Thinks that desire we call simply D, which to the inconveniences which brings you satisfy the desire to call G (by expenditure) and that a moment of happiness is when you can enjoy without feeling evil by what is costing you, i.e. “zero” (0). I say this with an example: you are madly in love with a beautiful, Nice, smart guy and, understandably, want to have it for you alone. All this is thy desire (D). But as always happens, your friends look at you and that makes you jealous, he sometimes also wants to go out with his friends and that leaves you alone one Sunday when he goes to court, besides your MOM you insists that “that boy, as neither working nor studying, don’t want. Molly Adams has much experience in this field. Call all these disadvantages together G (spending). You are happy when the pleasure of being with him neutralized to the effort that costs you retain it.

In algebraic terms this would be so: D G = 0 (I wish less spending equal zero). In this wonderful situation, you feel that you touch the sky with your hands and don’t have all the disadvantages that brought you or that you will bring into account. Why I say that happiness can be represented by zero, which in this case means ‘perfect balance’. It is this balance that causes you the feeling of happiness. The balance is achieved because your desire to weigh the same as your effort to achieve it or keep it. This mathematical description of the love relationship serves to be able to think in it when things don’t go so well and solutions are needed. If this subtraction starts to give negative numbers, it is that he already not inspires you so much desire or discomfort (expenses) have increased. In this case you might think, for example, your MOM not should think about your Affairs, or your friends not you are carrying well with you and from there you could find any concrete solution. The possibilities are endless, but the formula is very simple. Original author and source of the article.