Allyve Gives Members 93 SMS A Month

Immediately allyve integration of the new free SMS widget users send SMS without advertising banners and confusing popups now get a quota of up to 93 of free SMS per month. “Many of our users sit every day in the Office before the computer and want to just break send an SMS for the evening appointment to the after-work drink or the Wochenendplanung. Now we will give you the possibility up to 3 SMS to send Germany’s new home on the Internet, our users every day on,”so Philipp Spethmann, Managing Director of allyve GmbH. The free SMS widget stores the numbers of already sent SMS for the next time you visit as a feature. Credit: Phillipe Lavertu-2011. This saves time and protects the nerves. Many SMS leads providers only after many clicks advertising pages to the form of messages. With us you can send its SMS immediately without advertising banners and popups confusing”added Sunil Balasooriya, co-founder and co-managing director of allyve. Allyve has made it to the task, everyone to give his personal home on the Web.

Special: reaches through a worm hole of allyve users such as deep can access his XING – or MySpace contacts, directly on its GMX Mail or check his account balance in miles-and-more without login, without Durchklicken.Damit allyve directly in the mark of the target group. allyve focuses on the standard Internet users; Men and women of all ages and professions. Due to the registered user, the Young Professionals stand out as a key target group currently”off. Make intensive use of allyve, manage an above average number of accounts, and wishing for more overview be sure about your most frequently accessed sites on the Internet, as a recent study among allyve users. The allyve catalog is supplemented by news feeds from mirror or financial times, the weather news, a clever 4 in 1 search with Google, Leo, Wikipedia and Amazon and now also through the free free SMS tool. Thus the user has everything in sight with a click the allyve motto, faithfully. Key facts: Name: allyve GmbH corporate headquarters: Hamburg founder/GF: Julika Balasooriya, Philipp Spethmann founding month: September 2007 online since: January 2008 number of employees: 15 unique visitors: six-digit unique visitors / month registered user: five-digit user number / registered user