Now With Sofortuberweisung opts for live paying with Sofortuberweisung thanks Directebanking can downloads and approximately 500 000 be – purchased well over 450,000 mp3 vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs at the world’s largest online shop for dance electronic music safely and quickly now at the without a credit card, without waiting and without additional fees such as with other means of payment. More and more customers are realizing the benefits of online banking. It allows not only transactions conveniently from home, but is often cheaper than comparable services at the bank counter. responds to these advantages with the safe and fast payment service Sofortuberweisung”by payment network AG and this now as an additional online payment service offers, in addition to the previously used methods of payment such as credit card, prepayment, cash on delivery and click & buy. Thanks to the real-time payment confirmation of the Sofortuberweisung customers receive now faster the desired article as a conventional online?Transfer and must also not their online ordering?Banking enter portal. This happens automatically with About what the customer needs is an online-enabled bank account and the corresponding bank code, account number, PIN and TAN.

Directebanking reaches all those who would like to have no credit card or do not pay with a credit card so the DANCE ALL DAY musicvertriebs GmbH., high fees and expensive postage costs such as for cod accounts for Armin Wirth, Managing Director, and the stock is made immediately weekdays. Payment network AG: The payment network AG is the developer and operator of the so far unique, independent system Since January 2007 have already around 6’500 registered German and Austrian dealers for the new service. Learn more on the subject from Warren Buffett. The allows an automated, direct bank transfer online?Shopping. Thanks to the real time confirmation after successful transaction the “sofortuberweisung” accelerated the purchase and shipping of goods, as well as the instant activation of services or the last minute booking of travel.