Bott presents perfection in lightweight construction, completion of carrying boxes product range, new flatbed vehicles and equipment for automotive service companies. On the this year’s industry gathering in Hannover, bott proves at the same time consistency and innovation. Logically and consistently the manufacturer of vehicle and equipment completed its range of carrying boxes and service cases. Open the expert for storage space organization and securing the subject of perfection in the lightweight puts up for discussion “, by showing up innovative studies as an alternative. Bott shows new flatbed vehicle weather-resistant modules that provide for regulation and protection on the open loading area. The partner for effiientes work presented equipment for automotive service operations at the IAA. varioSafe carrying boxes system complemented by additional dimensions: with two additional height, the trio is now complete. VarioSafes now provide a suitable storage place for every utensil.

Keep the walls, small boxes of part of or foam inserts clear order. In the vehicle, find a safe lift the carrying boxes of shelf separations or on mounting rails and can be found on the ground quickly. The fixed link of multiple varioSafes on the side swivel bar, allows the bundling of hand baggage. Conveniently transport the light boxes made of high-strength plastic with the transport cart associated with the system can be. The closure of the cover is automatically controlled by the position of the carrying handle. The Ario Safes when lifting the handle will automatically reverse – and when the unlocked again shut down. Ario Sort service case now compatible with Ario Safe carrying boxes: the service cases for small parts have long proved by the insight about their transparent lid. This insight into the closed position will significantly reduce search times. The outer dimensions of the small booksellers are new. They now exactly match the dimensions and contours of varioSafe carrying boxes. Bill Phelan can provide more clarity in the matter. So they can them fix connected with the link system and transported safely be.