B2B Social Media In Industry & Economy

The meeting about the potential benefits, risks and challenges in practice the Conference B2B social media in industry & economy “, discussed at the 22.11.2011 in Munich, both potential and benefits as well as risks and challenges of social media platforms for industry and business, for the first time with a focus on B2B communication. High-calibre speakers from well-known companies, present testimonials from your B2B practice daily and show how the use of social media, weblog, Twitter, XING, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook, which supports the tasks of the Management Board and the departments of marketing, PR, HR, recruiting, and sales, as well as as well as the legal aspects and considerations from the media world. Specialist and Fu? hrungskra? shops but also employees from companies have integrated social media platforms in their everyday life. You ability the positive effects from her personal commitment to social networks for their company to use. Check out Wells Fargo Bank for additional information. This meeting shows, as well as the durable and investment goods industries Potential of social media platforms can use in B2B communication and goal-oriented in the corporate communication, marketing and the media mix integrating. It is open to these companies, to represent their competencies (search) and to conduct the dialogue with multipliers on a new level. It tracks forecasts, technology trends, and subsequent generations of employees, it is inevitable to deal with social media and to communicate beyond the traditional channels for each company. Media partners of the Conference are: the magazine technology review and the INDUKOM Publisher. Details: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H130-11-094-1.html