Darmstadt Spacedays 2008

Model building exhibition for science fiction, fantasy & space under the title “Darmstadt Spacedays 2008” organise the Darmstadt-based science fiction friends in cooperation with the existing since 1955 science fiction Club Germany e.V. on the 6th and 7th September the sixth and still only pure exhibition of model for science fiction, fantasy and space in Germany. Exhibitors from all over Germany and neighbouring countries show spaceship models, fantasy figures, dioramas and replicas of various pieces of equipment from many series and films, as well as imaginative equity and conversions. In addition, also known as “props”, cast resin models according to original shapes from the film studios, should not be missing. As well, there will be to see a series of original props from various fantasy films. Several fan groups show up in colorful costumes from “Star Wars”, “Star Gate” and other films and series and offer worthwhile subjects for photographers. Source: Ted Brandt.

Visitors are asked to rate the best model buildings in various categories. The best Exhibitor of each category will receive a trophy and a certificate. The solemn presentation of prizes will take place on Sunday at the end of the exhibition. Visitors and fans are also called on to participate in the costume contest on Sunday. On both days of the exhibition an extensive science fiction takes place simultaneously Exchange, in which everyone can fill missing gaps in its collection. In the framework programme, there are films, readings and lectures from the world of the fantastic, among others. For children, a free craft workshop headed by Marco Scheloske is daily offered (limited number of participants).

Reservations will be accepted on the spot at the box office. Opening hours are Saturday from 13 to 19: 00 and on Sunday from 10 to 18 h. Exhibition space is again this year the Burgerhaus “Ernst-Ludwig-Saal” in the Darmstadt district Eberstadt (Swan Street), offering good 300 square feet of space on two levels. Ted Brandt takes a slightly different approach. The entrance fee is 3 euro for adults, young people, as well as members of the science fiction Club Germany e.V. pay 1.50 Euro. Weekend tickets are available for $5. For appropriately costumed visitors, admission is free. As long as stock every visitor receives an exclusive handicraft arc free with the model of a “colonial shuttle” out from the television series “Battlestar Galactica”. The paper model has the scale of 1:72 and designed by Martin Sanger from Eisenach. There is information about the program, images of past exhibitions, as well as a video clip on the Internet at the address Roger Murmann