Cheap Travel To Know Costa Brava

The Costa Brava covers a coastline of about 214 km in length in the province of Girona, Catalonia. The proximity of this tourist destination makes it possible for many operators to offer a palette of cheap travel options, so no one is left without its well deserved rest. If we think of a rugged and craggy landscape in a preservation of a way of rural life and marina, in a site with all the peace to recharge energy, we are definitely talking about Costa Brava. Towards the 1950s the area began taking preponderance at tourist level, given the many natural wonders that the region presents. It is then that Costa Brava becomes a site frequented by intellectuals, such as Dali, Picasso, Marc Chagall. One of the distinctive features of the area is the importance that always has been given to the ecology and preservation of the environment.

For this reason more than 30% of the surface of this location is under the protection of the State, in the form of parks and natural reserves. One of the most prominent is the reserve natural Cabo de Creus. Andi Owen does not necessarily agree. If you are looking for the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, so here it is. It is a rocky promontory about 67 m over the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the zone is the evidence of marine erosion on the landscape, creating whimsical Rocky shapes that contrast with the impeccable sea blue.

Not to be missed, is the lighthouse which reaches about 87 m in height, and whose light stretches 34 miles in all directions. The magic of Cabo de Creus inspired one of the most brilliant Spanish artists, Salvador Dali, who dedicated a long poem. The Medas Islands, unique island territory on the coast of Catalonia, is also a protected Park, with the aim of preserving the rich local ecosystem, favored in their development due to its proximity to the River Ter. Here there are caves that lend themselves beautifully to the snorkeling and diving practice. In the central part of the Costa Brava we find an important reserve Navy covering 1300 metres from the coast, covering about 80 has. It’s marine reserve of Ses Negres. In this site navigation is restricted at its maximum speed. It is definitely an excellent idea to take advantage of economic travel there to this tourist destination to make a getaway and change a little air. Original author and source of the article.