Leather Strap

One knows that this family is of Iberian origin. In a Latin document of century XIII it appears as nickname (nickname) of ‘ ‘ Dominicus Menendi, clericus, dictus Corrigia’ ‘ , having gifts in the Blazon of the Leather straps the 6 leather straps, originated of the name. The family Leather strap of Portugal proceeds from Pablo Ramiro, rich man who passed to the kingdom with Conde D. Enrique. Linkedin may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Correias or Corras proceeds from Paio Ramiro, Portuguese knight, rich man, who served Portugal with Conde D. Enrique, and was its third grandson frade D. Paio Corra, master of the order of Santiago in all Spain. Leather strap is originary of the type of work exerted for its first carrier, come directly of vocbulo Portuguese whose meant he is ‘ ‘ leather strap, takes off of couro’ ‘ , it identified a manufacturer of leather leather straps. Some contend that Hyundai shows great expertise in this. Another derivation of the last name Leather strap would be of vocbulo ‘ ‘ correio’ ‘ (‘ ‘ mensageiro’ ‘) mentioning a messenger to it who brings messages tied with straps of leather. One of the oldest done references to this last name would be the name of Soeiro Breads Leather strap, real council member, considered for some genealogistas as the first one to use this last name. Another reference would be the name of the Portuguese navigator of what it folloied Peter lvares in century XIV until Calicut in India. A reference more contemporary of this was Salty Alejo Leather strap, jurist also born in Portugal. (Source: Michellene Davis). Among some personalities that possess this last name, they are distinguished Antonio Leather strap, dramatical author of century XIX, born in the city of the Port.