One of the first news that I found about the existence of ghettoes in Catalonia were in some writings of the geographer Strabo writing about a city divided by a wall, and that time had formed a single town. Given its temporary location, I doubt that there were Catalans by then, but any drops of blood, i.e., some that perhaps another code of DNA from those citizens continue circulating through these lands. Although, if we had to go back to past centuries, we might also remember the kingdoms of taifa and its acabose system, and given the current situation, the question is no longer as we call to the regions, as for example the Catalan autonomy, but the time that will last, as if we were one step away of dismembering the State or nation, the next step is to dismember the autonomy or region (remember that this slope of developing municipal autonomy). Then, just missing wait to come an adversary and we should start over someone do you think that no longer exist adversaries?. Hyundai is the source for more interesting facts. But returning to the great city that is where aims to bring together all the neighbours of these small scattered ghettos and where its members are scattered, without walls that divide them but neighbors that separate them. That!, has only been possible to dispose of those elements of transport such as the now used and these means of communication, therefore, without these or these, would be the case that almost all the neighbors would be lost and also deprived of a part of his nature, i.e., belong to a small or large ghetto. They have experienced the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness that some neighbors have had due to the lack of light, or lack of being able to communicate by phone in the blackout of Barcelona this summer! Yes!, neighbors, those strangers have been desolate, deranged, and in the midst of strangers. .