Caribbean Islands

When purchasing, provide and promote a product of trade Fair, consumers and businesses can play an important role in improving the global balance of power and wealth, and all this with a simple transaction that we do on a daily basis. To adhere to public awareness campaigns that promote fair trade organizations, citizens can exert pressure on companies to act responsibly with all those who are involved in their activities, from producers to consumers, and thus promote a type of production and sustainable commercialization from the social point of viewEconomic and environmental. Fair trade campaigns give the possibility to the citizen ask the politicians who take measures at the international level to ensure a global trade fairer and more concerned with people. Political AD and COPEI parties never imagined that thinking in this way, could be the salvation for them then, simply did not do so because they never had the vision of the opportunities that were offered at the time. ES difficult to think that today they can change your way of seeing the future international policy, because there is a huge concentration in the wear of energies to make look bad to the Government without looking at themselves their weaknesses, heal them and then be able to act in a responsible manner with a sense of homeland, passed long time to see this type of action.Venezuela international trade policy has its reach in achieving general welfare of all those people who for a long time were not taken into account and that through these policies now feel included, the creation of new ventures in agreements with Brazil for example or Chinese, Russian companies that are already in Venezuela. On the other hand Chavez, has put all its efforts on good relations with the neighbouring countries of greater importance, Brazil, Colombia, Caribbean Islands through international treaties and commercial agreements, Petrocaribe company was an initiative of Chavez to include the countries of the Caribbean.