Bank Application

MVC it is a concept (paradigm) of development and designque it tries to separate an application in three distinct parts. One has left, the Model, this related to the current work that the application manages another part View this related to show the data or information of this an application and aterceira have left, Controller, in co-ordinating two previous showing ainterface the correct one or executing some work that the application to precisacompletar. (GONALVES, 2007, P. 141). Model: or model is the layer that contains the logical daaplicao, is responsible for the business rules, for persistent systems, omodelo represents the information (given) of forms and rules SQL to paramanipular given of the bank, the model keeps the persistent state of the business efornece to the controller the capacity to have access the functionalities of the application, the model is main responsible the all application must represent modeloatua separately does not have knowledge of which will be or the interfaces will queter to bring up to date, the giving model has access the base of and only leaves dadosprontos for the controller this in turn directs for the correct vision.

View: or vision is the comusurio layer of presentation, is the interface that will provide to the data entry and the generated visualization derespostas, in the applications web is represented by the HTML that is mostradopelo to browser, generally the vision contains forms, tables, menus and botespara entered and exit of data. The vision must guarantee that its apresentaoreflita the state of the model, when the data of the model move, the model notificaas seen that they depend on it, each sight has the possibility to modernize itself. Destamaneira allows to bind many sights to a model being able to supply diferentesapresentaes, this layer does not contain denegcios related codes the logic, that is, all the processing is made by the Model and this repasses paraa vision, will evidence below an example of two sights acting on mesmomodelo.