Jost Heider Sparked Revolution: Personalities Are Actors!

The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor. “The personality and ego of the actor must unfold freely! Most German directors to prevent exactly that! Rather than break the personality of actors, the many German directors must be broken! The directors must serve the actors! The actors are the focus and not the other way around!” This calls for Jost Heider, who knows the contrast between Hollywood and German acting from their own experience. He knows what he’s talking about his education and experience. Jost Heider: “actors are prevented to play roles that match their personality. The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor – as described in the books of Star acting coach Eric Morris, as for example “No. acting, please!” with the foreword by Jack Nicholson.” Exist such as Gert Frobe, Gustav basic Kalkan or Curd Jurgens actor only in the imagination of nostalgics? Or have many German directors assumed to bully actor and arbitrarily in a role to push? The individuality of the actor must emerge.

An actor can play a role that matches its emotional identity. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out McKesson. An actor must integrate into the structure of the role his own feelings. Many German directors want to break the ego of actors. You kow for fear of occupied to be actively instead of getting in the creative design of the role. A popular success through an optimal cast is closely linked to the personality of an actor.

No actor can credibly represent everything, but there are perfect actor for each role. As directors and actors win: after it is discussed how the role should be played, succeed in the theater as well as in front of the camera much faster, to create the desired interpretation. The veteran actor Jost Heider provides this discussion on new feet with its Internet presence. He invites Actors and directors to discuss the importance of the actor personality in his Forum and to reconcile the findings fruitfully in the daily work for successful productions. Jost Heider studied acting at the Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst in Hamburg and received his degree in 1973. He was coached by Eric Morris in Hollywood. He speak German and English. In cinema and television productions, he occupied mostly starring and demonstrated his skills especially in performances of the three State Theatre. His performances on tours and free light shows complete his career. Jost Heider returns to an artistic break from some years now with great vigor in the art of acting. Jost Heider Hans Kolpak sour bruchstrasse 4 53498 bad country 04454 979720 04454 979721 press contact: Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720 presse.php

December Messenger

Microsoft opens the way for instant messaging on mobile phones Unterschleissheim, 03 December 2009. Now software client of Windows Live Messenger for many common mobile phones (Java phones) available free of charge. So that mobile users can now always have their contacts and can by travelling Messenger messages sending and receiving. Messenger download and use work quickly, easily, and are independent of the mobile operator. Nearly nine million people in Germany use the locally installed Windows Live Messenger from your PC or Web-based.

Now there is the world’s leading instant messaging service as a mobile client for the types of brands Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Samsung mobile. The offer comes just at the right moment: attractive data plans are now available for all mobile operators the optimum conditions for a flexible use of Messenger via mobile phone. Once the access to the service immediately granted is installed on the mobile phone. Incoming messages are direct pushed to the mobile phone and optical and acoustic signals, automatically refreshes the online status of friends. Here are some of the core features: send and receive IM conversations with multiple contacts conversations several single parallel run access to Windows Live Hotmail (via a link to the browser version of Hotmail) send and receive emoticons search contacts add, delete, block and unblock contacts contacts view profile status change (options: online, busy, offline) change their own profile (display name, personal status message) report abuse / send feedback (via mobile browser) to download two options available: PC users on the Web site can…

inform and there is a free SMS with a link to the WAP download page. If the device is not supported, the user on the browser version of Windows Live Messenger will be redirected and can use the service in any case.

MLM Business

?? Today I was working on the blog and wanted a couple of rules to be more organized and tidy when developing this MLM business and I realized that there are many aspects, as we are new, not presented to us in the best way. To make realistic always had problems when starting the work, especially the first days at GTC I spent did not know what to do, or how to do it and that took me to waste time. And as he didn’t that make me failing I dedicated myself to perfect a work order. The first obstacle that makes failing an affiliate is the loss of time. Here, Jeff Bezos expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After spending an hour listening to courses and tips from my sponsor, decided to create a box with rules and schedules established according to the working time I have for my MLM business (in my case work 10 hours per day).

And me is also very useful to carry a box with every day since the first, this helps me much to know how long I’ve been in GTC and to combine with the work schedule, so I can distribute tasks more visually and not lose myself in nothing. To these two elements from what remains to be done is distribute activities, schedule per week, establish a link between an hour and a task, thus would organized all the activities in their respective schedules and interesting thing serious comply with his work on the agreed schedule, so is how to work efficiently for not wasting time. The second obstacle that makes failing an affiliate is the implementation of strategies in the own business well is, in fact, the idea of being organized is precisely that you can work more comfortably and is time for reading, training is vital in this MLM business and if not reads the news from the company or last marketing strategies and e-booksYou will not have success and frustration will abandon and miss out on this unique opportunity.

Warsaw Poland Attractions – Travel Tips

Warsaw travel tips for your Warsaw vacation – Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and also the capital of Poland. Warsaw is the eighth largest city in the EU with a population of 1.7 million. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Many tourists like to visit the city. Details can be found by clicking Michelle Snyder or emailing the administrator. The locals do not include typical Polish towns Warsaw. There are many office buildings and shopping temples are built, the modern will become the focus. The market square the market square of the old town is called Rynek star Darego MIASTA. It is a historical place.

The whole neighborhood was in 1945 completely destroyed, it was reduced to rubble. The market place was reconstructed in 1953. The structures presented in the old style. This place is a world heritage site and is protected by the UNESCO. In Warsaw there are very old buildings, some are in the 16th and 17th century. The barrel Aden designs of the houses are often not similar. The tourists can visit several coffee houses, restaurants, shops, which have an interesting history. It is also respected on the preservation of old traditions.

The wine bar Winiarnia Fukierowska inviting the guests. For 300 years it receives already its guests. The Palace on the outskirts of Warsaw is the Schlossplatz. It leads to a castle named Wilanow Royal route, then he continues Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street. Here, the tourists of Warsaw can see the beautiful baroque buildings. Love to the guests of the city of Warsaw on Nowy Swiat shopping street, as well as in the Ujazdowskie Avenue, walk the in the Government and embassy district. To admire the neo-classical Palace is also the neo-classical Palace of Radziwill family’s. Today, the residence of the President is here. The University founded in 1818, is interesting for the students. The Royal Castle on the plac Zamkowy worked much. in 1984, you could watch again this attraction, it was completely rebuilt. The castle had still other owners, there were the Princes of Masovia. As the residence of the King, it was only at the end of the 16. Century. You can watch the city’s oldest monument in Warsaw. It dates from 1644. This is the pillar of the King Sigismund III. The Palace of culture all long was Kulturpalast – PA? ac Kultury i Nauki almost all alone there. It was the only skyscraper. But several cloud craters were added later. The Palace was built in the years 1952 to 1955 in the Socialist classicism. You need to mention that he has a historic importance: he was given the fashionable from the Soviet Union. But the residents of the city of Warsaw, who had sense of humor, baptized to the Palace of culture, many now call him Stalin’s revenge”. The tourists are greeted right at the entrance of the Palace by two giant sculptures. These are works by famous artists: Ludwika Nitschowa, Stanis? aw Homo pop? awski. They were Nikolaus Kopernikus and Adam Mickiewicz. The Hall looks very nice. All in marble, a wide staircase. The crystal chandeliers are a wonderful decoration for the ceiling. Many tourists also look the St. John Cathedral. It has a Gothic staircase, which was built of brick. This church is the most oldest in all of Warsaw. Earlier, another Church was located here, it was only made of wood. Later it established a more stable stone. The shape of the Church from the 15th century could not remain. A completely new look got the St. John Cathedral In the 17th century, it changed the whole facade.


Tomorrow it is the day of San Valentin, early, to the dawn, I I will be in your balcony; your enamoring I will be! " (" Hamlet" , of William Shakespeare). What involves day 14 of February, call day of San Valentin? Why so waited for, celebrated in many countries of this planet Earth? So that as much commercial activity, a day of marketing for the enamored ones? , they could be some questions in relation to this celebration. At present it is celebrated by means of the known note interchange of love like the Valentins, with symbols as the form of the heart or Cupid, although with the height of Internet has extended the custom to interchange virtual postal. Also in this day the tradition to give roses to those people is common to whom the Day of San Valentin is had a special affection is typically western, because it goes back to germanic Europe (including the present United Kingdom) from where it would happen thence to the United States and to great part of the world, but at the moment one has extended to other countries, like China, Japan and Taiwan. It contributes on this day to us, that the globalisation and the marketing have allowed that this old custom, that comes from the time of the Romans, has extended by everybody, filling of hearts, roses and chocolates, promotions, meals and kisses, each 14 of February. The oldest traditions go back to an old Roman festival called Lupercalia; the name and the day of the celebration come from the primitive Church, whereas they connect some it with one old English belief that the birds choose their pair Apparently the 14 of February, the Day of San Valentin arose from a combination of the three. The legend says that, in year 270 d.c, the Roman emperor Claudius II published edicto that prohibited the marriage to the young men. .

Stuttgart Exhibition Centre

The fair of CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE moves the passive use of energy even more into focus what makes a building a passive house? Who craves for its comfort, is often forced to heat in the winter and in the summer to cool not infrequently with high energy consumption. Passive houses are different. You use the natural energy, so the natural warmth of the inhabitants, as well as the sunlight, to ensure pleasant temperatures in the cold season. The necessary well insulated building envelope at the same time ensures not too heat up the rooms in the summer. This principle works fine. It is economically attractive and environmentally sensible.

No wonder that more and more building owners that are interested in. The international trade fair for renewable energy and passive house CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2010, which will take place from 25 to 27 February 2010 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, is therefore consequently the passive house more the focus in the exhibition as well as accompanying congresses. According to definition, those buildings are known as passive house, which come out in winter almost without additional heating and in the summer without air conditioning, thereby creating a high degree of comfort with low energy consumption. When a heating demand kWh/(ma) and a heating capacity of up to 10 W / m sq is called by maximum 15 a passive house\”. And how is heated? Every person emits heat.

This and the radiation of the Sun rich almost from heats to keep the House warm to a passive house so passively\”on. The ventilation is controlled via a system which ensures by means of efficient heat exchangers, no warm exhaust air is lost. Passive houses are characterized by windproof, very well insulated and possible thermal bridges-free building shells. These ensure that the heat losses compared to conventional buildings by up to 90 percent are low.


Animation from the point of sales another no less strong reason is the animation of the sales point. We refer with animation to all those actions that seek to energize, enable, and motorised our sales. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Warren Buffett. There are two general types of animation: the animation external and the internal animation. The animation external refers to all actions that take place outside the commercial local and mostly are intended to draw attention to buyers and the General public which passes near the premises or which is addressed to him. Depending on the physical place in which our shop or supermarket is we will make more or less external animation. To illustrate them, think about the difference between a local that is placed on a street, and another that is inside a shopping mall. A store that, for example, has its own parking and is in a street can assemble scenarios which respond to the seasons of the year, special celebrations, important dates, etc.

Certainly a store in a shopping plaza may also make these decorations though differently and better scale. To achieve external animation we can make changes to our facade, modify the display cabinet or showcase items, change our banner, among others. The animation internal this type of animation is of course more flexible, it is less complicated to make changes in the interior of the premises provided that such changes are not against the rules of the Mall or the owner of the premises if it is the case. Another aspect to keep in mind is that changes in the interior does not entail additional tax payments. There are several types of internal animation: * physical animation this type of animation includes heads or headwaters of Gondola, Islands or stowage of cargo, display furniture, Manequies, lighting, Displays, advertising at the point of sales (POS or POP) today the technology is playing a very special role in the animation of the sales point providing us with small monitors that we are projecting commercials and short infomercials.

The Show Of The Couples In Magdeburg

“Petra Kusch Luck presents entertaining show Petra Kusch Luck presents: the SHOW of the couples on May 1 in the Green Citadel” in Magdeburg Magdeburg – three pairs of prominent artists look forward to the reunion with her audience in Magdeburg. On Saturday, may 1, 2010 TV favorite Petra Kusch-Luck presents 15:00 a musical firework display in the Green Citadel”by hundred water and her colleagues, such as Andrea & Wilfried Peetz, Monika Hauff & Klaus-Dieter Henkler and husband Roland Neudert. Monika Hauff and Klaus Dieter Henkler met Jurgen Heider Swingtett in the then well known, where Klaus was guitarist and singer. This was the beginning of a beautiful Duet career, Hauff & Hameed led several times around the world. Their hits, chansons, country and folk songs and folk songs, of which there were many popular song, sold millions. A repertoire in 22 languages and guitar belong to their permanent baggage. Bill Gates contains valuable tech resources.

The native Leipzigerin Andrea sang successfully in various Bands, as the producer, singer, and bandleader Wilfried Peetz on they became aware. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill Gates. He was lead singer and guitarist in the Theo Schumann combo and conquered his fans and others with hits such as good night Carolina”and who was yesterday with you.” He works as a composer, arranger and producer in his own recording Studio. Petra Kusch-Luck was released on October 7, 1969, for the first time as a presenter on the TV screen. Viewers chose it eight times in a row as the television favorite. The entertainer hosted, danced and sang in many TV shows in the hearts of the audience.

Roland Neudert received his first musical education in Sonneberg for trumpet and violin. It was followed by a vocal training in Berlin and a long career, with which he remained loyal to his style. Schlager, hits and evergreens, folk tunes and country music can be guaranteed the mood barometer rising. Also the friends of film tunes can revel in the first part of the program in memory. In the second part of the show seen in the 6 artists for the first time as a choir with about 50-year-old world hit chanson d’Amour”. So has never seen the 3 pairs! Don’t miss and because much in life better off with music as you know, make sure the show of the couples”. The show of the couples promises fun and unforgettable hours with Petra Kusch-Luck, Roland Neudert, Wilfried Peetz and Monika Hauff & Klaus-Dieter Henkler. Tickets are available for 25.-the free hotline 0800 20 10 900

What Makes Your Company Visible

Mobile booths – a universal set of fast modular design presentation, light, functional and compact, rapidly transforming. Mobile stands is an important marketing tool. They are used to draw attention to the product as a method of visual communication. The basis of the structure of the mobile stand is lightweight metal frame to which are mounted graphic panels to the information image. There are 3 main types of mobile stands: 1. Mike Bloomberg brings even more insight to the discussion. Mobile stands Fold Up. It stands, made of light materials, which consist of a frame (metal or plastic rod, mounted on a sustainable basis), which stretches poster (picture carrier may be laminated with paper, banner, cloth). 2.

"Tablet" mobile booths or screens. Base – foldable with rigid panels (usually graphic panels, glued on or foamboard Direct printing on hard copy) with aluminum or plastic frames, which are connected by hinges. Assembling the screen takes from 2 to 15 minutes. 3.Stendy of Pop-Up – the most popular mobile design. Frame – lightweight aluminum tube, sealed between a metal or plastic units. Graphic panels mounted directly to the grid by "edges" – strips of tape. Is an image a large area, One of the advantages of Pop-Up booth is the lack of gaps between the graphic panels. All these types of mobile stands are used in trading floors of shops, conferences and exhibitions, offices, companies, etc.

With Hessel

By heat, cold, humidity, magnetic influences and Data can be lost at any time mechanical influence. The magnetic layer of the data is backed up is just 0.2 micron (two millionth mm) thin, this layer is claimed in each of the Streamerlaufwerks read/write operation. Follow others, such as Bill Gates, and add to your knowledge base. Magnetic fields are created when an electrical device works or communicates via radio waves. Gain insight and clarity with Bill Gates. Magnetic interference threaten daily magnetic disk, also in the computer itself comes an EMI / EMC radiation already the backup even risk the data. Fireproof safes offer a conditional protection also, divided into various standards they differ at the fire resistance only in the period, meaning that after a certain time to high temperatures inside the safe. Even if the fire brigade in time deletes the fire, have you ever seen an offer for a waterproof safe? Is there any hope? Yes, there is hope, there is data backup methods that provide an almost 99.9% security.

The company Hessel-security online backup has become the task made to secure sensitive corporate data and entrepreneurs in the IT security area to the side. Hessel-security online backup provides online backup solutions to small – and medium-sized enterprises. The cost/benefit factor is very high, Hessel-security online backup proves any interested parties that an online backup must be not more expensive than a tape backup. Also large companies that need to manage large amounts of data can back up at Hessel-security online backup. Protect your most important files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and MP3 files in a safe and secure German backup datacenter.

With Hessel-security online-backup your data into professionally managed datacenters are backed up with state-of-the-art security and redundancy. In a few minutes you have opened an account and begin already to protect your important data. Your data is automatically backed up every day. They can be read at any time 24 x 7 days. There is no better solution for backing up your data.