Change Communication

6 Realization of few adjustments or any respect for local values and attempt to adapt rather than adapt, are premises which have yielded good fruits to different companies that understood that businesses and products could be flexible according to where they were marketed. 7. No constituency of writing and speech communication differences in the language because they make it difficult for itself communication. Excellent support or complement, may be the silent language (colors, sense of distance, airbrush, etc.). Expressions and the silent language, chosen to transmit institutional communications, returns of surveys, assessments of organizational climate, individual performance, and all kinds of dialogue between a subordinate and a representative of the Organization, must be analyzed and designed so that they transmit the message that you want to, and complement the spaces that generate cultural gaps.

8 Inclusion and communication of shared benefits integration should be a common goal of both parties, a sense shared towards a goal which, through its significance, expressing direct concrete benefits to participants of the effort to achieve an understanding and a subsequent fellowship. These benefits must translate into tangible issues by both cultures, seated in individual and sectoral and communicated objectives. And, through monitoring and management, measured and rewarded. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo. 9. Equipment and programming of the change is important to the making of an interdisciplinary team, comprised of people of both countries, preferably with international experience, which operate as a unit of project, interacting with the consultant in charge of the M & A process and human resources sectors.

It is essential that there are previous trainings on distances cultural theories, methodological sketches and, if possible, the participation of a professional’s popularity, at least in forms of intermittent Workshops. Another urgent aspect is the preparation of a correct planning of the change before starting any activity. This programming shall indicate not only the stages and times of process, but also the necessary technical and human resources, the scope and the budget required.