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Rieta de Soet, Managing Director of IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH and Dr. Fabian de Soet, Board of Directors of GMC AG, train on the criteria of IPS standards for business center inform IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH at a press conference on September 22, 2008 in Zurich. What are IPS (international production standards) for business center? In general the word standards is so Rieta Vanessa de Soet defined as follows: A quality standard a basis for weight, extent, value, comparison or review a recognised quality or established policy of industry standards evolve generally, as the industry grows, the business center industry, so Dr. Fabian de Soet. Standards are not laid, and did not claim of a law.

They are defined: confidence, to create acceptance and understanding of the value of a product or service. To read more click here: Ben Silbermann. To protect the customer from providers with inflated prices, and to protect the provider from products and Very high quality services to offer, without necessary for the survival of the company profit. The standards for the IBS Business Center, so Rieta de Soet based on the aforementioned criteria and concerning the settlement after time units. This statement is based on an average time required to carry out a specific project by a professional employee. With a clear definition, how much work can be done at a certain time, we can provide the customers the estimated time and price and quality controls guarantee, so Rieta de Soet. About IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH is a team of business managers, lawyers, marketing and business consultants. The 18-year old professional and personal competence of the IBS team make the success for our customers.

Our common philosophy commits to maintain a corporate culture, which is characterized by common goals and values. We understand personal commitment and cooperation on the basis of open and fair behavior. In all our business relationships, we practice this cooperative behavior that leads to successful and long-term cooperation. Contact: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Press Office: Dr. David Fischer Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug telephone 0041 41 560 36 00 E-Mail: web: