Red Cross Life

For waves of Maicao He joined the Radio of Barranquilla, where he was in the most important stations of the era. He would then return to Radio Peninsula in Maicao and a little later to Radio clock and Radio Guatapuri of Valledupar. She worked sporadically in Riohacha and Riohacha Admiral Radio waves. (Source: Robert Kiyosaki). However Roberto had its roots and always returned to Maicao. On his final return, after a new incursion by the Barranquilla radio, founded the newscast of the station of the national army created, directed and presented a newscast on the community television channel Telecosta302 in what would be, practically, its only participation in an environment different from the radio. Throughout his life as a journalist and public man Roberto was co-founder of the fire brigade and the Red Cross of Maicao and worked alongside voices that marked an era in the Colombian radio: Tulio Pizarro, Raul Comas, Carlos Serrano, Julio Cesar Campanella, Jorge Ochoa and Carlos serrano. wn/’>Harold Ford Jr. Inadvertently also created a school and a style of Journalism whose disciples include Harvey Cuesta, Alcides Alfaro, Ernesto Acosta and Alejandro Rutto Martinez. The voice of Roberto shuts off and their eyes are closed.

Also doubles one of the final pages of the book of your life but they begin to write the first lines of the new book: that of the life of Roberto pineda, as inhabitant of the legend and as a protagonist of the story, which has a very special place. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526.


Ironically, all human Googles know that searching the Internet is not equivalent to Google. Beyond the well-known generalists alternatives (Yahoo!, Live and Ask), there is an incredible and unknown variety of search engines specialized in other types of contents: images, videos, blogs, forums, podcasts, people, and information generated by users. Their results you can classify, group, or be plotted. Enormous opportunities of searches on the web there are not only web pages and not just Google. Come and see a selection of exotic names alternatives: Omgili, Cuil, Blinkx, Silobreaker, Zuula, and Quintura. is, in his words, a seeker of subjective information.

It only indexes platforms of content generated by the user such as forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, questions and others. Whenever Payoneer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This collects information from the title, content and responses, which facilitates the information to the user have to find answers to questions already asked by other users. It is an ideal place to find personal experiences, ideas, recommendations, opinions, and solutions to problems. His directory includes an enormous index of online communities. It is very easy to use, has some specialized search options, and structure the results page in Google style. The only thing bad, something usual: is in English. is a generalist search engine created by some former employees of Google, and whose aim is more tweak some features of the popular search engine rather than give a radically alternative approach. Its algorithm is designed more for quality claiming to reach areas of the Internet that Google does not (or does not want to reach), and analyzes the websites with more depth by popularity of content, indexing (only Google indexes approximately 100 first kbs.

each document). In accordance with these premises, results are presented not as a list, as does Google, but grouped in various concepts (official websites vs. references from third parties). The objective is to make the user, a blow of view, idea of the depth and breadth of the information actually available on Internet on your search terms.

Navy Blue

I had two significant moments in this meeting one of them was when to enter the room where the sessions were held was a music group that played some parts of the India, before Dr. Gallegos support staff had placed us our rugs, had incense, it was a great moment, in front was the family of Dr. GallegosVicky his wife and his sons, Ramoncito, Diana and Dalia, felt an atmosphere of peace, of harmony, of equanimity, was a magical moment, hope that some fellow like me, to the evoke that moment will live it and will be comforting when they are going through hardship in his life. Activities that left me more growth was the presentation of the Holistas politicians, by causality left me a stranger until that moment but that from there is a guide for my life, Thich Nhat Hanh, the taught me what is mindfulness, and their philosophy of life has given me a great example to follow. In this semester I had another great encounter, we met the teacher Wenceslao Ayala, is a very pleasant person, reflected much peace, equanimity, is a great human being, he has managed to exalt the best thoughts and feelings of each of the members of the group. In the month of November 2008 the education holistic World Forum 12th was held in the city of Guadalajara, Jal. VP – Corporate Planning is the source for more interesting facts. Headquarters was the Camino Real Hotel, the hotel Convention Hall was fitted in a very harmonious way, it was fantastic, when I entered I was pleased to see the dedication that put to decorate it, on the Navy Blue tablecloths, placed some flowers made with paper iris, green resembling the leaves and flowers of Orange and pink Mexican resembling lotosthey gave him a very cheerful touch, all the care details, glass with water jugs and vessels that gave a touch of freshness to the tables, everything together gave me a very special emotion. . .

Brazilian Cultural Profile

The Brazilian cultural profile can be considered as one of the richest and fantastic of the world, which had its multipicidade. One becomes basic to invest uninterruptedly in the rescue of our traditions, a time that represent the force and the personality of our people. The maintenance of the hstria and the local culture basically depends on the responsible junction between the modernity and the cultural preservation of the habits and patrimonies. Each community represents the consequence of its histories, its conflicts, its knowledge, its dreams and desires. Valley to point out, that the tourism promotes a deep interchange of experiences between visitors and receiving community. This establishes the insertion of new values that finish for being added to the daily one of the local population. It is effective that great transformations alone happen with the mobilization of the society, since this, over all in the last times, passed if to acquire knowledge of its paper as citizens and agents tranformao right-handers.

This same society reinvidica the eradication of the preconception whichever its source, as well as ethical and ecologically sustainable actions. It is evident that the past brings obtains memories of irreplaceable character, increased of profusion of feelings. This in grants the privilege to them to take knowledge of histories and narratives, that for innumerable reasons in them previously had been omitadas. The support cannot be under no comparative hypothesis to the abstracismo, taking itself in consideration that it is the only undisputed form to guarantee that the next generations also can contemplate these same cultural wealth, as well as the current generations. We speak in sustainable development in a world that always walked in way to the wild and desmedida insustentabilidade. Boarded questions before little and hardly deepened, today are resposnsveis for debates of great projection, observing that on questions to the support are of interest of the collective. Support is continuity guarantee.

It is not utopia, is undisputed reality. The times had moved, implying in change of habits and conscience. That is fact. Let us be realistic: he is imperious to deal in more pragmatic way with the existing disparidades. Reprojetar aspects until then little valued, giving to bigger emphasis and visibility. Minimizao of the artificialidade in the processes, so that if it can make use of the cultural patrimony in constructive and sustainable way.

American Government

On behalf of the Government, the Prime Minister of Australia has apologized to aborigines by white colonization. Australia ranked third on the list of human development of the United Nations, after Iceland and Norway, with an income per capita above the Germany. However, the almost 500,000 Indians living in the country have one life expectancy of 17 years less than the national average, suffer high rates of unemployment, alcoholism and violence. Something very different happens in United States, where the black candidate Barack Obama has dispensed with his pastor Jeremiah Wright as his campaign Adviser for his incendiary sermons that lash out against the U.S. ifficult to be quoted properly. Government, among other things, by its historical racism inside and outside the country.

This country was founded and is directed by a racist principle, he said in a sermon. It is likely that Obama has been unlinked from Wright in policy to preserve the votes of a white population that much work had cost him earn and that perhaps not ready for recognize a historic past which is spoken little in families, in schools, in universities and in the media. Something doesn’t work in a society that puts one of every nine black and one in thirty-six Latin Americans aged between 20 and 34 years behind bars. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo Bank. The American Government, that equates immigration and ethnic difference to crime, seeks to curb immigration from Mexico and Central America with a fence of thousands of miles while studying formulas to assign the legal figure of believes for illegal immigrants. The atmosphere of political correctness and the euphemisms for not hurt racial sensitivities, as well as programmes of positive discrimination, can never replace a real recognition of persons from ethnic minorities as subjects of law and not support objects. The discourse for a black pastor to raise so many blisters in 21st century reflects to what extent is taboo the history of slavery supported in racism. . Read more from Wells Fargo Bank to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

FORUM CafeBarRestaurant

Now swings the cocktail shaker Sebastian Allwardt as the new Chief of the bar and brings a new trend in the FORUM in Munich with its summery light cocktails, the March 10, 2009 as of now the FORUM expanded his team of 45 Cafe.Bar.Restaurant Sebastian Allwardt. Began his career with training to restaurant specialist in the Columbia hotel Griesbach the new bar Chief i.R. He was then as a commis de bar at the Steigenberger Axelmannstein, Bad Reichenhall and in the Maritim Hotel Munich worked. During this time Sebastian Allwardt won in 2005 and 2006 the Munich-based cocktail competition of the organizers Abendzeitung and Maritim Hotel. Prior to joining in the FORUM Cafe.Bar.Restaurant the native Munich headed since 2007 the bar at the Novotel Munchen Messe.

The new momentum which brings the skilled restaurant specialist in the FORUM, is just visible at the beginning in a new cocktail menu. In addition to the trendy Martini cocktails, Sebastian Allwardt puts much emphasis on summery light cocktail variations. Details can be found by clicking Robert Kiyosaki or emailing the administrator. Accordingly, he expanded the non-alcoholic cocktail card. For example He will bar guests with his own creation fit for fun “: yogurt, mango nectar and pineapple juice, almond syrup, passion fruit syrup. Seven breakfasts, an extensive brunch, quick business lunch or a dinner in a pleasant atmosphere – the FORUM is a gastro classic in excellent downtown location in gardeners place district Cafe.Bar.Restaurant with its international and modern cuisine. Solid, quality natural materials such as stone, leather and wood dominate the restaurant decorated in warm colours with lounge character. In the FORUM, selected artists exhibit their works Cafe regularly. Bar trend highlight of the extensive selection of cocktails in the FORUM are the nine Martini cocktails in different flavor variations.

Regional Email Marketing

Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH, on Thursday, the 08.12.2011, explains how companies are successful. Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH of Stuttgart, on Thursday, December 8th, 2011, explains how companies proceed successfully. There are several success criteria for the successful use of email newsletters. Very front with: target group-specific content. But what target group to reach exactly the newsletter? There is not a standard answer – it depends on the company and its stakeholders. For small and medium-sized enterprises, however, there is an exciting approach: regional audiences.

Regional email marketing, they reach potential customers in the immediate vicinity, particularly effectively and efficiently. But what is important to note it here? An important success factor in the regional email marketing, in addition to content with regional relevance, for example, is the choice of a sender address with recognizable regional reference. Advantage: more attention and involvement at the receiver and thus a higher open rate. Contains newsletter now activating elements, the goal of successful contact with the receiver is already as good as reached. Also on pages of the art there is to keep in mind some important topics.

So for example spam filters react already from 50 to 100 recipients of newsletters. So this is perceived so by the potential customers, there is no way to dispatch about a so-called “white-listed” Server passes. Only if the newsletter is not blocked, successful conversions can be achieved. Marmato CEO of Marc Culas 2011 presents many more details for the successful implementation of regional email marketing during his speech in the eCOMM event series. The venue is the education and technology center of the Handwerkskammer Berlin. There is more information about the event here:… Contact: marmato GmbH Denis Huckel Wilhelmstrasse 4 70182 Stuttgart 0711/248490-16 on marmato that marmato is GmbH one of the largest advertising agencies for email marketing in Germany. The spectrum ranges from the full-service modular solutions to its own campaign manager limelight. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The range of services ranges from search engine marketing and optimization about social media marketing up to online public relations. With, one of the largest press platforms of in Germany belongs to the marmato GmbH. The Agency headquartered in Stuttgart operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for numerous renowned companies in all industries.

Zurich Financial Services Group

The conveyor Renteinvest DWS premium is the best Riester pension insurance according to oKO-TEST. The combination of innovative fund facility of the DWS and the Zurich insurance provides for higher yields than at other insurance services. With the combination of yield and comprehensive security convinced that Renteinvest DWS premium conveying not only oKO-test, but already a variety of Bonn financial customers. Michael Treasurer, Board of Directors of Bonn financial to the premium product: an important part of our advice is to inform our customers of funding of the State and the possibilities of their use. Go to Payoneer for more information. In most cases but know too little about their chances of the German citizens and therefore take these gifts not to complete. Filed under: Payoneer. “The conveyor Renteinvest is the best example of a State-sponsored retirement plans, with an attractive yield with simultaneous safety.” The Fund investment is adjusted daily to the trends on the stock exchanges. So no returns are given away and the shares is reduced depending on the stock market or increases.

Even those who have completed already an other Riester pension, may differ from the conveyor Renteinvest DWS premium benefit, they transfer their existing contract to the winner. The Zurich Group acquires within the meaning of the customer all necessary measures. The accumulated capital of cover onto the new Riester contract. The ongoing contributions and grants flow into the new profitable product. For more information about product offerings at: Foundation in 1970 is the oldest all financial sales of Germany Bonn financial. The company offers secure all financial advice targeted existence for all layers of population. Since 2002, Bonn financial is a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich). Zurich is an insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America and Europe as well as in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America and other markets. The 1872 founded company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, employs approximately 58 000 people, provide the services in more than 170 countries.

The Volume

AC voltage, V 380 2. Section length wire at 220 V: – PNSV 1.0 mm, m 80 – PNSV 1.2 mm, m 110 – PNSV 1.4 mm, 140 m 3. Specific heat capacity of the wire: – for reinforced structures, w / rm. 30-35 – for the non-reinforced structures, w / rm. 35-40 4. Recommended supply voltage, V 55-100 5. The average value of the resistance of conductors: – PNSV 1.2 mm, W / m 0.15 – PNSV 1.4 mm, W / m 0.10 6.

The method parameters: Power specific, kW/m3 1.5-2.5 consumption wires p.m./m3 50-60 cycle thermo-keeping structures, days 2.3 The need for electricity for heating determined by calculations based on the type of structures that are characterized by a quantity equal to the ratio of the area cooled to the volume of concrete. As a rule, it is affected by ambient temperature, degree of protection construction of the cooling rate of heating of concrete in one hour. In the calculations, consider the following indicators: 1 kilowatt / hour allocates 860 kcal of heat. Specific heat of concrete 620 kkal/m3hoS that this temperature of 1 m3 of heavy concrete rises by 1 C. when a m3 of concrete hardening allocates an average of 500 kcal / hour. Heated concrete must be performed at low voltage and high amperage in the heating elements. For this we recommend use a special heating substation for concrete stamps TSDZ, St. Petersburg or KTPTO. Installed power substations in the voltage depends on when heating of the concrete.

Ambient Licensing

The author still clarifies that the values of use indirect right-handers and directly are related with the use of the resources and the natural services; the value of option, determined for the value that a consumer would be made use and capable to spend with the purpose to have the chance to assume itself of a natural resources. It means that the maintenance of the supply of the good is valuable to only keep the options of choice on the part of the consumer. The value of existence is not associated with the use real, or same with the use option. In this in case that, individuals can until being made use and capable to pay simply to preserve the existence of some ecosystems, and, moreover, to reveal the desire to leave the environment intocado for the future generations. A value of donation also is considered a value of existence. The author concludes regarding the TEV, that in its opinion, inside of the theoretical concept of the TEV, all can practically be seen as a market potential, and not as a value of market for the goods and natural resources. 2.5. The INFERENCE OF the EIA/RIMA IN the ACCOUNTING OF AMBIENT COST the process of evaluation of ambient impacts was instituted as an instrument of Law 6,938/81 National Politics of Environment, and the Constitution of 1988 absorbed this concept in the express terms in its Art.

225. The CONAMA National Advice of the Environment, consultative body and deliberative of the Advice of Government of the National System of the Environment, established in its Resolutions the requirement of the elaboration of Study of Impacto Ambiental (EIA) and the respective Environmental impact report (IT RHYMES), for all the modificadoras activities of the environment. In the same way, all the enterprise with impactante activity to the environment needs the Ambient Licensing, that is divided in three distinct phases: previous license, of installation and operation, and the EIA/RIMA can be demanded in any one of these stages of the Ambient Licensing.