Through a document (catalog, case study, case study, article of) magazine, etc.) show the prospect that a company similar to yours has achieved with a solution for your company. This will surely generate curiosity and interest in your partner. Therefore, the recommendation is to: 1. identify specific elements that you can use to reinforce the communication and the message that you want to deliver to the buyer for the fulfilment of its objective in each of the phases of the process of sale 2. Identify whether you need to build this element from scratch or already exist elements that can be used or adapted for this purpose 3. Use simple concepts, but forceful.

If necessary ask your company marketing support to identify the best way of designing the necessary elements illustrate the design of the tools in the Arsenal of sales with an example. Since relational sales methodology can have many phases (this is normal for the sale of complex solutions or high involvement), I cannot give an example for all phases, only I’ll do it for one. I have selected a phase that I call Demonstration of capabilities. It is that stage in which has been generated enough interest in the prospectus, which is willing to explore in detail the solution that I can propose you. For this I have to use all the possible tools to be able to show you that my solution is right for your problem. For this use: identification of needs form (I need to properly organize their pain points and then document this a proposal and a financial justification) documented success cases. They are documents prepared with the collaboration of other clients which have shown the capabilities of my solution and are willing to share their experiences and the benefits obtained. They are generally documents or letters previously prepared with a suitable design to ensure that they are very clear and forceful in demonstrating what can be achieved with your product or service.