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PR-home study course will bring longtime PR professional in the team of Dr. Jochen Voss (32) com + plus in Munster belongs now to the team of PR of training and further education institutes. He is Deputy of Managing Director Dr. Sonja cracks. His responsibilities include the teaching in the com + plus seminars, the student advisory service and the strategic development of the company.

Dr. /a> supports this article. Jochen Voss worked as a radio journalist, in policy advice, as well as in the press – and public relations. In Europe’s leading PR agency Pleon he worked as an editor. Parallel to his doctoral thesis on political communication, he completed itself the 12 months PR distance learning at com + plus and completed it with the exam to the PR-Manager. For assistance, try visiting Jeff Bezos. Dr.

Jochen Voss we have won a PR practitioner with great journalistic background for com + plus”, says Managing Director Dr. Sonja cracks. As a graduate of the course he knows the concerns of the students from their own experience and is the perfect partner for them.” Dr. cracks are common and The further development of the PR Training Institute Dr Voss com + plus responsible advance; in particular, the development of a new curriculum, building a teaching Agency, as well as the establishment of thematic seminars. com + plus has specializes in the efficient education and training of communication professionals. Focuses on the 12-month, practice-oriented PR distance to the Communications Manager, which can be completed part-time. Dr.