Kenneth Collins

Millions of people believe that, within the buildings and hangars denied by the Government but confirmed by Google Earth, the greatest conspiracy of history is. The main sustenance of all these stories is the lack of official records that explain what is really happening there. However, five people who know very well the Area 51 have broken the silence and it seems that we will finally know the truth. Colonel Hugh Slip Slater, aged 87, he was commander of the base in the early 1960s is one of them. Edward Lovick, 90, who spent 30 years doing tests of radar on some of the most famous aircraft of the world of aircraft (including the U-2, A-12, and F-117) is also part of the group.

Another is Kenneth Collins, which has 80 summers on his back and was test driver for the CIA who received the Silver Star. T.D. Thornton Barnes, 72, an engineer in charge of the engineering projects of Area 51 and Harry Martin, 77, responsible for managing the fuel supply at the base, complete the group. These men, now retired, have begun to speak of it was actually cooked in the secret base. On 24 May 1963, Kenneth Collins was flying outside the restricted airspace of Area 51 in an airplane secret spy with the code name of plane, built by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. I was on Utah when the aircraft failed and had to eject over a field of weeds. Collins remembers that day clearly.

Three boys came towards me driving a pickup truck. They saw the fallen plane to my back, and offered to take me up to him. Until that time, and because of the high secrecy surrounding the appliance, no civilian had put eyes on the plane. I told them that we acercasemos not to the aircraft, which had a nuclear weapon aboard.