Chair Executive

After long years dedicated to the training and competition what Juan de avalos they do today? But my profession is the architecture, I’ve always conjugate it with painting, drawing, sculpture and even technical collaborations in magazines of hunting and shooting in which I have come to do well until humor strips. Currently, while they start the works of an important housing competition for young people who won at the Comunidad de Madrid, I run housing works in avila and try to open up new markets of industrialized with design, accessible and sustainable systems at various points on the planet, having fallen construction activity in Spain. In terms of art, in painting, I am preparing a couple of exhibitions, one in Spain and one in the USA. All this activity I have to distribute to carry the Chair Executive of the Foundation Juan de avalos whose fundamental mission is the construction of the Museum in his name and his artistic legacy… In his time free, few as you will understand, I do short breaks to shoot to the skeet Olympic in Cantoblanco or Pinto, and tours of hunting and sporting in source compack la Dehesa, Mentrida. If a competition arises and I can do a mini – preparation, there appear in my category of superveterano to withstand the zeros (faults) as terminal puller. Still dedicated to the world of sport? Not much.

I’ve already put too many hours in my life and I have other skills that I have made to wait too long and I think I have the obligation to develop. How you see the Olympic shooting today in our country? Surviving with enormous dignity. With the few resources available, with a regulation of guns for hunting which prevents the proliferation of shooting ranges, the number of facilities closed in recent years is innumerable and still achieved the record of history in obtaining Olympic places for London.