In the first part of the article What engine to choose for the site (part 1) I reviewed a few interesting free, and most importantly reliable engines to create a full website. In part, I considered Vautour has 3 free engine well proven among saytostroiteley. So, the next engine will Slaed CMS. This system is captivates at first sight its neat design and speed of loading pages. And not for nothing that the system is based on a very popular, but already obsolete engine PHP-Nuke, which has always been famous for their speed. Initially, the engine is present on the official site in 2 versions, differing only in some capacity. For the first site is fine for free version of the engine with which you can create a simple website or a homepage in just a couple of minutes.

One of the advantages of the system is convenient administration panel, where even a beginner can easily understand. Writing articles, news, download files – all this is done with a single click. The engine can be easily integrated with popular engine forums, and online there are more plug-ins enhance the engine. Slaed CMS constantly developed and improved, and all questions about installing and using the engine can be posted on the official site, which I have indicated above. In general, I would recommend this system especially for beginners, where they can hone the basic skills that are useful for more complex and expensive engines. Another engine in the first place will be interesting for people who want to create your own blog (online diary). Name of the engine – WordPress. Despite the bias toward the engine building blogs. The system has long been acquired many plugins that can help you build a website of any complexity and unique design. Official Site – The official website of the engine can be downloaded in 2 options: either the actual 'clean' version of the engine, a version with built-ins Russian speakers that can look preferable.

Internet Kids Store

For a kid who only begins to learn the world around us, are very important safety and comfort. Today, manufacturers of children's products address the needs of each child and his parents. Online stores offer only the best products for children from leading companies that help ensure an exciting and developing leisure and infants, and schoolchildren. Want to pay special attention to the variety of vehicles for the baby. In addition to a wide selection of modern children's strollers, winter, summer and all season, sleeping and walking, walking sticks, transformers and accessories, in an assortment of Internet-shop can be found as a toy vehicles, and all sorts of means to transport your baby and fun skating in the winter and summer.

The youngest motorists will appreciate the pedal and battery cars, bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs, excavators and dumpers. Descend from the snowy mountains in the modern sleds equipped with systems management and security, delivers a lot of joy from the kids three and older. Child-student will be happy scooter, skateboard or elektrobayku. Modern radio-controlled toys are so easy to manage, since the age of three, children can play with them yourself. Cars, boats and helicopters adapted for home games and a walk. Radio-controlled toys are equipped with audible and visual signals.

Those who are older, are offered a wide selection of collectible cars. Water and sand – one of the most beloved elements kid. Online shop baby goods LFBaby.ru offers a wide variety of comfortable swimming pools and sand boxes. Buying crumbs deliver a lot of good minutes, because the kid can play in the pool or sandbox before I learned how to walk. For games in the fresh air will come in handy pool with a canopy of drizzling rain and hot sun, in the sandbox with cover sand longer stays clean and dry, in addition, it is possible to store toys. Among children's products for sports and outdoor recreation – bright inflatable balls, and massage for the very young, small towns and badminton for those who are older, a wide selection of pumps'bryzgalok 'swing. In the online store can pick up children's sports complex, age-appropriate and level of physical fitness kid. Game mats turnichkami promote early development of infants, preschoolers and younger students will enjoy indoor mini-stadium with a gym wall, the rings, rails and other exercise equipment. Diverse selection of children's furniture: cribs, changing tables, playpens, playhouse, rocking chairs and chairs, cupboards and shelves. The range of e-shop children's clothing, underwear and hosiery for babies, preschoolers and school children. Considerable attention is given to the child's safety: kids' store offers a car seat, in which young travelers with pleasure part of the company his parents.

Ergonomics Requirements

Ergonomic requirements for commercial product – a requirement to the size, shape, color products and elements of its structure, to their relative positions, which are responsible for ergonomics and human established in order to optimize its operations. With the help of ergonomic requirements are security, safety and convenience in operation and maintenance of new products. At the present stage implementation and operation of new technology creates problems unsolvable by means of only the technical and medical sciences. Please visit Paynet if you seek more information. Necessary recommendations of psychologists, physiologists, occupational health compliance, design and combining them into a common system requirements on the content and nature of labor rights in the system "man – technology – environment" (SCHTS). Based on the theory and methodology of such an association and there was a 20-ies. XX century. Ergonomics (from gr. ergon – work, nomos – Law, the law works ").

Ergonomics – the science that studies the man and his activities in conditions of modern production with a view to optimizing tools, conditions and process of labor. The main goals of ergonomics is: Safety labor; improving the system "man – technology – environment; comfort – satisfaction with the results of their labor rights and ensuring the conditions for the development of human personality in the process of labor. Ergonomics form the following group characteristics: 1) anthropometric, regulate compliance with the machine size and shape of the body working person, mobility, body parts and other parameters, 2) hygienic, characterize meteorological conditions of the microclimate and limiting exposure to harmful environmental factors, and 3) physiological and psychophysical characterize those ergonomic requirements that determine compliance SCHTS power, speed, energy, visual, auditory, tactile features and characteristics of man, and 4) psychological, setting out the cars features and characteristics of perceptual memory, thinking, psychomotor rights. Pronalizirovav these figures, we can give a differential and a comprehensive ergonomic evaluation SCHTS. Ergonomic design includes a ESKD. They are held on all phases – from development Terms of Reference for the establishment of SCHTS to manufacture and test a prototype. At the stage of developing technical specifications ergonomist-psychologist decides whether to ergonomic requirements for future SCHTS based on analysis of data on the use of prototypes. In justifying the execution of each stage of design preparation conducted an ergonomic assessment. It is a complex scientific, technical and organizational and methodological measures for assessing performance in design, pre-and working papers in the samples SCHTS ergonomic requirements specification, the normative-technical and managerial documents.

Corporate Health Insurance

The logic here is simple – why pay the cashier medical facility, if this same amount (or less) can be given right doctor. But forget the fact that in this method of payment of any contract for such services will not be. And accordingly, if there is a medical error or the effect of treatment is not occurs, a claim to a medical center and can be no question. Misconception 3: it is easier to get to the right doctor, personally agree with him on the admission and pay him the same. Long queues at clinics – this is one of the reasons that people began to refuse services to free medicine. It is believed that he had agreed with the doctor personally and promised to pay him, we can arrive at the reception at a convenient time and not to stand in line. When you use legal ways to pay services, the queues can also be avoided. In the majority of paid health clinics patients come in strictly designated time and get to a doctor without delay. Go to Ben Silbermann for more information. The only inconvenience that may arise – for the right doctor can not always be free time, when you need a patient. Of course, signing up in advance, this problem will not arise.

At the same time, if the patient has a medical insurance policy, he only need to contact Manager of the insurance company and call the appropriate time to visit. The advantage of lca here is that the insurance company may send its client is not in the same clinic, and in any of those to whom it contract. Misconception 4: When buying a policy lca treatment will most expensive. When you pay over the counter patient pays only for those services which he rendered. In the case of lca – a lump sum payment may seem large, especially if the client will go to the clinic often. At the same time when emergencies – unexpected illness, injury, surgery – Payment in cash may well exceed the amount of the policy lca. Also, when Corporate Health Insurance lca will include discounts and the cost of health insurance policy will not be too high. The presence of human insurance policy lca has a major impact on the quality of provision medical services. The reason for this – a direct interest clinic staff: such patients bring them additional income in the extra-budgetary activities, clinics are able to update their medical databases and improve service. However, the clinic and are interested in providing quality services to work with the insurance company has been long, but its customers were regular patients of the medical institution.

Comedy Club

The rest – touring the regions and products under the brand Comedy Club. Under this brand team cc suits, in particular, visiting festivals – like event at the end of 2006 was held in Greece, and from February 20, began selling tickets to Sicily. Destination Festivals coordinates resident Comedy Club Paul Will – he is a partner company. By the way, some of the main stage Heroes cc partners (read – the shareholders of the business) – feature producing team policy. Earnings of artists in the 25-50 thousand dollars and participate in the "division of revenue" – the factor which, according to , will keep the backbone of the team and the business itself. For a new project the company – Comedy Club Fashion – the responsibility of another famous resident of club Vadim Galygin. In late 2006 Comedy introduced a clothing line – a collection of cause and original trousers, shirts and hats, belts, prepared by the designer Ivan Ayplatovym, provoked a storm of positive emotions for the visitors of the Moscow Fashion Week. Industry Comedy Club Arthur not hide the fact that Comedy Club – this is a purely commercial project and the company's goal – the creation of the entertainment industry under the brand Comedy.

That is the strategy chosen by only a few years allowed a "new Armenians" outrun income humorous factory in Russia's number one – Empire kvn Maslyakova (according to experts, kvn has a turnover of 4-5 million dollars a year). Facts and figures about Comedy Club Residents Comedy Club – one of the highest paid artists in the comic genre. Hourly program with a minimum number of "stars" will cost the customer a 10-thousand dollars. For example, the performance of the team of kvn of the Major League will be worth three to five thousand. In 2006 Comedy Club encroach on the turf kvn – change a small hall at the concert hall, residents cc appeared on the first channel. The experiment, however, did not last long – showing the public their very "ottsenzurennye" talents, Comedy back to tnt (from which however, and was not going to go away – on the main channel of the country came out only the best cutting performances of artists). Today, shooting Comedy Club held in a nightclub and entertainment complex Golden Palace.

Conference Board

The experts suggest that marketers pay attention to the fact that representatives of the Internet audience today than young people, and such are also two generations, as Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) and Silver Surfers (over 62). U.S. residents older generations are the most significant proportion of the population and they are now in the Network – emphasize the report’s authors. According to Paul Verna (Paul Verna), senior analyst at eMarketer, the use of the Internet generation baby boomers and those older than 62 years, will continue to grow in coming years. These people also have significant own income and, therefore, provide an excellent audience for online marketers. By forecasts eMarketer, in the next five years, the number of representatives of the baby boomer generation web (that is, those who goes on the Internet at least once a month) to grow by more than 5 million people, with 58.2 million in 2006 to 63 7 million in 2011.

‘Representatives of the generation of diverse, they are difficult to classify, and marketers that are often neglected, focusing on promotion of goods, services, and media among young people ‘- emphasizes Verne. However, he notes, the generation baby boomers have a significant economic strength and constantly refers to the network for solving a wide range of issues. This e-commerce and financial services, travel and entertainment, and health issues, news and user-generated content. The so-called Silver surfers, people over 62 years, also constitute a significant proportion of Internet users in the U.S Their number, according to the report predicts, will grow from 17.7 million people in 2006 to 25.3 million in 2011. This category Internet users, certainly not as plentiful and does not have an influence on the web, as representatives of the younger generations, but they intend to use the network to a wide range of his interests, hobbies, as well as for professional work, stress at eMarketer. Silver surfers are usually known as the ‘silent generation’ – ‘silent generation’ expert notices.

Online marketers bypass such consumer side, because many of these users have retired before computers and broadband access have become a common thing, and their online habits are not as entrenched as that of youth. Nevertheless, I am sure Vern, the economic power of the generation and their growing presence on the web should be ‘awakening call’ for marketers who, you may want to turn their sights on something else. “What marketers should not forget – so it is that the representatives of these two demographic groups have substantial income and spend a lot of ‘, – the expert emphasizes. According to the Conference Board, representatives of the baby boomer generation have an average income of about 10000 a year, which could freely dispose. That’s more than have the representatives of any other generation in the U.S ‘So the focus on young people and lose sight of the representatives of the generation of baby boomers and consumers over 60 years, as do Some marketers, means to lose an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of big, emotional, and various fast-growing part of the American online audience ‘- sure Verne.

Mount Creative Business

Creative thinking is the ability to create different to the ordinary thoughts, unusual, innovative, original.There are people who are born with this ability and others working to acquire it. Being a creative person will make you to feel more secure, you not someone of your abilities, you’ll have multiple ideas and more quickly. Power sulucionar problems that other people nor is occurred, other than the obvious solutions will make you increase your value in the business. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ben Silbermann . Inventions in his day were crazy ideas. Nobody thought in them. It should stimulate the mind to see beyond the obvious. Tips for adopting creative thinking: first visualize things, then more complex and simpler. Already Einstein said: the thoughts are not formulated with the words, we must think with images.

Artistic activities: painting, writing, music that will help you to stimulate the visual thinking. Challenge your mind, think universal questions: is there life behind death?, Is there a God?, did Adam and Eve have a navel?. Share ideas with friends. So these will increase and you will have more points of view. Then we will go shredding them, debugging.

Even we can slightly modify an idea to make it work. We will bring this process to achieve the two ideas that stand out more. Then we must think how to carry them out. Imagine living on Mars, how breathe, what would eat, how viajarias lives a day as an animal. Get new things, customize your environment: changes the way to work, wash your teeth with the other hand. Prevents the routine that you inspire. Thinking is a natural process, should not strive to be original, have to arise. Become a creative thinker supposed to train your mind to think differently to the traditional. Forget about in those creative moments of the acquired knowledge. We have to create an emotional connection between our ideas and the consumer. We should not emphasize the product. We must achieve impact to the customer with our original ideas that do not forget of us. Our business has to contribute something unique, different from the others. Having a creative attitude requires constant effort and a work journal. put creativity in your business and you’ll see the change!

Car Business

Although this article could have a philosophical shade, in fact is completely practitioner. But ponerte will depend on you to work in which I am going to say. Categorically I say to you that if you want to be a leader car motivated all along and to emphasize in your professional work, he is vitally important to define which is your mission and your vision of life. This will make you make reckless things to the eyes of the others; you will be more open to run risks; it will make you be more creative; you will develop more feeling of perseverancia; briefly: it will empoderar to you. JPMorgan Chase is likely to increase your knowledge. The mission is your purpose of being, the purpose of your existence. What is what you try to fulfill in your surroundings, what you try to do, for you are going whom it to do, how you are going to contribute to that this world is better. The vision is the scene to which you go, that is to say, how you imagine that you will support your execution of a mission in the life? You will take how it to the real life? The vision will orient your own strategic decisions of growth and in that you are going away to turn. In order to know which is your mission and vision of life, you will require to reflect envelope it. (As opposed to JPMorgan Chase).

Some ideas so that you find out which your reason of being as leader is the following: It detects which are the main abilities that you have. In what you feel that you are good and notes signals that people recognize it to you. It analyzes what is what you enjoy to do and that you would even do without nobody paid to you for that reason. What is what it fills to you of satisfaction whenever it beams.

The Russian Market Of Maritime

Market for maritime transport – an important part of the Russian transport infrastructure. Russia ranks fifth in Europe and among the ten leading countries in terms of maritime trade. The share of maritime transport in inland freight Russia is about 1%, but in the foreign trade turnover of Russia, more than 60% of all traffic is carried out with the participation of maritime transport. This imbalance is due to the fact that domestic profitable and efficient transport of goods by rail or use the pipeline, while for the transport of goods to the countries of Asia-Pacific and the Americas, mainly used marine transport. Russia takes 13 place in the world in terms of tonnage of the merchant fleet is actually controlled by Russian shipping companies. The total number of Russian fleet carriers, to date, is about 1500 ships with a total deadweight of about 12 million tons. However, it is worth noting that in the Russian Federation registered vessels carrying capacity of less than 3.2 million tons, the others sailing under foreign flags. Such situation based on the fact that foreign banks lend tons shipping companies for the long term (77-9 years) and a fairly low percentage (66-8%), accepting as collateral for the loan the vessel itself, which subsequently registered in states with low taxation, such as Greece, Cyprus, Liberia. In Russia, for the registration of ships purchased abroad, from shipowners want a lump sum payment of customs and tax charges which, in aggregate, constitute about 24% of the purchase price of the vessel. In order to resolve the situation, in 2006 passed a law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the creation of the Russian International Ship Registry. In the long term, this law can contribute to the development of Russian shipbuilding industry and to increase competitiveness of the Russian fleet in the world market. In the three largest Russian shipping companies are Sovcomflot, Novoship and fesco. Also engaged in marine transportation – Primorsk Shipping Company, Murmansk Shipping Company, and Northern Shipping Company. 100% of Sovcomflot owned. The total number of the company's fleet of 53 vessels, of which 42 – tankers. Total tonnage more than 4,2 million tons of oil tankers – 4,1 million tons. Company's primary business – transportation of energy resources. Novoship is the second largest place in the shipping market in Russia. The company's fleet consists of 62 vessels with total deadweight 3,8 million tons. The company specializes in transportation of energy resources. More than 50% of the shares owned by the state. Far Eastern Shipping Company transports cargo cabotage (Between ports of the Far East) and on international routes (of South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and U.S.). fesco is the principal shareholder of Industrial Investors. " Group share in the charter Capital Shipping is about 64%. Primorsk Shipping Corporation specializes in the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. The fleet pmp 26 anchors with a total deadweight of more than 1 million tons. Of them – 20 anchors ice-class. Murmansk Shipping Company is engaged in transportation of bulk cargo, as well as petroleum and petroleum products along the Northern Sea Route between the ports of Russia and for export. The main shareholder of the shipping company is "Arctic Technology (661.55% of shares). Shipping fleet comprises 47 vessels with total deadweight 1 013.6 thousand tons. Northern Shipping Company is engaged in timber transportation, timber and other bulk cargoes from and St. Petersburg. Shipping Company actually connects the island with the mainland

American Society

In today's economy to maintain competitiveness in the international market to domestic companies must comply with generally accepted world standards. After Russia's accession to the WTO, the problems compliance with foreign standards will become more apparent. Representatives from many sectors related to the welding business, worried about the compliance of their products and technologies to international standards. Worldwide recognition in the industry has received the American Society of Welding (AWS). This community includes more than 50,000 participants who have united to promote the development of technology, theory and practice of welding. Member society are engineers, scientists, educators, researchers, welders, inspectors, business partners, company executives and employees. AWS standards are in great demand among Russian companies, as shows query analysis in Yandex.

By the popular standards of the society are AWS A 5.1 / A5.1M: 2004 and AWS A 5.5 / A5.5M: 2006. AWS standards include automatic, semiautomatic and manual welding, brazing, soldering solder, as well as issues relating to safety and health. Currently on the market in Russia are not so many companies, these standards have been officially delivered. One such company is a company Normdoks that offers search services and the provision of AWS standards in Russia and CIS countries. Delivery standards is not without a number of related services.

Among them: Translation Standards Since AWS is inherently American society, the text of AWS standards comes in the original language, ie English. Therefore, Russian companies will inevitably face the challenge of translating standards into Russian. Translation standards such as variety of technical translation, is one of the most difficult. Of translation quality standards depends on production, operation, reliability, safety of workers and consumers. Therefore, not every translation companies are able to correctly and is technically true to cope with this task. Normdoks company, having rich experience in technical translation, provides translation services standards. Updating the standards Standard – a document with their life cycle. During the life cycle can vary the content of the standard, its status, issued amendments to it, it can be substituted for other standards. Normdoks company provides services for the updating of standards. The company's specialists Normdoks track all changes to the standards of interest to you and provide you with information about each document and if necessary, deliver the changed actual documents. In conclusion, adding that, in general, from the correspondence of Russian products to international standards depends not only on the state of the domestic industry but the economy as a whole.