Check List

Questionnaire: a systematic analysis of the location would be as urgent and attached each site has its own individual profile and requires a concept precisely tailored to that for its development and marketing. In this context questions arise again and again such as: those politically and technically in charge of the site have identified all success-relevant quality / success factors and processes of the site fully/consistently and transparently traceable (E.g. with a way for financiers familiar) and documented? It publishes internally from the own perspective of the site an informed opinion about what / s weight/priority each location factor in individual cases is (location own image analysis)? Have politically and professionally responsible, which weight externally from the point of view of the site in-depth knowledge of third parties (E.g., local companies, settlement interested investors and others) specific location factors is associated (site third-party image analysis)? Have the politically and technically Responsible of the site an overview, what dynamic effect relationships, lever – and feedback effects between individual factors exist and such necessary specifically to represent would be? Are all the planned measures examined accordingly, as they can affect every single location factor? A non-financial balance sheet with all soft exists for the site”location factors, to quickly respond to audience (E.g. as a communication platform for different political levels, investors requests, facilitation of planning and decision-making processes with involved different interests among others) and understand to be able to submit the prepared site reports? “Or over currently in discussion balance sheets (assets of the commune) beyond all success-related, including soft” location factors to identify in an order (E.g. after site processes, success factors, human factors, structure factors, Standort-Beziehungs-faktoren) to bring a comprehensible relation below and to each other and then a single assessment process according to quantity, quality, classification/sustainability, as well as a measurement with specific core indicators lead to? Or to be able to discuss the potential of the location factors of uniform, commonly understood information based on targeted and erfolgsbezogen? Can all success factors and processes at any time diagrams of consistently coordinated (E.g. potential portfolio profile diagrams, traffic charts, graphical location factor effect networks) in an easily understandable form for the site are presented, analyzed and communicated?.