Labour Code

Article 57. The content of the employment contract in the employment contract shall include: name, name of the employee and the employer's name (last name, first name of the employer – natural person), concluded the contract of employment, information on identity documents of the employee and the employer – natural person, taxpayer identification number (for employers, except for employers – individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs) of the representative of the employer to sign an employment contract, and the foundation, by which he is endowed with adequate powers, place and date employment contract. Mandatory for inclusion in the labor contract are the following conditions: place of work, and when the worker is taken to work in the branch office, representative or otherwise the isolated structural unit of the organization, located in another area – a place with an indication of a separate structural unit and its location; Why am I stressed these conditions? Because, can be situations in which the employer will need to move you from one job to another or to other sub-division, located outside of the administrative-territorial boundaries appropriate settlement, in which you work. Often employers do not ask an employee agreement, calling it a movement, referring to part 3 of Article 72.1 of the Labour Code: "It does not require the consent of the worker's movement in its the same employer for another job, in other sub-division, located in the same area, order him to work on a different machine or unit, if it does not entail changing certain sides of the employment contract "by denying workers the rights that the law gives him in the event of a transfer by the employer.