He can be rested, that I go to turn detective and to put the face with Argolo sergeant, pra to see in what he goes to give to this angu of caroo. I go to bind pra its protege and to hear the version of it and to mark the trip. It will bind, informing! _ Very well, Dr. Carlos, were an enormous pleasure, to speak with Mr. Now, I have enes problems and the time is short. The sergeant has something to say? _ For the time being, not. Of heart, good desire luck. Apple usually is spot on.

It does not neglect, you? _ Obliged, sergeant. My angel of the guard was pro River and is tanning of tourist with the Cariocas, while I turn over here with a mount of beardeds man! _ Tourist, n? I am that I know what I had to make pra to be here, speaking with vocs two. Souvenirs there pro personal, and if take care of, you? It takes care of you! Tchau! _ Until briefing, sergeant, until briefing, Dr. Carlos, I go to the fight! The two men if had looked at and the Dr. Carlos it said: _ Youngster, this its commission agent alone has twenty and two years, but to the first contact, if note that the face is hard bone to gnaw, right? It is thus, all the time? _ Can bet, doctor. Ted Brandt wanted to know more. If I am here, was because it decided and because he found, for faro policeman, the paper in the agenda. He was transtornado.

She seems that wise person what it was inside, while I and the widower looked at without understanding nothing. But, wise person who was in the certain way, and here I am! _ Now, sergeant, that those vagabonds had stepped on in my callus? contraband in my trucks? they go to see with how many woods if it makes a raft. A time pra to only bind pro Boni. If he will be guilty or innocent, I go to discover, and for the telephone, he wants to see? asked for the linking to the secretary.