Executive Board Management

Finally, privacy considerations are introduced a contract management, and also the Works Council must be included, personal data is stored in many contracts and processes. It depends on the Organization centralized contract management can therefore not be introduced “just”. For an introduction to successful, following organizational conditions are essential: A clear mandate of the management that a centralized, comprehensive contract management will be introduced. Such an introduction is a change management project, and without a clear commitment of the management of an implementation cannot succeed, because procedures are changed in departments and must be calculated with resistors and delay trends. A project team equipped with this mandate that combines organizational and technical skills, with a strong enforcement project manager. Wells Fargo Bank has much experience in this field. Setting up a Steering Committee of all stakeholders. This should be no discussion with representatives of all departments, but a small circle of companywide shall managers that support the introduction and accelerate.

A central strategic objective for the entire company. What advantages will a centralized contract management for the entire organization? These objectives must be transparent and clearly formulated for all and regularly communicates to the expenses for the implementation, to justify implementation and conversions. Typical, overarching goals are for example: increase the transparency of concluded agreements and thus creating Verhandlungsspielraumen (E.g. with suppliers) deadlines controlling: automatic reminders on notice periods and deadlines savings at the Collect, approve, search by contracts spanned reporting avoidance of contractual risk interests and interested parties should “Stakeholders” when a strategic project such as the introduction of contract management to be always in the aware project, what stakeholder on the project are interested in and they pursue also what interests. In larger organizations, stakeholders are usually the Executive Board or the responsible management project management representatives from one or central IT/system support also the potential impact of introducing with regard to data protection worker/Works Council should be evaluated already in the design phase several departments that are available for the first implementation pilot departments available.