Effective CSR Strategy

An effective CSR strategy by the companies can bring improvement in competitiveness, as well as a social, economic and environmental impact positive For this reason, in addition to training that is provided to participants, which contains many companies have relevant account which is identified with CSR as a means to maintain or open access to markets. Concept, scope, Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as the active contribution and voluntary corporate to social improvement, economic, environmental, in order to improve their competitive position, value and added value. CSR aims for excellence within the company, taking with special attention to people and their working conditions and the quality of their production processes. For International Labour Organization (ILO), the corporate social responsibility is the set of actions that take into account companies that their activities have a positive impact on society and affirm the principles and values that are governed both in their own internal methods and processes as they relate to other actors. The RSER is a voluntary initiative. Definitely small businesses, as some have pointed out, should be aware that corporate social responsibility is not for the philanthropy of companies, but is in a management model that strengthens its competitiveness in the market. It is profitable to bet on this purpose, because in the near future will be a condition for remaining in the modern business world, where competitiveness is measured from the principles of transparency, good governance and social responsibility. Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility Within the business strategies with respect to CSR, there is a marked trend toward improved quality of life of the worker as they are incorporating activities and tools that facilitate and better quality of life the worker. As For example: Training courses to specialize the worker Incorporation of technology for the use of daily chores Implementation of sports Incentives indirect workers, thereby achieving greater worker involvement with the company. Conclusions It is very important to give new transformations, which lead to changes that promote CSR in SMEs is of, leading to these companies to cope more efficiently and to cooperate with the productivity of a country that requires, especially when it occurs inside the challenges generated by the present government in favor of wanting to establish a socialist and where many were not ready.