Government Ministry

There is a species that is endangered but is necessary to protect: the drunks. How is that average humanity walk worried about so many things while the drunks are discriminated against by the community, abandoned by families, calumniated by moralists and ignored by society of animal protection associations it possible? Not be fairer that human beings worry more by other human beings, so these may not remain standing because of the last drunk, rather than care for huge unknown nauseating, four-legged fish and wrinkled elephant who should defend themselves alone, while the borrachitos poor roam the neighborhood without a helping hand guide them until their houses or at least regale them a few coins for the next round of beers ‘ drunkards to difference of the animals do not have a protective society; ecological campaigns do not have nor Government Ministry that would alleviate his troubles defending them. The drunks are adorable beings that society should look at through different eyes. They exist at least seven reasons why must change our criteria regarding these good citizens who must again be considered as men and women of first category. Let’s one by one these reasons: 1.

the drunks are owners of the most absolute civility. Only love for the city and for the heritage of all justify the fact of a person to sit for long hours hugging a pole to avoid dropping it. We agree that anyway post be won’t fall if liquorish citizens released, but we already know that the intention is worth 2. The drunks are very generous people. The generosity, hear it all the conferences that I attend, is one of the values that must be recovered in a society as metallized, globalized and dehumanized as ours. When the very drunk has warmed up engine and is with one of his cronies, usually tells my friend, take one that I pay.