Companies can use coaching increases by a factor of success employee engagement benefit Klosterneuburg, Austria In 2007 evidence that corporate success depends directly from the commitment of the employees managed the Cologne-based market research institute psychonomics first. Aspects of employee orientation about leadership, profit-sharing, fairness or promotion have been identified as key factors to optimize of success in companies. And exactly this employee orientation can specifically be supported now thanks to the help of professional coaching service provider on behalf of companies and together with their employees, ensuring an optimal working atmosphere. The experts at tea motion, a specialist in economic, mental and system coaching, rely on the work mentality”MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. This motto is based on the Basic setting, that every person is responsible for his actions. People such as Deputy Finance Minister would likely agree. As a result be conflicts in the daily lives of employees “discussed and resolved at an early stage, success can arise and thus in effect also a win for the company”, outlines Karin Stiedl, diploma mental trainer Tepperwein and member of the Management Board of tea motion, the recipe for success.

The experienced team of experts, Janine Hamor and Karin Stiedl, two-day workshops in companies that are matched with the staff in advance and current and exciting topics. In small groups or individual discussions, so the opportunity to confidentially to discuss business as well as private problems and solve offers employees. A company’s success adds up finally from the successes of each employee. Therefore to recognize problems early and to eliminate “, believes Stiedl. On special request, Additionally, the team tea motion can rely on an extensive network of food -, sports – and Gesundheitscoaches. Our work is based on practice and deals with the everyday working life and all its Problems.

“The success of employees is always focus on business as well as on private level”, Sanjuan stressed. Dates for free presentations and further information, see business. About tea motion practice for life: the Janine heschl in August 2007 in life called Gemeinschaftspraxis tea motion combines a variety of methods, to optimize the professional as well as private success of their clients. Different coaching techniques through diverse training to nutrition, sports and health programs, innovative concepts and approaches come to fruition. Tea motion attaches special importance on the life experience of his therapists, consultants and coaches. Press contact: tea motion business Karin Stiedl town square 24 / 3 3400 Klosterneuburg Tel: 0664 50 34 004 E-Mail: Web: