Cochabamba Bolivia

What I can advise you to begin to enhance your financial intelligence, is the following: learns to know the infinite power of your subconscious mind learns to recognize and accept the abundance and prosperity that surround you learn how to attract the abundance and prosperity into your life learns to know the money, its meaning and its different interpretations learns to recognize false beliefs of people in relation to the money learn how to discover your own misguided beliefs and negative in relation to money learn how to eliminate these negative and erroneous beliefs in your life learn how to set goals and financial objectives in the short, medium and long term Learn to focus on your goal of financial freedom and personal wealth learns how to read and understand the numbers and financial concepts learn to generate active income, to earn a salary not only learns to manage your active income learn to invest a percentage of your active income learns how to generate passive income, based on the acquisition or construction of real assets learns to put your life into balance learns to get achievements and financial results learn to enjoy and share your achievements and financial results as you’ll see, acquire some degree of financial intelligence that enables you to achieve true personal financial success and you can start to disfrurtar of an ideal lifestyle, requires time and effort, but if you commit to 100%, I have no doubt that until you realize, will be a financially intelligent person with the ability to develop to their maximum expression the other areas of your life (professionalintellectual, spiritual, physical, recreational and family).