Finally, Forget The Dates Of Your Next TuV!

Nothing is as important as the next date for your vehicle to the technical review on roadworthiness. Nothing is as important as the next date for your vehicle to the technical review on roadworthiness. Why? Because reminds you automatically, quickly and free of charge! Every vehicle owner is obliged to undergo his vehicle regularly a technical review and to prove the roadworthiness in the form of a small plaque on the license plate law. If the vehicle owner never misses this date high fines even driving ban, the famous points in Flensburg, Germany, and in the worst case. This TuV appointment is usually every 2 years automatically and must be independently monitored by the vehicle owner and respected. This appointment is due after 3 years at a new car the first registration is crucial.

Many car holders rely on the reminder service of your workshop sometimes to the chagrin of own. For the Hold the dates each driver is responsible! Not every garage offers a such reminders of home. In addition to the dates of the TuV emission testing will short, AU, also regularly every 2 years due – In the best case simultaneously with the dates of the TuV. This must be but not necessarily. Both important dates may vary as well. For even more details, read what Best Buy says on the issue. Have you wondered even in the first rows have been read, when you actually have your next MOT or AU date? Even if you knew your duty dates immediately, remember at maturity really? Leave it to chance, that you really meet these deadlines. 25,00 Euro 15,00 are fast due caution money.

Punish that is still one of the more lenient”. Fines in the amount of 40,00 euro as well as 1 2 points in Flensburg are also due as soon as the date of 8 months was covered. For example, because it was wrong in the year. Instead, use the free reminder service by Here, you can enter as many vehicles and their TuV – AU dates. Automatically receive an email reminding these important dates when due at the beginning of the month. The entry goes quickly and easily. You enter only your email address, the license plate number, and of course the upcoming due dates. After 2 minutes, you can literally forget your appointments. offers you this service completely free of charge and without obligation. is an Internet portal, specifically for car drivers and friends was developed. Here is the driver in the Center and not (only) his vehicle. Now enter your appointments: TuV reminder service ( tuev/erinnerung.php) looking forward to your visit cars new experience! Groth and Hansch GbR Andreas Groth Fahltsweg 6 25462 Rellingen