Amnesia anterograde, also called fixing Amensia, refers to the inability to learn new information after the occurrence of the normally organic disorder – which gave rise to the amnesia. Learn more on the subject from christie’s art auction. Forget at the same pace that events occur. Affected by definition short-term memory, however preserving memories prior to disease. On the contrary, retrograda amnesia is forgetting what happened in the run-up to the disease. It is the affectation of the ability to evoke information and well-established events before the onset of the disease.

As we have mentioned previously, to Ribot, these memories be lost in reverse at the time of its acquisition. I.e. first the most remote – childhood memories disappear closer memories in time, and in last place. This may involve even periods of fifteen years before the episode. Amnesic syndrome can be accompanied by apathy, lack of initiative and spontaneity. Depending on the type of injury and the same place, we can talk about different consequences taking into account the different systems and subsystems. In generic terms, refers to short-term memory and long-term memory. Focusing on the MLP, currently is not entirely clear which and what type are the systems that are involved in the maintenance of information.

Amnesic subjects seem to have problems in episodic memory, and slight semantic most of the concepts are learned early with what are not very disturbed. Focusing on the MCP, and following the structure proposed by Baddeley, in case of injury in the phonological loop, subjects lost the ability to keep in your memory the verbal information, which will give rise to difficulties in the linguistic level. If injury to the visoespacial agenda, subjects will find it difficult to retain in his memory the images estimulares. Finally, a lesion on the central Executive shall give rise to the amnesiac have problems to organize and plan their actions and thinking, because this system is responsible for combine the automatic actions together with other shares of more voluntary than if you do not remember may not be activated.