Chrono Trigger

The first example, to hiperlinear convergent, although to offer to choices and different ways to the player, very does not make direction, due to the fact of that, independent of the choice of the player, it always it will cause the same consequence. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Warren Buffett. Already as the example, to hiperlinear divergent, complements the fan of choices offered to the player with the different consequences (final), making with that the choices during the game have more importance. Thus we can conclude that the divergent games hiperlineares are the first step for the ludonarrativa. A game example that tries to balance gameplay with the narrative is the game Chrono Trigger of 1995, also of the company Square Enix, different of Final Fantasy, this game had only one sequncia, launched in the year of 1999. The game Chrono Trigger possesss evidently bigger complexity more and an elaborated history of what Final Fantasy.

Chrono Trigger possesss 13 different ends, that depend on choices of the player and on moment where it faces boss final. Although the great success that was the game, the Square Enix preferred not to invest in this style of game that more possesss an evolved narrative. Today the divergent games hiperlineares come if becoming common, each time more stealing the space of the considered games as linear. This is a signal of that when playing a game, the player only looks for only not to have fun itself for gameplay and nor for history, but yes for the union of the two. However, although the games divergent hiperlineares to be being each more common time, the majority not yet reached the demanded level of complexity to be classified as ludonarrativo. Many of these games are limited have a small number of choices that influence in a still lesser number of events in elapsing of the game. A game that has its end only modified and only for the fact of the player to have completed a special mission that gave a private item to it cannot be considered as ludonarrativo, had to the fact of being something simple excessively, a small event that very happens fast that modifies the game all it is not what the player looks for, and yes small events that, together, will go to change the way of the game.