This report analyzes the macroeconomic factors and also has future prospects of the payment cards industry. It also includes the detailed analysis of the evolution of emerging markets, current trends, and competitive landscape to allow customers to better understand the situation of the market and its evolution in the coming years. More importantly, the report focuses on the technological developments in the market of payment cards and tries to respond to the crucial issues that affect every investor or player that seeks entering the market. The majority of the 4800 billion pounds of the national debt has accrued during the reign of new labour. Even if you consider cuts of pounds 186 000 000 000, the national debt continues to grow by pounds 145 200 000 every day. Other sectors of Finance also faced a terrible dilemma since each 4.28 minutes someone is going to be led to bankruptcy. Every 17 minutes a property is repossessed. The credit is abundant to acquire property through plastic cards as pounds 1153 million spent every day. Personal expenses of interest 179 million pounds a day. Article recommended by plastic cards