Chloramine is reliably to remove UV through a combination of modular multi channel measurement and control unit DULCOMARIN II and the new UV-Dulcodes S can be reliably remove chloramine. Short-wave ultraviolet rays eliminate the unwanted by-products of chlorination of swimming pool water depending on the measured value of bound chlorine. In addition, chlorine-resistant germs in the water are killed off sure. As soon as the by-product concentrations less than the values required according to DIN 19643, the UV system is automatically set by mode to reduce costs in a booth. As a result, an economic operation is achieved. In addition to the virtually maintenance-free operation the appliance impresses with its compact design and its easy integration into existing piping.

Tailor-made solution ProMaqua develops and produces systems for all established procedures for water treatment with a focus on the hygiene and disinfection. The product and scope of services includes chlorine dioxide systems Electrolysis equipment, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems. Different pumps, hose pumps to the flocculant dosage or motor and solenoid pumps to the precise addition of disinfectants and the pH value adjustment and measurement – to coordinated, and dispensing equipment round off the product range. Operators to win of private or public swimming pools always energy-saving solutions for the swimming pool and Spa. Trade fair highlights:-EcoPad with EasyDrive: comfortable, effective regime for several basins. The innovative control EcoPad with EasyDrive provides for ease of use and control of complex processes in combination with multi parameter measuring and control devices DULCOMARIN II and DULCOTEST sensors. Laufffahig on devices running iOS, iPad or iPod and Tablet PC s with Android.

-PoolDiary: Easy document and identify potential savings. With the electronic operation journal PoolDiary as an app, capture and document all according to DIN 19643 required tasks and data. The software analyzes Deviations and uncover potential savings.