis into a fiasco? The Vorarlberger fix right here. Under the motto inform, understand, Act invites the Association to promote awareness to the first Forum with Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Berger and Andreas Popp. Both speakers are moving with their unconventional solutions outside of the mainstream.

Dr.Dr. Berger represents the basic respect for the Habitat on the planet Earth with his approach”. With his unit, he screened the monetary and interest rate policy and gives an insight into the power of the Central Bank system fed. His gaze in the story informed about the background of the Kennedy assassination and the resulting cancellation of State dollars. Berger sees the current crisis as a great opportunity and is convinced that there are realistic solutions.

With plan B, Andreas Popp has made himself a name. “With its question why political and economic failure so mercilessly?” the independent researcher provides not only explosive for politicians, but also serious strategies for a functioning economy based on cooperation. His approach has four pillars: running money, social law, basic income and a free press. His thesis with clear, logical mind a new system build, with a monetary system that harms not 90% of the people.” Popp is convinced that only an evenly distributed wealth points the way out of the crisis. FACTBOX: Forum on the 27.4.2013 15: 00, Kulturhaus Dornbirn, Rathausplatz 1, A-6850 Dornbirn registration: Prof. Dr.phil. Dr.RER.pol. Wolfgang Berger of the Economist and philosopher has studied in Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Ghana, India, the United States and Iran, researched and taught and led company. Dr. Dr. Berger is the former CEO of a successful group of companies with its founder Andreas Popp is, Scientific Advisory Board of the knowledge factory and co-initiator of lust on new more than 25 years constructive criticism of order in the light of the savvy public. The independent researchers long before Lehmann-brother bankruptcy predicted the so-called financial crisis. “Popp is founder of the Wissensmanufaktur.NET contact: Thomas Cassan Club Vorarlberg” laughter mowing 17a 6850 Dornbirn +43(0)660 78 22 377 Evelyn Bohler

Entrepreneurs Ask: Orkut Or Facebook

A notice recently divulged for the Isto magazine Money browse-quality caused great agitation in the market of digital communication of the country. In accordance with the publication, in history the site of social relationship Facebook for the first time exceeded the Orkut – the most famous pioneer and of the sort in Brazil – in number of users. According to periodic, the Facebook, project created by the young North American entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, arrived in August the 30 million internautas registered in cadastre in the country, surpassing its competitor. The magazine, that comes being contested for some, says that the data will be confirmed soon by the institute Ibope Nielsen Online. Under most conditions Santie Botha would agree. Of certain form, this alteration in ranking already was waited. While the FB increased its number of adepts in 42% of 2009 for 2010, the Orkut grew only 3% in period the same (given of). The situation of the Orkut, by the way, is very peculiar.

Extremely popular in Brazil and India, the page did not find the same receptividade in others countries. The proper Google, company proprietor of the Orkut, the clear signals who does not have to give continuity to the site, at least in world-wide scale. One of the evidences was the launching in this year of the Google+, a new social net online that it more seems to be great the appositive one of the mechanism of search used of the world to make front to the Facebook. On account of the reversion of this picture, many companies have invested massive in the Facebook as a form to interact with the consumer, either by means of one fan-page with differentiated content, either creating exclusive promotions, either opening one like store (virtual store whose sales are stimulated by other users, for way some rewards). Ahead of this, entrepreneurs have asked me: the growth of the Facebook and the apparent irreversibilidade of ' ' decadncia' ' of the Orkut it means that the hour arrived to abandon this last one? I answer: not necessarily.

The Cisco System

Evidencing the main points observed and detached for O& rsquo; Reilly and Pfeffer (2001), some companies in which, the strategies really are lined up with the valuation of the people who in them work, present resulted fantastic, as we will see in the examples to follow: The Southwest Aerial Cia, obtained in 30 years to pass of a small national aerial company for the fifth bigger airline of its country and still one of the 85 safer companies of the world is considered. Learn more at this site: Bill Phelan. as obtained this fact? On the basis of its solid values, lined up its systems, structures and strategies. Moreover, she is a company worried about its employees, therefore they established a steady environment for, with growth equality and remuneration, created some programs of training and personal learning, possesss a system of directed conscription, and still it has a care with the work relations, a remuneration that constructs to the culture of the company and the sharing of information to involve the people. Without counting that for this sector of activity she is necessary a high index of occupation of seats and low changeable costs, what it is obtained by incredible productivity of its employees. valley to remember that these do not have static functions. A great real and sustainable competitive advantage of this company exists, an alignment that cannot easily be copied by the competitors although the attempts. to support this success, the company established three basic values that are its pillars of sustentation: The work can be amused uses to advantage.

The work is important does not ruin it with seriousness excess. The people are important each one of them make the difference. The Cisco System initiated producing roteadores for computer network and passing of the time if it reinventou, modifying itself in different technologies, products and markets.


Thus, the Theory of the Contingency presents the following basic aspects: The organization is of sistmica nature; it is an open system. The organizacionais 0 variable present a complex Inter-relationship between itself and with the environment. Surrounding environment is everything what it happens external, but influencing an organization internally. The Analysis of the Environment was initiated by the estruturalistas, as the analysis had boarding of open systems increased the study of the environment as base to verify the effectiveness of the organizations, but nor all the concern was capable to produce total agreement of the environment. The theories of the management have emphasis in the interior and exterior of the organization. The environment and the environment of the task. The general environment is the generic one and common that affects direct or indirectly all and any organization, is constituted of a set of similar conditions, is technological, legal they, politics, econmicas, demographic, ecological or cultural. Perhaps check out Christos Staikouras for more information. Tipologia de Ambientes the environment is one only, but the organizations are displayed to only the one part of it that it can be different of excessively, is divided in tipologias and are characteristic of the environment of tasks.

The environments can in accordance with be homogneos or heterogneos the structure. He is homogneo when it has little mixture of markets; He is heterogneo when multiple diferenciamento in the markets exists. The environments can in accordance with be classified steady or unstable its dynamics: It is steady when almost changes do not occur and when they occur are previsible. It is unstable when the entire time has changes, these changes generate the uncertainty. (Varied and innovative Innovation and Creativity, emphasis in the effectiveness, reactions, etc.). The homogeneous environment will have lesser differentiation and the problems could be dealt with simple form, with little departamentalizao. The same it happens with the stability and instability. The more steady minor the contingency, allowing a structure bureaucratic and conservative, however the more unstable, bigger the contingency and Mays the uncertainty, because he has a changeable and innovative organizacional structure.


These aimed at the maintenance of the power with the use of the practical ones of clientelismo, fisiologismo, personalismo and corruption, where the public and the private one if confused. According to 5 BIASOLI, in its article, & ldquo; Politician-economic moment of the creation of the DASP& rdquo; , ahead by the necessity of the reinforcement of the central power, the Government Vargas took some measures that the centralization also aimed at being able of them of the Brazilian State, such as the unification of the laws; in the plan politician it established the universal and private vote with the objective to prevent & ldquo; vote of cabresto& rdquo; , as form to diminish tension of the colonels on the agricultural population. The State starts to act according to that Weber would call & ldquo; type of rational-legal domination or burocrtica& rdquo; , implanting careers for the formation of a bureaucracy from meritocrticas bases. For meritocracia, form of government based on the merit is understood as. The hierarchic positions are conquered in the base of merit and have a predominance of values, such as education, ability and ability. It is associated with the bureaucratic state, being the form for which the employees are selected (through competitions or examinations of evaluation) to enter and to occupy the ranks in accordance with its capacity, of form the one that is prevented the distinction between its pairs. Remembering the crisis of 29/30, where the State appeared of extinguished form, become attached to the concept that the market if auto-regulated, and with the aggravated economic situation with the crisis of the exportation of the coffee, the politician-economic thought if came back toward one new model that contemplated the desenvolvimentista State, acting of interventionist form, assuming for itself the responsibility to foment the activities productive, with investments of sum in the capital goods industries, with the creation of the National Siderurgical Company – CSN and the Company Valley of the River Candy. .

Resume Music

The well used voice in the classroom provides to rich musical experience and the execution of activities that do not need none another material resource. According to Fields (2001, P. 33) & ldquo; The learning involves the use and the development of them to be able, capacities, potentialities of the man, physical, how much in such a way mental and afetivas.&amp to all; rdquo; Psicopedagogo through of its studies it demonstrates to the educators the concern in effectively inserting music in the resume, at the same time that it demonstrates the valuation of this education for reasons that are is of the musical context, that is, ensina& ndash; if music as a way to brighten up the aggressiveness, to help in the concentration, to discipline, to calm, to facilitate in the acquisition of new knowledge in you discipline them to all; we have in the musicalizao a wealth that must be explored in its totality. Beyer, researcher in infantile musical education, is emphatical if relating to the education of music for children. The author evidenced that several of the conceptions disclosed in relation music are come back to an utilitarian thought. According to Beyer, 2001 apud Hummes (2004, P. 23): Music is important coadjunvante in the psicomotor, English work, learning of numbers, colors, etc …

music goes to help to calm the children … music goes to organize the children … music cheers to the children … music is excellent marketing for the school. Presisa to understand that the musical education does not aim at the formation of the professional musician. The objective of music as well as the objective of psicopedagogo, among others, is assistant in the process of learning of the children, is to value its knowledge, what they bring obtain, that is, its cultural luggage is to cheer to the process teach-learning and to guarantee the construction of its citizenship.

Office Market

With Boblingen Esslingen, Goppingen Ludwigsburg Waiblingen despite the omnipresent discussions about sovereign debt in Europe and deal with this crisis, the German economy over the year a more dynamic development lay down. The Prime rents increased significantly due to a significant number of rentals in the higher-priced areas in most cities in year comparison to the part. Growth impulses highlighting Germany as a strong economic engine with sound policy frameworks. The market for industrial investment, which benefited, inter alia by the very positive land sales of the Office leasing and logistics market, the good mood in the retail sector, as well as the relatively good economic conditions, aired an enduring appeal on national as well as international investors. The Stuttgart office real estate market is in good shape.

The take-up in the Stuttgart office market was stable last year in a long-term comparison. You may find PayNet to be a useful source of information. The take-up falls 2012 with a total 190,000 m the Stuttgart city and the inner city areas is significantly lower than in the record year 2011. spatial focus of sales events in 2012. The top rent could increase m compared to 19.50 / m. In 2012 declined which stood empty on less than 5.5% as a result of the moderate rate of completion in 2010 and 2011 and the above-average rental services and will remain stable due to the strong demand, the good Vorvermietungsqoute new objects, as well as the sustainable land sales compared to other German cities, and lowest.

The urban project Stuttgart 21 will affect sustainable real estate market because the vacant inner city tracks open through its tunnel under development potential of approximately 100 hectares of inner-city track surfaces with corresponding positive impulses for the real estate industry. Heart of Stuttgart 21 is the reconstruction of the head station into an underground through station. The Baden-Wurttemberg state capital is regarded nationally and also internationally as a significant Business location and is known for its high quality of life and one of the most important cultural centres of in Germany.

Social Media Marketing

As social networks become central points of contact in the online marketing social networks have become central points of contact on the Web and are the by far most popular platform for companies because of their high range. Therefore, it is logical they continuously gaining importance also in marketing. Facebook, the largest social network with over 800 million users, is now (more or less right) represented on the stock exchange and is now also in Austria to one of the most popular media with some 2.7 million Facebook users. Proportionally, it is therefore logical that the rising number of members offered more and more opportunities in the field of social media marketing. Santie Botha has plenty of information regarding this issue. A number of companies are already on Facebook, Twitter and co present and maintain your profiles on social networks. Currently large companies use for cost reasons still largely targeted on social media marketing. Most have their own social media guidelines already up, the staff guidelines for the professional use of social Media type. It is connected to monitor need all activities and interactions. Others including Bill Phelan, offer their opinions as well.

It will be observed what is communicated on the Internet and specifically on the social platforms of the respective products or brands. Speaking here of the so-called social media monitoring. How you could watch before some time as an example Nestle a free, unattended may interact”on social networks quickly in a Shitstorm end. But how would this PR disaster can prevent and what lessons can we draw from this? Dynamics in social networks is the new, created by social media, dynamics, on the other hand little time and room to react, on the other hand providing platforms to quickly appropriate opportunities and above all also appropriately respond. In the communication of the company should adapt to the respective channel for press conferences, press releases, or even an elimination of the campaign can backfire in this case extreme, because the Internet never forgets.

Western Europe Lines

Germany-chef Latzel: The future of telecommunications is one of open platforms Washington/Dusseldorf / Berlin – according to a market report of the American consulting firm current analysis, the telecommunications company Aastra has through the acquisition of EADS Telecom, Ascom DeTeWe gained a significant customer base for PBX business. Expressed in concrete figures, this means that to 15 million subscribers in Western Europe systems and another 350,000 for the IntelliGate systems decided to use the, nexspan. Through the purchase of the business customer branch of Ericsson succeeded Aastra, to expand its market share in the region even more. By the service provider Intecom in North America Aastra also still has a large number of strategically significant PBX customers”, reported current analysis. As a result of acquisitions and internal development, Aastra today have many product lines, to the special requirements and needs small – and medium-sized enterprises as well as large customers and companies to meet. This not only leads to the expansion of market presence but reduces also the risks that has every product development company must rely for the preservation and to the growth of the company on a limited product portfolio”, current reports analysis. We have found a way to consistently match product lines and to inherit from innovations in other product lines. At Deputy Finance Minister you will find additional information.

Much like in the automobile industry is set to standards and platforms. This can be for example use common processors and development environments. This creates the opportunity to maintain different product lines and to preserve its strengths, it remains but enough power to innovate. “Even though many competitors like hardly admit it with this strategy we have written consistently in the black as a provider of multiple product lines since almost 40 quarters that otherwise made no provider”, outlined Aastra Germany Chief Andreas Lady his company’s recipe for success. With this methodology, you wanted build off the success of the former Ericsson product lines and expose the outstanding services, such as, for example, the concept of mobility in other Aastra products. Conversely the former Ericsson will benefit from many technologies and the Aastra SIP experience”products, says the Lady.

Aastra is well equipped for the future. It considers latzel everything on a complete merging of TK and IT was beyond: the future of telecommunications is part of open system platforms and the market demands increasingly standardized, hardware-independent solutions. The world speaks SIP and telephony is part of a process solution. We consistently rely on these standards and make possible cost-effective system integration”, the Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market Europe declared the beginning of Lady”. According to analyst reports, Aastra in Europe ranks in the market for corporate communication in the Injection Group on par with Siemens and Alcatel Lucent. What is more important, however, is that we are the only supplier who consistently runs corporate communications as a core business. So, we offer the entire range of enterprise solutions, hybrid TDM/IP up to pure soft-IP solutions for any size business. Customers need make no compromises”that sums up Lady.