Jost Heider Sparked Revolution: Personalities Are Actors!

The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor. “The personality and ego of the actor must unfold freely! Most German directors to prevent exactly that! Rather than break the personality of actors, the many German directors must be broken! The directors must serve the actors! The actors are the focus and not the other way around!” This calls for Jost Heider, who knows the contrast between Hollywood and German acting from their own experience. He knows what he’s talking about his education and experience. Jost Heider: “actors are prevented to play roles that match their personality. The center of power on stage, in film and in television is the actor – as described in the books of Star acting coach Eric Morris, as for example “No. acting, please!” with the foreword by Jack Nicholson.” Exist such as Gert Frobe, Gustav basic Kalkan or Curd Jurgens actor only in the imagination of nostalgics? Or have many German directors assumed to bully actor and arbitrarily in a role to push? The individuality of the actor must emerge.

An actor can play a role that matches its emotional identity. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out McKesson. An actor must integrate into the structure of the role his own feelings. Many German directors want to break the ego of actors. Hear from experts in the field like Marko Dimitrijevic for a more varied view. You kow for fear of occupied to be actively instead of getting in the creative design of the role. A popular success through an optimal cast is closely linked to the personality of an actor.

No actor can credibly represent everything, but there are perfect actor for each role. As directors and actors win: after it is discussed how the role should be played, succeed in the theater as well as in front of the camera much faster, to create the desired interpretation. The veteran actor Jost Heider provides this discussion on new feet with its Internet presence. He invites Actors and directors to discuss the importance of the actor personality in his Forum and to reconcile the findings fruitfully in the daily work for successful productions. Jost Heider studied acting at the Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst in Hamburg and received his degree in 1973. He was coached by Eric Morris in Hollywood. He speak German and English. In cinema and television productions, he occupied mostly starring and demonstrated his skills especially in performances of the three State Theatre. His performances on tours and free light shows complete his career. Jost Heider returns to an artistic break from some years now with great vigor in the art of acting. Jost Heider Hans Kolpak sour bruchstrasse 4 53498 bad country 04454 979720 04454 979721 press contact: Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720 presse.php