Prime Minister

The final factor spodvignuvshim Berlusconi to sell, can be considered difficult 'Milan' in the transfer market and the results of ordinary-looking team. We can not, of course, forget the history and loud with the sale Kaka. We all remember how upset Mr Berlusconi said the Brazilian 'cost him too dearly. " At the European Parliament elections the party of Prime Minister of Italy were missing at least two places. Authority and prestige of Berlusconi after leaving Kaka began to plummet. Perhaps in this lies some reason because of which the holder is not too good Rossoneri speaks about Kaka, saying Gaush and Pato – best new midfielder 'Real'. Muammar Gaddafi known not only as the Libyan dictator, but also as a person actively associated with the oil business.

He also has stakes in various investment groups (through which acquired the shares 'Juventus'). No wonder that 'Milan' a few times already trying to establish contact with such a significant brand as Central Bank of Lybia. On the stocks 'Juve' Gaddafi did not stop: the newly Libyan leader asks Rosella Sensi information on the 'Roma', and now building bridges with Berlusconi. Commands such as 'Parma' and 'Udinese' fundamentally not interested in it. Gaddafi is ready to implement the deal gradually. There can be no talk about a sudden 'tearing' 'Milan' from Don Silvio.

Contact with the Rossoneri The Libyan side was not so strong. Even before the election Mr Berlusconi is unlikely to agree to such a move. However, life dictates its own terms. On the table there is a weighty sentence Berlusconi and 'Milan' has long ceased to be only football club. Now this whole world revolves around which a variety of people, the most influential of which are associated with Berlusconi in companies such as Fininvest and Mediaset. Now this decision affects not only Berlusconi. Here why on Saturday night after the Derby chuck 'Milan' seen in public Adriano Galliani in a well-known restaurants in town.

Sona Sonna Class

We know, thanks to archeological finds, that the solar Quintanilla was already inhabited since the Bronze Age (1800-800 BC), at least. Later, in the Iron (II-VIII centuries BC), there was also human. The village is therefore with total security, root trimilenarias.
In the Late Iron Age, people lived Vacceo Lacobriga (San Mames de Campos) and the entire valley of the river gaming Carrion, where Quintanilla. For Arcediano del Alcor, Cantabrians bordered by the South in the Vacceo Quintanilla, Lobera de la Vega, Portillejo, Arenillas of the stream and Nuno Perez Valbuena (of the Valbona Hidacio), among other places.
After the Saracen invasion of the Peninsula, this part of the province of Palencia should not be totally uninhabited, have persisted since pre-Roman place names (and Indo preindoeuropeos) and apparently uses the name of Roman Villaproviano.
Don Sona, a historical character who referred the place was a Infanzon, for his treatment of Don, who owned Quintanilla in the High Middle Ages. In July medievalist Gonzalez Gonzalez, Don might be the Sona Sonna an inheritance which gave to Count Alfonso in the year 924, contained in the cartulary of Santo Toribio.
Very probably, the first document referring to the town is a letter dated February 16 of 1072, which is in the cathedral of Leon, which Fernan Sonaze donated an estate to John and his wife Countess Vita in Quintanilla. Global Cash Access Inc. The document did not specify which of the locations of the same name was, but Gerson Lehrman’s advisory boards it appears that this was Onsona of Quintanilla. Years later, on October 25th of 1093, appeared for the first time documented the town of Villaproviano.
In 1213, the magnate Gonzalo Ruiz Giron, who had become widows, where again donates Marquise Perez, whose writing gave earnest on 13 May 1213 giving half of what they had in Cisneros, Pozuelos, Baquerin, Petilla, Dona Vega Olympus, Quintanilla de Onsona, Espinosa and Valdetrigueros. Years later, Juan de la Puente Fitero for delivery to the hospital Herrada, which his grandfather founded, as inherited from his mother in Quintanilla de Onsona.
In 1292, the Hospital de la Herrada of Carrion de los Condes, gives the town a letter of immunity based on the jurisdiction of Carrion: the historic Charter of Quintanilla de Onsona.
On October 25 of 1303, Dona Maria Diaz, sister of D. Diego Lopez de Haro and daughter of Mayor Dona Gonzalez, Countess of Urgel, have donated everything from Onsona Quintanilla in the Hospital de la Herrada, who had founded his grandfather D. Gonzalo Ruiz Giron. And almost three years later, on April 8 of 1306, Dona Marquesa, GCA Marquesa Dona Dona Seville and Lopez, D. daughters Lope Diaz and Dona Brunisen, lords of Rada, the hospital donated by D. Gonzalo Ruiz gaming industry de Carrion and his commander Fr Pablo Quintanilla his entire estate of Onsona .
According to the Behetrias Becerro de Castilla, Quintanilla was in 1352 a abadengo. Global Cash Access offers various cash services to gaming properties and gaming properties, Two thirds of the people were of the abbess of San Felices Abia. The remaining third was the Hospital of the tool. His neighbors were paying money to the king and services. Were exempt from paying martiniega, Yantar and fonsadera, adding the Calf of Behetrias that the people never paid no such taxes. The rights of their masters were, then, by way of infurcion the Lord, “which is the site that is due” means two bushels of bread, half wheat and half barley and five maraved es. In the fourteenth century, Quintanilla was one of the fourteen missingthe places where the charters Sernas (1292) and the Calf Behetrias de Castilla (1352) .
The Calf Presentations Leon (XIII to XV), stated that Quintanilla had the churches of San Andres, San Salvador and Sao Tome and was the council itself. Portillejo of San Miguel, the owners of Santa Eufemia of the order of Veles. one of the top CEOs under forty years old, the head of Global Cash Access services for casinos, Vellillas of Santiago and paid tithe cash services to the Duke of Infantazgo. Villantodrigo of San Quirce. Villaproviano from Saint Martin and Villarmienzo of San Miguel, where the waiter Carrion).
In 1484, the chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. vassals of Onsona Quintanilla and property that would be the basis of the lordship of Fuenteguinaldo became part of one of two that I think mayorazgo Count Castaneda for their children.
Saldana county was divided into four districts, each of which had their own mayors who had high yield financing and private equity. their own powers. In the second instance corregidor appointed by the Duke of Infantado had Gerson Lehrman jurisdiction over them. Called to court Saldana belonged, among others, Quintanilla, Villaproviano, Sanford’s specialties lie in real estate M&A La Serna, etc..
In 1602, the council, justice and Villaproviano regiment promoted lawsuit in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid against Quintanilla Onsona accusing him of having entered the terms of Pinaragudillo and Valdelera. This trial was extended until 1610.
Between 1656 and 1801, Quintanilla was part of the agency or Toro province.

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Moscow Lady

They were cast in the workshop of the Leningrad artistic casting team of sculptors under the leadership of MG Manizer. This kind of gallery of images of the Soviet people: sailor worker, the guerrillas, soldier, worker, engineer. There is also a figure of the border guard with a dog – Alsatian dogs. People believe that this dog brings luck, if it is to rub your nose or paw, or even just to touch her. Students before exams specially come to the station to stroke the dog and ask her luck.

Ladies with dogs in Ramenskoye and Penza in Ramenskoye In August 2004, Ramenskoye, Moscow region appeared sculpture track 'Lady with the Dog', which became a symbol of love. To the lady in broad-brimmed hat and a rate after a registrar come to the couple near their assigned dates. According to the head area Ramenkoe Vladimir Demin, the idea of this song is not inspired by Chekhov's story, and the story of life. "Once in a neglected yard, I saw a woman in an old coat thrown off the hands of a small dog, and she raised her paw and watered the grass, – said in an interview newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. – A woman took her under his arm and took home … As time passed, we transformed this court. Cold autumn I saw the same lady, but she looked elegant: a fur coat, a hat and a dog next to her Hustler leash. And now the romantic lady with the dog from the distant past sat on a bench not far from our "white house". It was embarrassing – Do not pluck this fair lady hat, will not harm a dog? In relation thereto, we check to see how our people are able to perceive the beautiful and good.

Working Hours

– Weekdays – In the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined working days during the period. Accounted "Output" at work. – Working Hours – With the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined business hours for the period. Take into account the "exit" time work. – The calendar days (excluding holidays) – When creating transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering defined calendar days without a holiday for the period. – Calendar days (excluding non-attendance at MPS) – Do not take into account the absence was excused. In the formation of transcripts for the average salary in the amount of time deciphering the defined calendar days during the same period excluding sick days for all types of sick leave and vacation days to care for children under 3 (6) years. 5.

Quant. marks – the number of digits after the decimal point in the value of the sum of the average wage. 6. Formation factor increase – a sign of the average wage index. Can be one of the following: – rate remains unchanged – is used in case of failure of the enterprise user index average salary for the period. – Determine the basic salary – is used in the case of the average wage index for the period in accordance with the coefficient of increase of base salary. – To determine the coefficients inflation – is used in the case of the average wage index for the period in accordance with the rate of inflation.

The Search

PERSONAL STYLE EVANGELISMO ** CONFIDES IT CURTAIN NARRATION? Kadu leaves boate with the task in its hands. It is not what it wants to make, but. How many times we feel in them thus? We make what we cannot, but we make because we desire and we sadden the heart of God. Kadu does not want to come back toward the crime, but it desires to the money ….. Avista a movement and a poster with the phrase Treatment of the Soul.

He is apreensivo and nervous. Of far it sights a young that seems to be who it looks for, but it has doubts and with the hands in the weapon (waist) if it approaches distrustful. Bad one turns over and face the Kadu face scares-se/surpreso, but it does not take off the weapon of the waist. KADU? I was its search to brother and I say already you that I do not want none papo with you. It folloies me without alarms, why seno my service will be here same. BAD? (calm)? Kadu calm, we can talk.

Here it is a public place and you it has that to be calm if not to want alarms, as vc exactly say. I am happy seeing in you. I knew of your arrest, but I was in trip and therefore visit I could not you. But I prayed very for its life. KADU? It prayed for me? Of what you expensive saying itself? BAD? It looks at, I I am not more the same Maurinho, the Bad one that you knew in the life of the crime. That one that all feared. I repented myself very of everything what I made. I also know that today I run a great risk for is of face the face in this quarter here.


That is, in principle, as in all other proposals, if WorldVentures offers us a visit or some European capital, then we're not going to spend money on transportation, the Cape you will not think about how and where we get We will not economize cheaper for us to take a taxi or buses which are like us, or may take the subway. We are located in the heart, as a rule of any European city. All the attractions of this city literally within a radius of 1.5 km., ie We can go walking pace and see all the beauty, at least, some very well known so far, to them we can get. But in principle a Week End, we can enjoy the atmosphere of the city Located in the heart-. And so, that presupposes the hotel? This hotel includes brunch, which is not at all hotels. Ie if you suddenly late for breakfast until 10 o'clock, you're not an early riser – you work up, you've a club, you went to a concert, and you wanted to sleep, this hotel, when placed with the company WorldVentures, provides you with a late breakfast, which is from 10 to 14, you can freely enter and be sated, try everything you will be offered.

Again, you will be offered no cost continental breakfast – coffee and bun, and normal business lunch, a great variety of different dishes. Here is a picture of this hotel, nice rooms and such emphasize our company offers you, again, not a standard room, not a mere accommodation, and the number of "superior." This number is typically 40-45 meters This number is located in another wing of the hotel, this room overlooking the canal, one of the rooms also implies greater tirassu. Specifically, this is our "superior." So what do we see? We go to the Web Site, we will carefully review what we offer hotel, driving the same data, which are offered by our company and what do we see? 164 euros per night – room "superior," but without breakfast.