Lake Triathlon

Tom Thalhammer delights its visitors fan club as well as his coach with his great performance. Tom Thalhammer offers his first Triathlon of the season in Caldaro in South Tyrol with great form. The exceptionally good field he could improve significantly compared to the previous years in all three disciplines and achieved a new personal best. Especially with the final course, he left a very strong impression. Over 500 triathletes took the opportunity was to test their form after the hard months of preparation. Among them was also the two-time Ukrainian Olympian Vladimir Polikarpenko, in addition to Italian and German triathletes of themselves reflected expect the Italians Jonathan Clavatella beaten had to. Tom Thalhammer, best Austrian, was 14th, very happy with his performance in the target.

He could even win his age group. After a good start he unfortunately missed the connection at the top in the swimming. This cost him a top 10 result. On the wheel, he had the first round alone contest. Only in round two, he could better conserve with the group closed to him with his powers. Curiously got this company by a single motor vehicle, that wanted to give wind shadow of a local hero. After violent protest of the supporters could this doping – / fraud”be applied.

The subsequent run was a crowning finish despite a muscle hardening at the Tom Thalhammer has since the last competitions, on the right Shin. He could make five places by his strong run of form. The weather was suitable to the performance. Under ideal conditions both athletes and spectators, could experience extra especially from Tyrol of travelled to fans, a beautiful Triathlon impressive backdrop, characterized by vineyards and the holiday mood at the Lake. The triathletes could this only after competitors enjoy. After this great entry in the Triathlonsaison rise of course also the expectations for the Triathlon World Championship of students end of may in Valencia. Until then, it is the form continue to improve.