Customer Fuel

Computerized fuel injection pump test stand type SJT, and its measuring-control computer system. Today JSC ON 'bench equipment "is the only enterprise in Russia that produces equipment this class! Unfortunately, it should be noted that the degree of computerization of the stands of other Russian producers are not beyond the capacity of the stand with an electronic tahoschetchikom SJT (computer controls only electrical and thermal stabilization system) and used as an information base. The cyclic flow of fuel pump sections measured in the traditional way using beakers and entered into the computer manually. But in this SJT variant stands have higher specifications. Thus our system is not easy – the information device with the data tables, and archive, but actually controls the operation of the stand with microprocessor modules. Measuring and managing the computer system of the stand (the "System") is part of the stand.

It's domestic development, in Russian (although possible translation into other languages world). The system can be installed on conventional fuel injection pump test stands with a beaker and contemporary with power with automatic measurement cycle filing. The system provides computer-monoblock: 1. Information management of the fuel injection pump test stand, by displaying on the screen of technological information (instructions) required to control the operating modes of the stand and adjust the specific type of pump. 2. Measurement of the whole range of operational parameters and the parameters of the technical condition of the injection pump, controlled and regulated by its bench tests in automatic mode. 3.

Processing of measurement results printout on a printer in a protocol of test fuel pump and archiving of all protocols tested on the stand pumps. The cyclic flow of fuel pump sections are measured and entered into the computer automatically. Familiarize themselves with the computer control program you can click on: KIUS stand. The system contains data on all types of domestic diesel fuel injection pump and directs the (teaching) activities repairman fuel equipment. The system at the request of the Customer can easily include data from any other inspection of imported fuel pump. System complete with stand SJT is perfect (and is currently in use) for training students in secondary and higher education professions associated with the repair operation and the construction vehicles and diesel engines. For the operator when adjusting the fuel pump is sufficient availability of initial skills with personal computers. The whole process of testing and adjusting the fuel pump is divided into twelve stages (for specific types of fuel pump separate stages may be absent and thus introduced into the algorithm of the program): 1. Preparations for the launch stand. 2. Check the corrector of boost. 3. Check TPN (fuel pump). 4. Check and adjust pressure valves. 5. Adjusting the geometrical beginning of fuel delivery. 6. Adjusting the angles alternation of the fuel supply. 7. Adjustment of the slats. 8. Setting the maximum speed. 9. Adjusting the cycle of fuel delivery. 10. Setting the minimum speed. 11. Checking the coupling of injection. 12. Control mechanism failed.


The only active plant against microbes five was the Lippia palmeri, a relative of the Luisa herb. The Larrea tridentata, known in the U.S. as a splash or creosote, was very active against streptococcus, bacillus and staphylococcus. Guatemalan researchers have also studied the medicinal herbs traditionally used against bacteria. Added 68 plants for the treatment of the respiratory infections to cultivation of major respiratory infectious agents.

This article includes a list of plants according to family, local name, used parts and bibliographical references on the use of each one. The authors started with a list of 234 medicinal herbs, from ethnobotanical research, 149 of whom were originating in the American continent. Unfortunately, only 37 medicinal herbs with three microorganisms were tested, but the overall results were encouraging. 40% Of herbal medicines were active against at least one bacterium. A plant, the fruit of the Physalis philadelphica, used for bronchitis, colds, and sore throat, was active against the three bacteria. Other promising plant extracts showed high activity against two bacteria, including Eucalyptus globulus, Salvia officinalis, Lippia alba and l.

dulcis. Therefore, there is now a preliminary scientific evidence of the popular use of some of the plants that antibacterial activity is assumed. The authors note that studies additional will allow the scientific community recommend its use as an accessible and safe alternative to synthetic antibiotics. More antivirals Utah scientists reported promising antiviral activity of plants used in traditional medicine in Panama this year. Evaluated plants are little known in the United States, but the study confirms the rational justification of their employment in the indigenous medicine. The most encouraging results occurred with the Ouratea lucens and the cipo Trichilia. Another species of the first genus, the o. angustifolia, has been used as a tonic and stomachic, while that the T. havanensis is used for the treatment of malaria. The Ouratea lucens and the cipo Trichilia proved to have greater activity against viruses herpes simplex 1 and 2 (HSV 1 and HSV) and vesicular stomatitis (VEV). The findings have particular relevance because they go beyond providing indications on antivirals for use potentially important for modern medicine. Also They point out plants related to the species used in traditional medicine that may be better alternatives than those used. These plants have exceeded levels that are usually considered significant to the antiviral drugs, reducing infection by VEV even at a 99.9%. The doses used in invitro tests were well below levels that could harm normal cells (human diploid cell). Furthermore, as that were more toxic to human tumor cells for normal, the authors highlight their potential roles as anti-tumour agents should be investigated more extensively. Together, these data suggest that examined Panamanian plants extracts contain components that can be used effectively as antiviral or antitumor agents.

Management One

Readers. Since that I heard the phrase ‘ ‘ Living in the future, dreaming of realizado’ ‘ in a small meeting of work of that ten minutes last where the objective is to take off doubts about a task, comes thinking on the heading of this article. But because this phrase moved with me? Certain that the enterprise planning has an important paper for the organizations and that without it we do not arrive at the intended objectives to put is certain also that to plan the future we have that to analyze the gift to verify the problems that need to be corrected because the paper and Excel spread sheets accept everything with much easiness and the simple act to dream of carried through perfect not the manager a perfect life in the future. Very complex with the carried through one of today that we have the chance to learn and most important to try to correct what this being given wrong, to supply to that they are making the planning experiences, reasons and arguments so that deceits, processes or of difficult applications are not taken for the future only because if this ‘ ‘ sonhando’ ‘ with one carried through perfect one in the future, this attitude can be compared with a trip of the dreams that we are planning has some time to put if in this trip we plan to go of car and our car this with a mechanical defect very probably we will not have the carried through one of our dreams. So that carried through ours it is what we dream we must: to 1.Analisar the situation in such a way leading in account the external environment how much the intern (very complex processes or of difficult applications, for example). 2.A definition of the mission of the company or project must in agreement with the vision of the company; to 3.Formular objective you reached. to 4.Formular strategies that primem for simplicity and that they are of easy agreement; 5.Avaliar its possible results the front of the established objectives. The success of carried through of a strategy or the task this very related with the capacity that we have to foresee problems and solutions, I lock up this text with a phrase of Alvin Toffler ‘ ‘ The future is not predetermined. He is, at least in part, subject to our influence. Our interest must be, therefore, to focus previsible futures in such a way how much the ones that are possible and provveis.

European Union Leaders

Some decisions may be adopted for some particular themes, according to a European diplomat, who mentioned the market of insurance contracts against the insolvency of a policyholder’s loans (CDS, Credit default swaps), they failed with the insurer AIG is comments, that although the leaders present at the meeting are, according to all indications, looking for points in common, most perhaps prefer concentrating on own financial issues – according to Richard Marston, finance Professor, Wharton.Marston. I think that each of the countries will return to its own structure regulatory in the coming years. They converse mostly central banks as they always do. But, I cannot guarantee in any way that USA and the countries of the euro area work together to coordinate their policies. Many consider that this Summit does not probably reach expected outcomes, with regard to this, Richard J. Herring, Professor Wharton finance, he says, that the idea of a Summit at this stage is premature and even dangerous, indicates suspicious that leaders worldwide, anxious to show they are doing something, end up acting too fast in creating policies and regulations.

The newly elected President of the United States, Barak Obama refused an invitation from Bush to participate, preferring to find another occasion to meet with world leaders. Says Professor Herring, something that is very true, that Europeans have much to fix in the European Union before reinventing the world financial order. States, the White House has declared, that it expects that meeting leaders draw up some general principles to deal with financial matters, and do not try to fix rigid regulations. One of the most useful principles that could be adopted, says Zandi, would be the beginning of resistance to any protectionist impulse. Precise is that countries share publicly the commitment not to erect barriers to trade and investment, said. I think that’s a legitimate concern. As things become more difficult, will grow on countries political pressure to ensure more protectionist, which would be very counterproductive.


If everything is Illusion Because it granted to God such curse to me? If everything is Illusion Says me then My expensive Qohlet Because me the heart aches? If everything is Illusion Says me that nothing valley the penalty Says me that everything is in goes preces Even though of the Conjunct. You say, Qohlet That everything is Illusion and to run behind the wind. Therefore say I you, I envy it to it Freedom I want to run I want to jump I want to trepar Quero to fall In the Illusion Of Alcanar. I say you, Qohlet That torto also straightens Or forgot that all the Life Is born in spiral, Either Man Plant Or Animal? I say you, Qohlet That also the defective one If can complete God created the certainty But also defective and the alone one fails Who tries to make right. You know the eternity of the heart But you did not feel Therefore yours to know Esterilizou to it your emotion. For thinking excessively it does not check the life That all the day For your hands drained.

You do not see, Qohlet That the words Never are spent Because the Life Says another language Every day? You do not see That the Word Is God and the Sound is the Love? The life is not an ungrateful task That God gave to the men he oppresses and them. How pods such to say? The life is Gratitude, God never would oppress the workmanship of its Creation. For applying so deep Your heart in the knowledge search and wisdom You forgot the joy it to live of each day. You did not perceive, Qohlet That fighting for knowing Fighting for knowing In the End Runs the risk to leave to see? You do not see, Qohlet That the sea is not fulled With the water of the rivers So that the Man Can to each day Saciar its headquarters Of life? Nor the ear, if Never sacia Qohlet Of the Word, the mouth always wants Of new says it, and of each time she is New.


revised version 1.1 of the technical guideline 03125 ‘ evidence preservation of cryptographically signed documents (TR-ESOR) “Bonn.” The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) has on the 1st March 2011 on its homepage-version 1.1 of the technical guideline fundamentally revised with the help of a working group initiated together with the BSI and the VOI Association for organization and information systems under the moderation of Mr. Prof. Hackel (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt – PTB) – 03125 evidence preservation of cryptographically signed documents (TR-ESOR) “formerly published TR-VELS (trusted electronic long-term storage).” With this revised version following discussion points about the previous version 1.0 of the technical directive 03125 are removed by December 2009 from the perspective of the VOI:-the main focus lies on the subsequent signature of cryptographically signed objects. The wording of the earlier version could as a universal right to archive for all industries and any kind of proper storage be misunderstood. This point is now finally made clear with the new version. -The application field of the TR 03125 is given, if there is a legal necessity or the voluntary desire to the subsequent signature.

For most applications of electronic documents in the DMS market in Germany, the TR ESOR however should do not apply because these documents either must be signed not initial or not to have a signature is required, although it signed initial. -The federal authorities in the framework of statutory retention obligations are valour scope of this technical directive. Other companies can freely decide whether they use this specification or other methods, as long as the legal requirements are met. Through constructive cooperation between experts of the VOI e.V. and the BSI, the complex issues from different angles could be analyzed, discussed and finally integrated into the new version of the technical directive.

We are pleased that the joint initiative of the VOI e.V. and the BSI has found this positive conclusion”, so Bernhard Zoller, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of the VOI and head of the VOI group BSI TR-ESOR. The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.


Former: ' ' If who was a bourgeois said this, certainly is engodo' '. That ugly in Mr. Frder 2: Excuse but to corrijir I go you here, of new you generalized, some atheists until can AFFIRM that not it exists arguments nor facts of the god existence, to put what we make is to say that the person who wants that we we believe god, in them it does not bring such item, it can talvs exist you evidence yes, but it presented nobody me. IT DOES NOT GENERALIZE. 3: Again we see the generalization, but we go to evaluate this that it said.

First: which ' ' fatos' ' they are these? Second: I am unaware of duposta fallacy that you GENERALIZED affirming that atheistic we say this when we come across in them with ' ' fatos' ' on the god existence. I know the following fallacy: Ad Argumentum ignorantiam Tentar to prove something from the ignorance how much to its validity. Former: ' ' Nobody obtained to prove that God does not exist; soon, it existe.' ' this goes more beyond, this argument takes off concluzoes of the things for simplismente we not to understand something, or not to know as this happened, associating with god, then vocs summer this in ' ' teoria' ' of it. 4: It generalized, and it said excrement. He forgives the palavro but youngster searches on popperiana science in which we base in them on our theories, and is not pra everybody to leave creating its theory, you probably it must be speaking on the synthetic theory of the evolution or of the theory of big bang, yes these theories are not ours, but nor therefore they are you invalidate fallacy here in (ad Argumentum hominem). 5: Obiviamente this is a belief, but it particularly never does not generalize saying that the atheists believe this, I vi an atheist if it wants to cite this excrement that you spoke, forgiving then me of new the palavro, reviews its concepts! ' ' A philosopher said Joseph de Maistre: ' ' Nobody affirms: God not existe' without before having desired that It not exista' '.

Central Asia

In fact, that can bring a useful Media forum if Kazakh businessmen are forced to provide for a lot of fees involved in it such "authoritative" people of the world of the journalist as K. Sobchak whose only achievement – tidbits of toilets in the pages of "yellow press" and the role of lead in the "Trash"-project "Dom-2"? The situation with the Interreligious Forum – a much more deplorable. The cost of the approach to 10 million. Kazakh diplomats sit in the hallways for months the leaders of sectarian movements and give as gifts of expensive gifts to gain their participation in the next event. Perhaps the emergence of "Borat" is the answer to inadequate "PR" RK-campaigning.

The result – more than 1 billion earthlings, looked a movie by British comedian, are convinced that the Kazakhs are kept inside the house cow, harness their old "Mercedes" – oxen, forcing women to travel top of the bus, drink fermented urine instead of wine, etc. After this "PR" or hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers Kazakh advertising in international media and no western lobbyists, does not help to "image" of RK. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry, dealing with "PR" Nazarbayev, in fact, turned into a commercial lobbying firm to protect the interests of "big family" the head of Kazakhstan. Now take the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia, China, countries Central Asia, U.S., EU and other partners. Russia is currently reviewing its relationship with Kazakhstan. Moreover, in the direction of tightening. The reasons are many.

First of all, with each subsequent step in the development of "multi-vector" of the Kazakh diplomacy, its western vector built up. There is a growing military and political presence in the West country and external control over its energy sector and steel industry. "NATO area" appears in the border region of Orenburg, Saratov, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Tomsk.

Venezuelans Unemployment

It is regrettable to note, as others exposed their ideas, the crisis of leadership in Venezuela due to that there is not really authentic leaders, which promote a sense of honesty and true tracking able to motivate the population, seeking the integration guarantee democracy, respect and in step with transformations that benefit everyone, without divisions, without generating hatred, grudges. Be present, which can demonstrate that in the year 1998, Venezuelans before the great desire for a change, sought by searching more than a leader to a Messiah who unfortunately says, has failed to seize the opportunity that the people he bequeathed him, hopeful in Venezuela was transformed into a developed country, says the opposite in relation to the political terrain, that today the President has given way to an economic catastrophe, with high unemployment, rapid increase of the economy report, unproductive business divisions history unemployment rate, they manifest some of the participants, in the end the appearance of a scenario with much turbulence in all its aspects. The truth, that the necessity of transformational leaders, says Eduardo Ortiz Ramirez (the national, 24-2-02), that besides a good President, leaders of development are required and where recovery of a strong institutional framework passes through the formation of a number of capable professional politicians and, of course, honest; men who not only are knowledgeable not only politics but also the economy, sociology, endowed with a healthy sense of reality and flexible when dealing with the pluralism of our collective, aspect that manifests itself in our environment. The great task of developing leaders would then be able to create credible and feasible national targets which, based on strategic profiles, they can orient and Excite economic operators and citizens. At least is what is expected in the present, so far this has not been given because there is large gaps in drivers of development in the country and he has done that the crisis currently facing expresses. .


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