Basic Law

However, one prebyvaenie in the language environment does not give the desired effect – English courses through the system and the correct dosage of the material. (Source: Wells Fargo Bank). Soul Plane courses in English Question of the best English courses are not meaningless – because to us you need to learn quickly, each day making the next step in developing the necessary skills, rather than paying for something to listen to stories about the English language or be loaded into memory the knowledge that without the practice will remain dead ballast. The above considerations allow derived a formula that determines what the best courses in English: a methodology for qualification of teachers x = result Formulation of the Basic Law of effective English language is very simple. However, consequences of this law are very interesting and will make some useful conclusions. Corollary 1: Methodology and teacher qualifications are designed to provide the most favorable conditions for the practice. Consequently, those conditions that provide maximum opportunities for practice are most favorable. Several practical conclusions from this investigation: Learn English in English-speaking country are effective not only because of their intensity, but also due to the possibilities for the practical use of English, which appear you outside of lessons. Repetition – the foundation of practical work. The practice is a key component of success, so if you still can not repeat the phrase over announcer's just the way he pronounces it, select the time, listen and repeat this phrase by speaker 100 times that you have succeeded.