Fantasy Novel

The new fantasy novel of the author Sophia West the author Sophia West leads their readers in the stone of Temair in magic world of before Christian Ireland: into the realm of the Druids, the cursed springs and the heroic Kings. A thrilling fantasy novel with realistic characters, who take on issues that are still relevant in this day and age. In the center of the story is the Lia Fail, the stone of destiny, which is according to legend impregnable eriu (the old name for Ireland) and stands in splendid capital of Temair erius. Security and stability the people of eriu guarantees the Lia Fail. But what happens when a dark force tears the stone itself? The story has its starting point in Connacht, the province of the West, which is first attacked by the dark power. A related site: everest capital mentions similar findings. The enemy is the people in fear to the so-called black riders who ravage the land, and with her ghastly appearance and their brutality and scare put. Finn, the heir to the throne of Connacht, decides to make the eerie attackers on the way.

Together with a few allies, he searches for answers. Where are the black rider? Who sent it? And most importantly: How can you fight them? Finn is accompanied on his trip, which takes him through all eriu by Rioghanch, the daughter of the ruler of the Tir fa Tonn, Diarmuid and Cailte, two Council men out of Cruachan Ai, Oisin, Cailtes foster brother and Laoise, daughter of the Druid by Garran Dubh. The hero of the story are not only the black riders – also the prejudice that they are against each other must come over a seemingly invincible opponents against them, to finally find a team together.