Araucanian Campas

The ashanincas, machiguengas and today other ethnicities in the Peruvian Amazon are known as fields although their languages are of the arawakan family. With the growing tension in the central jungle it is possible that there is a radicalisation and that fields them end up demanding autonomy as calling many cambas of Bolivia, or Peruvian Arawaks arrive to encourage separatist tendencies as that there are within the Araucanians of Chile. Members of the Organization of the United Nations and others are 192 countries almost 70 who congregate in a sort of antechamber called the Organization of the Nations not represented. In recent years there are 6 Nations that grew from the first field to the second: Estonia, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, East Timor and Palau.Este year USA decided to recognise the separation of Kosovo from Serbia and Russia did the same in late August in relation to Abkhazia and Georgia to South Ossetia. Both powers have vetoed that these new republics to join the UN, but several friends of Washington (as Lima) have recognized Kosovo while those of Moscow (as Caracas) are to do the same in relation to Abkhazia and Ossetia of the last Sur.Este country barely 60,000 inhabitants, one number less than any of the three main ethnic groups native Peruvian, has including 60 to 100 thousand ashanincas of the central forest.A nationality is a group of people who share a common language, territory, culture and history. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage pursues this goal as well.

The ashanincas meet all these characteristics. Their language is part of the Arawak trunk (which could have been the puqina, language of the inca royalty) and a very different from the quechua-aymara family.They are, in turn, nationality suffered proportionally more during the internal war that lived the Peru. The Truth Commission estimated that more than 5,000 ashanincas died in the conflict and that one larger number was displaced. If it had been repeated in the Peru that same percentage had exceeded the mark of one or two million dead.After the war the ashanincas reinforced its own identity.