Equity Company

The adequacy of the personality to the work can improve the performance of the workers. Currently, the leader of the company comes applying the management of emotions, adequately, in order to improve the performance of its employees? The emotions are intense feelings directed to somebody or some thing and normally they constitute a reaction to that object; for example, we can feel anger, fear or happiness in relation to a specific object (its colleague, head or customer). The workers expend a physical effort and mental when they concentrate its body and mind in the accomplishment of tasks. So that this mental effort is congruente with the objectives of the company, the emotions of the workers must be lined up with positive feelings in relation to the company and its leaders. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge.. 2.3Tcnicas and programs of motivation. Which the perception of the executives of the company in relation to the motivation of its employees, in accordance with the theory of Douglas McGregor? Theory X and Theory Y, of Douglas McGregor, consider two distinct vises of the human being, a refusal, theory X, and another positive, theory Y. These theories describe the vision and the perception that an executive has of its employees. The premises of theory X prevail that the workers do not like to work, they need to be coerced, they prevent responsibilities, they demonstrate little ambition and they place the security in first place. Already, theory Y suggests that the workers face natural and pleasant the work as something; they demonstrate comprometimento with the objectives; they search responsibility and they are of course creative and innovative. Being the evaluated organization, of public character, as is decided the question of equity in the company in relation to the comparison of wages with other individuals with similar jobs in the same organization? The theory of the Equity foca in the question of as the worker perceives the justice of the system of rewards.