Glass Fusion

The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich informed glass is indispensable in our daily lives. Whether in the form of window glass, technical applications, special glasses or craft products: There is hardly a person who does not every day had to do with this diverse material. Therefore, the glass experts of glass mirror frame GmbH inform his comprehensive thousand-year history. In the form of natural volcanic glass, people glass use Obsidian for many millennia. Its use can literally show up in the stone age.

Of technical human cultures became the production of arrows and blades to use the special focus of the Obsidian. The oldest glass manufactured by humans dating back to circa 3500 BC. The civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia developed the manufacturing techniques of glass beads and a few centuries at the time later the application of glass-containing glazes. Trade relations have made these discoveries in the history of the third millennium before Christ in the worn throughout the Mediterranean. In the 16th century BC resulted in the simultaneous development of techniques for the production of Hohlglasern in different civilizations, which opened up a wealth of new applications. The importance of historical glass making is that in the Royal Library of the Empire already around 650 BC, the manufacture of glass were left Assyria on permanent clay tablets. Written documentation at the time were a rarity which had only topics that were for rulers of importance.

The glass raw materials used in Assyria used incidentally to the present day. The invention of glassblowing in Syria opened completely new possibilities of glass using. This technique developed during the new era, preserved over thousands of years and little changed even today in the arts and crafts and the production of high-quality, individual glass work is used. The expansion of the Roman Empire resulted in the spread of glassmaking in all Roman Provinces.