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Market analysis Currency Euro ollar Today we should put all our attention on the level of 1.4303, which is a fundamental level for the short term. This level is determined by the uptrend line from 22 October. If we stay above or below that level will determine the trend of the pair. That is why the level of support in the area of present 1.4303 support level today and if it breaks that area could test the 1.4216 level. On the other hand, short-term resistance level is at the 1.4421 area, and only if it breaks that could test the 1.4509 area and beyond the 1.4555.

Support: a 1.4303: uptrend line. a 1.4216: Stop on 22 December. a 1.4176: Minimum of 1 September. Resistance: 1.4421 a : downtrend line. a 1.4509: Minimum of 3 November. a 1.4555: Maximum of 11 January. Pound Dollar Today we should put all our attention on the level of 1.6283, which is a fundamental level for the short term. This level is determined by the upward trend line of the 1.5913.

That is why the level of support in the area of present 1.6283 support level today and if it breaks that area could test the 1.6218 level. However, short-term resistance level is at the 1.6418 area, and only if it breaks that area could test the 1.6495 and 1.6566. Support: a 1.6283: uptrend line at the time. a 1.6218: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 1.6156: 50% Fibonacci level. Resistance: 1.6418 a : Standard newspaper. a 1.6495: Minimum of 24 November. a 1.6566: Maximum level of 17 September. Dolar Yen The dollar-yen pair broke the support level specified in the report yesterday in 90.76. But the pair did not advance strongly. The big question is whether to continue an upward or downward trend, but we must remember that we are approaching the 91 zone. The key points in the support area are now in 90.37, and if the pair falls below that area could test the 89.79. The resistance level is at 90.90 and if the pair breaks this area will continue an upward correction and could test the 91.64 first and then 92.44. Support: a 90.37: Support Intra day. a 89.79: 61.8% Fibonacci level medium term. 89.22 a Level of support / resistance before. Resistance: a 90.90: uptrend line. a 91.64: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 92.44: 61.8% Fibonacci level. Disclaimer: The operations of futures, options and foreign exchange carries a significant associated risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Should consider carefully whether your particular situation before you have the knowledge, experience and resources to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested, or that their losses exceed the funds originally deposited.


The Tarot has many uses, although the best known is the divination. I like to think of the Tarot as a multifunctional approach, with a variety of applications. In my opinion, the best use you can give the Tarot is evolving, and he will devote a whole section, but I understand that if there is something that from the beginning of its history has concerned human being is the future, and the Tarot is a unique tool, rather than find out, answer questions about that future. Consider the question posed in the title of this post: What can we do? Many people believe that the Tarot is a little short of mathematical science, which will predict with exact dates and names of all events that are going to happen in the short or long term. When we started studying the Tarot we strive to learn and accumulate lists and more lists of meanings, not content with which we have already learned, we collect more significantly, we search the Internet, in books, magazines, going to courses and all this Why? Just to go delaying the crucial moment, which is to get to work seriously with the Tarot. This is one of the great dangers for who starts, these tactics are designed to delay the time when you are working in earnest with the Tarot, to this we would not be that expectations are so high (and so wrong) that fears that are not covered is too large. It is therefore very important to understand that the Tarot can be expected. .

Consumer Education

CHILD CONSUMPTION AMay white skirt is the girl who goes to sea! AAY girl, do not smear the ink of squid! Rafael Alberti. EXCHANGE OF MONEY FOR A PRODUCT consumerist attitudes of the early years, between 6 and 10 years, is developed in terms of advertising and the decisions of their parents. However, after that age, the consumer environment is widely and are influenced also by those who think and have their friends. At the same time increases the interest of small to handle money, nonexistent in the early years of childhood. a Clothing is one of the first territories in which the boys act independently in their choice and put pressure on parents when choosing brands. His great goal becomes to get suspicious of the pocket father always what they want this and that brand also has a friend or friend. None of them are looking for quality clothing, only care about labels.

This is where the first bribes produce children. If they buy more clothes they have not chosen or dislike threaten parents with not wear it. For other purchases, the most common concern domestic issues. Traditional errands where children begin to develop a consumer education through observation. The same happens when parents go with their food shopping, the greatest pressure on to buy the foods of their choice, carried away by advertising, packaging and fashion. a The money, which initially has no interest in the smaller, becomes from ten years in need. The sources of income are diverse, from tips to do some work at home, the economic rewards for those approved, the money received for birthdays, weekly pay can vary between six and ten euros, an amount that does not include leakage of money meant for purchase of buns father for tea or cinemas. The normal is that children engaged in their usual income, when small, candy, cards and toys of little value. After ten years this money is intended to burgers and pizzas, the children’s favorite dishes.

The most substantial extra income, they spend most expensive purchases, such as video games. In some families, small windfall placed in a savings account. For parents of consumer desire is related to small objects in the market, so they detect a lack of imagination of their children. In addition, they show that the influence of advertising is full when eating. Their clothing, toys and other products are chosen by the small role of advertising. In short, for children to consume a product is exchanged for money and repeat ad nauseam, the much hated phrase: aquiero that!. Some parents say as the poet: As one who listens to the rain / I was listening so much / that I do not understand.

Christian Dior

Let this lamp is an original photo frame, changeover calendars or even a mini-aquarium! Your wee delighted with the application, not for a second part with pencils and watercolors, and neighbors have long been lined up for lace napkins, embroidered with your little needlewoman? Then, just for you invented sets for children's creativity. Options – ample: if you want – choose the set for carving, you want – for the manufacture of tapestries. There is for cross stitch, burning, sculpting. In a word – whatever you want! If an abundance of choices of gifts you just confused, and give something useful really want – do not despair. Give something without which could not manage even a single student: a set of stationery. In this case, you can be sure that the gift and indeed be appropriate and useful. Benefit now and choose from there is something: if you want – pencil case with a thermometer, alarm clock, calculator and radio, you want – with a personal diary horoscope, star biographies and interesting historical facts, do you want – a pencil with built-in radio. The choice is really huge.

In this case, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. But there are some nuances: For all their desire is not child to acquire a pen, standing as a small "Ferrari", a portfolio – from the exclusive collection of Christian Dior. Child properly it still does not appreciate it, but you fall from a heart attack on the kind of spot, Tanya is "accidentally" put on this same portfolio, it is possible. Remember that in order to avoid later "Ocean of Tears", one of the main criteria in selecting things for a student to become strength and reliability. In other words, the line should be worthy to stand in the open championship in fencing with his neighbor on the desk, and the portfolio – to be shock-resistant, fireproof, and, in general, withstand ten times higher than the permissible norm. One felt-tip pen – well, a set – better. The same goes for pens, rulers, pencils, erasers and: they do not happen "too much". Set aside at least for a day of household chores, unfinished business, unresolved issues and make a family trip to the zoo, McDonald's, the circus … or just pick up the tents, fishing rods, pot and Makhno on the nature of the family! Arrange your baby in honor of "school age" a real holiday, and this gift will be for him the most unforgettable.

The Consulting

Nevertheless or precisely the fine fabric body starving to death. Learn more about this topic in the book of life food Ronald Gothert. Learn live to teach what we can know about the fines to pass Ronald Gothert founded the Academy of the Gothertsche method as intellectual copyright. Their main task is to train teachers of this method. You have the new job titles of fine fabric consultant or fine fabric consultants NDGM and fine fabric teacher or NDGM instructor of fine fabric.

The abbreviation stands for the quality characteristic according to the Gothertschen method. The profession of the fine fabric teacher and fine fabric teacher builds on the fine fabric consultant and of the fine fabric consultant. Both training courses enable qualified consulting in the field of subtle experience. In an existing practice, this qualification can be used as a complement of the previous offer. A private practice as a fine fabric consultant or Advisor is even more interesting to open.

There are many ways, people when dealing with the subtle levels help. The basis of the work after the Gothertschen method is the individual counseling. Here, the individual steps of the method are presented. The Consulting provides support to detect the causes of subtle pain sensations. But that’s not all. If it managed to mess up the troubled areas on the subtle level, it is important to maintain the subtle area in a healthy balance. In principle, this is similar to cleaning up a room. If we go with energy because everything is fast again in its place. Most importantly however, that we learn to keep order, not a week later again everything is messed up. It’s just on the subtle level. The subtle layers are mapped, it depends on, so to live that no new detachments in the area of the fine fabric body arise. The great advantage which is method of Ronald Gothert: One learns to live, that the subtle order is maintained.