Attraction Messages

All authors say make a wish itself is easy, whether in a direct and simple manner as most did before knowing about the law of attraction (praying, whether the person’s religion that would be), or already knowing of its postulates, through elaborate statements; because from that very moment, even before saying our order, the universe is aware of them; for this purpose I quote the Gospel according to St. Matthew (6,8): 8 – do not like them, because until you ask, his father already knows what they need. However these same authors claim that how difficult is be prepared to receive such desire. What do you say this?. What more than us to design the best affirmation of the world to attract millions towards us, they won’t come so nomas as fallen from heaven; We must work to allow this desire is given us. And you achieve the above? Listening to the universe that daily and several times a day tells us what is the next step to We must make to be able to follow the path that takes us to that cherished desire.

Now another question is easy to listen to the universe?. Well here comes into play practice and the willingness to seek such communication. To the extent that we begin to recognize those messages, increasingly are we appear more clearly; which is 50% of the work, the other half has to do with know how to interpret these messages. Then I will then do a classification of as presented this communication according to my experiences; that does not mean that someone with all right, or because you have more knowledge than that I myself possess, say quietly that the classification that I raise has more divisions, or that it is even a single. I.e. This is not to express that my conclusions are absolute truth, but simply to facilitate this understanding first, which surely others on other web can be expressed more clearly by having more accumulated experiences. Therefore this classification of which I speak, divided it in two: 1 – 2 messages – Communications in reality the two met the same objective of guiding us in terms of the next step that we must run, but differ in my opinion in the form of transmit us such guide.

Let’s see: Messages: they realized first through the coincidences, which do not exist as one believed simply by a random in nature, but that these presences are calling us the attention that there is an important message to read. And insights would be another way that the universe makes us get those messages. Later I will give an example to understand what I want to express that. Communications: Message is more direct, it can occur in any part of the day, but personally I have received most of them at the moment of sleep or wake me up in the middle of the night, and appear through ideas that come to mind. Even during the same dream, if we remember them upon waking, they can let us also answers that we were looking for. In some ways could even say that the