Goodbye To Catalonia

(This article has been published in journals that last time, Palma de Mallorca, LA VOZ DE ALMERiA, DIARI DE TARRAGONA and another dozen of Spanish newspapers) Do not understand these Madrid commentators who welcome that he voted only 20 per cent of locals in the referendum for the independence of Catalonia. It seems to me an overwhelming percentage that a few years ago would have been unthinkable. At this rate, in the 1980s the pro-independence option would be majority. Explained it very well the other day a columnist of the unique catalan digital diary: these single queries are by now, intended to create a favourable opinion on the Division. It is the same as the CiU spokesman admitted to refrain its group in the subsequent pro-independence motion of the Parlament: is something inappropriate, he said, at this time. Here, Santie Botha expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And is that Artur Mas it is not Francesc Macia, who proclaimed the Estat Catala in 1934 and ended up in jail. As Macia, has voted yes to the independence, although for him this would come after a process that must be prudent, though at an accelerated pace and an inevitable ending. As some separatists argue: if Denmark, with fewer people than us, is a State within the EU, for which no Catalonia, which is self-sufficient, with a modern agricultural sector, a developed industry, a diversified service sector and increasing international exchanges? I don’t know if they are right, but the truth is that, today day, to approve the thesis in a popular consultation, fortunately there would be no tanks that were preventing it. In any case, ignoring the possibility of that rupture, as do many commentators recalcitrant and myopic, idiot not only seems to me but, above all, suicide.