On the links leading to your site “click through” not people, but robots or humans, but not way not interested in your products and services (eg: competitors) * Even if to your site visitor entered the real, this does not mean that it will become your customer. A few seconds later, at the best minutes, he will leave and may never return. Is there another way? Yes! As soon begin work Internet service that allows you to implement the so-called two-tier search marketing clients. At the first level with prospects, the second carried out work to transform the potential clients in the real. How will it look? 1. You prepare a quality report presentation with a description of your proposals to address the problems and needs of future clients. How to make a report presentation will be described in instructional materials posted to a virtual office service users. Such presentations will be possible for some 2. Fill a number of forms with a description of the company, working conditions, etc. 3. As soon as the report – presentation is loaded on the service, it will be available for download by visitors service. What happens next? 1. Formed adware popup ads to your page, chosen keywords established modes of display ads by targeting (regions show), is installed navigation link ad page placement presentations and the announcement is included in the overall advertising campaign in several Systems of contextual advertising (JAndeksDirekt, Begun, AdWords, etc.) 2. In this case, the service is not paid advertising in these systems, and services provided by the service.